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  1. In case anyone wasn't sure, this has been cancelled
  2. if you go the mac mini route i'd recommend getting an open box from best buy's website
  3. At the DC meet today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. justin

    Speaker Porn

    Am I the only one who saw washing machines?
  5. justin

    Speaker Porn

    I was told it would be wireless..
  6. So in trying something new, HeadAmp is now offering the Spirit Torino headphones from Italy. These are my 3 favorite models...I'll have to do a lot more listening to see which is definitely the favorite, but all of these shine in their own way. The Radiante is a closed back and may be the most interesting of the bunch. Anyone going to be at the DC meet next weekend? I might also look at doing a loaner program for these. Very few people have heard them yet
  7. sure, here's the schematic again. the way it works is the relays flip when you plug in the 20B. because there should always be a time delay on the high voltage and I'd hope nobody is hot swapping the tubes it should be completely safe
  8. joamat, did you ever check out trying the adapter I came up with for EL34 and 20B in the same amp?
  9. I'm not sure what this is referring to but I had built the prototype of this in 2014
  10. you mean you didn't just step into it? you don't even need the door
  11. Looks like the diodes and the power supply FETs, or at least one of them, is blown. And what you're seeing is probably 15 years worth of dirt. That alone could cause a failure, or something in the amp failed and caused the power supply to blow. This is a very very early KGSS, you can tell because the 1N914 diodes are crossed in the left channel due to a PCB error. That was fixed after the first run of boards. Also has cheap stepped attenuators from China (eBay) that were popular on Head-Fi at the time. This is probably from 2004
  12. We (Peter) will have the SR-009BK at AXPONA in Chicago this weekend if anyone wants to check it out
  13. Try dropping them and see if they bounce?
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