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    The token homosexual. Originally from the frigid North.
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    Fairfax, CA
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    Hangin' with my dog Suzy. Gathering with my Head-Case buddies.
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    Master Carpenter/Woodworker.
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    Woodworking & Audio. Are there other hobbies?
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    Sennheiser HD-580, Sennheiser HD-650, AKG K701, AKG K1000 earspeakers, JBL T460BT, Etymotic ER4XR IEMs, Astell & Kerns Billie Jean IEMs by Jerry Harvey, Klipsch X10 IEMs, Galaxy Bluetooth buds by AKG & Bose Frames (Rondo).
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    Nate built Torpedo, PPA, Apex Peak/Volcano.
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    2) 160 gb iPod Classics, Modded iPod w/1 TB solid state drive and extended battery, Cambridge Audio iD100, Onkyo ND-S1 and Wadia 170i digital iPod/iPad docks, Logitech Duet w/upgraded PS, Pico Dac, Pico Amp/Dac, Pootie Pie streamer and Bluetooth device, Parasound Zdac, Parasound Zcd, Parasound Zphono USB, Parasound Ztuner, DIY Colossus turntable with Benz Micro Ace SL & modified Zu Audio DL-103, DIY Pass Pearl phono stage, Denon AU-300LC SUT and Lenovo Chromebook w/2 Tb. external HD.
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    2) Parasound Zamps in bridged, mono mode. Parasound Zpre2, Parasound Zbreeze, DIY speed controller for Colossus TT motor, Aeriel Acoustics Model 8's, Aeriel Acoustics CC3 center channel, Rotel RMB-1095 & Integra DHC-80.2, Exposure 2010S (as K1000 amp), 2) Tice Audio (no relation) Solo power conditioners, VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine, Custom DIY Monitors with 7" Dayton Audio mid/bass and Bohlender Graebner ribbon tweeters, Gallo TR-3D subwoofer and various Seamrog cables by Fitz.

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  1. That is pretty much the same way that I see her as well. As far as the rest of the cast... I find it quite refreshing not to need to build a sympathetic feeling for them. It's not that they're horrible people, but they're severely flawed in the most appetizing way. The manager for example is a complete train wreck, and I get to go along for the ride without actually derailing myself. Besides, he is almost a montage of several creepy guys from my past. Of which I'm still thankful I was able to dodge and weave.
  2. No, you make some great points. I completely agree with most of what you have to say. Besides, I've always had a soft spot for pricks.
  3. Not of sound mind? What gives you that idea? 😋
  4. With the exception of the newlywed wife and maybe the masseuse, I agree. I think that's kind of the point.
  5. Oh it's picked up alright! This is my favorite show in a long while. I'm watching it alone, in my apartment, and I literally can't contain my laughter. The writers must have had a flippin' ball writing this stuff!
  6. One time I had La Grange cranked up, with the windows down, while driving through La Grange. That was fun.
  7. I've always wanted to say this, but being gay I never get the right opportunity... Hey, nice rack!
  8. RIP Dusty. Don't know what else to say except "I Thank You".
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