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  1. justin

    Head Case Motorsports

    you mean you didn't just step into it? you don't even need the door
  2. justin

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Looks like the diodes and the power supply FETs, or at least one of them, is blown. And what you're seeing is probably 15 years worth of dirt. That alone could cause a failure, or something in the amp failed and caused the power supply to blow. This is a very very early KGSS, you can tell because the 1N914 diodes are crossed in the left channel due to a PCB error. That was fixed after the first run of boards. Also has cheap stepped attenuators from China (eBay) that were popular on Head-Fi at the time. This is probably from 2004
  3. justin

    The Headcase Stax thread

    We (Peter) will have the SR-009BK at AXPONA in Chicago this weekend if anyone wants to check it out
  4. justin

    Help me find the most bassy earbuds

    Meze Empyrean
  5. justin

    Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    Try dropping them and see if they bounce?
  6. justin

    KEF Egg

    just arrived! going to be comparing the S3000 Pro and Airpulse A100 against my current S2000 Pro for the computer system
  7. justin

    Happy Birthday Grawk!!!

    happy birthday
  8. justin

    The State of DACSES

    ok that took me a minute i send my shipments of parts to the anodizer one color at a time as that's the only way it doesn't get messed up
  9. justin

    Oscilloscope question...

    I have a Tek 2467B scope sitting around that i've been planning to sell. Only thing wrong with it (AFAIK) is it needs some calibration for the scaling on the display. I had a 2465A a few years ago but the display just went dead after owning it a few months
  10. justin

    The State of DACSES

    a new favorite emerges...DACs are just better when they're wireless
  11. justin

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    try 2SC3324/2SA1312
  12. justin

    KEF Egg

    I may just step up to the Airpulse 🤔 https://www.edifier.com/us/en/airpulse
  13. justin

    KEF Egg

    Looking forward to checking out the S3000 Pro
  14. justin

    Stax SRM-T8000

    I would consider the SRM-353X instead of those
  15. justin

    The Headcase Stax thread

    i'm thinking of going the other way and demolishing the inside of my apartment. maybe put up levels