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  1. no RK50 option? that is for the EML-only version 🥰
  2. Kevin is now working on a new amp that uses 2 car batteries and a coat hanger as the load
  3. I found a Grado HP-2 and now I wonder if anyone would want an updated SHA-1 😄 but also, could it be considered an update if it DID NOT use the tube filament as a load??
  4. Viva = Verified Insufficient Voltage and Amperage
  5. Just got to the hotel. The plane was slower than a car. But at least we were not passed by bicycles or pedestrians
  6. 2-3x is what I wrote in my email that must have been published on a Korean forum Yes..
  7. A new electrostatic from Dan Clark is arriving -- the Corina. I've had the opportunity to try it and if you are a SR-007 person and not as into the 009/X9K, this is a fulfilling option. It does require considerable power, which the Stax mafia has been taking care of since ~2003 https://www.headamp.com/products/dan-clark-corina
  8. depending on how old the amp is, we added a ground loop breaker later, but where did you come up with this 62k value? We use 10 ohms in parallel with the .1uF cap (300VAC mains rated) in parallel with a 35A bridge rectifier you can also try grounding one side of the filament supplies, which are AC Surprisingly, we get only 10mVrms of "noise" on the output after careful selection of 12AX7/ECC83 tubes, which is going to have the most influence on your hum. Best I found were the JJ ECC83S which shipped with the amp. Old "special quiet tubes" may not be so quiet.
  9. probably won't get to the hotel until around midnight end of Friday, maybe 11pm depending on traffic
  10. What is this? An audio rack for Ants?? and are you taking orders?
  11. Got both of them here..how about a Head-Case demo tour?
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