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    The token homosexual. Originally from the frigid North.
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    Hangin' with my dog Susie. Gathering with my Head-Case buddies.
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    Master Carpenter/Woodworker.
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    Woodworking & Audio, are there other hobbies?
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    2) Parasound Zamps in mono mode. Parasound Zpre2, Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers.
  1. I think the real winner is Faye Dunaway's plastic surgeon! He must have grossed more than best picture!
  2. Here's to Grahame and Sully!
  3. Well that's an ending I didn't see coming!
  4. And a better Psychiatrist! He's gotten really creepy!
  5. And when did he become a Scientologist? And Scientology wanted him?
  6. Watching the Oscars. Did Mel Gibson's girlfriend get a note from her Mom to stay up this late?
  7. Wow! RIP Bill.
  8. Where did you watch it?
  9. I did see this suit at his house, but didn't put two and two together.
  10. And this is my main opposition to nudist restaurants.
  11. Have a fantastic day Mr. Mom!
  12. Yep, I'd never noticed them before. Will try other flavors too.
  13. No, he wants to mill them, not forge them.
  14. I grew up knowing them as pork rinds as well. Didn't know what Chicharrones were until recently. Happy to know the Spanish, more accurate term "Cortezas". I like that name better anyway. Kind of makes me feel as though I'm revenging Montezuma.
  15. Was inspired by Naaman and Al, so just bought the same Chili Lime Chicharones.