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    Audeze LCD-2 with Moon Audio Silver Dragon, Sennheiser HD800 w/ DHC OCC Molecule Cable, beyerdynamic T1, Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Edition, Grado RS1i, Shure SE535, Nuforce NE-8, Shure SE115, Hifiman RE0
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    Kimber Silver Streak RCA Interconnects, Kimber Hero RCA Interconnects, Audioquest Diamondback RCA
  1. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    Big man, big words over the internet....Grade A LOSER!
  2. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    Bring it on...
  3. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    Douche number #3 I see has just commented..
  4. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

  5. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    I'm the douche? So someone states their opinion and gets called names...nice job. Who's the douche again?
  6. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    No...the one after mine was useless. Nice to see you've lightened up.
  7. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    While I am a big fan of the HF-2s....I still think the best John Grado headphone is the RS1/RS1i for some of the reasons you've given.
  8. MacedonianHero

    Grado HF-2 thread

    And here we are agreeing twice in a month! I do agree with you on this completely.
  9. MacedonianHero

    Audeze LCD-2

    They are both equally heavy according to a few friends who have heard them ( and similar comfort). The question is: can your amp handle these power hungry headphones that sound best out of a speaker amp?