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  1. What did the hip Mohel say to the young lad? Gimme some skin!
  2. I missed this until now. Vic Edelbrock Jr. died on June 9th. Not audio related, but you car guys will know who Vic was. RIP Vic!
  3. Are circumcisions popular in Spain?
  4. "largely conceptualized" and "forcefully take over" are two very different things. Justin is pretty dead on as far as what I've read.
  5. Use Italian when ordering coffee and alcohol.
  6. Anyone watching this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-PX-2-Linear-Tracking-Turntable-/172733533252?hash=item2837b88c44:g:z2oAAOSwCkZZQuHD
  7. I used to deliver to MOFI, back in the early 90's. They did not build electronics then, but they were a serious group of people making some fantastic sounding vinyl. I'd imagine them to make a no nonsense product. I heard only good things about their speakers.
  8. Sometimes you people may as well be speaking another language.
  9. I don't know Schiit from Shinola. http://schiit.com/products/mani https://www.shinola.com/audio/turntable/runwell-turntable-black-silver.html
  10. I'm not so sure about that. While Barrett certainly had a path in mind, the time spent following that path was relatively short lived. I'd argue that the Pink Floyd we know today began after Sid's OD, when they must have wondered what the hell do we do now. Well, regrouping and putting together Dark Side of the Moon was what they did, and while I dig Piper at the Gates of Dawn, it's not what I first think of when I think of Pink Floyd.
  11. As much as Roger Waters would like to believe that he was "Pink Floyd", I'll argue that there was a bit more contributing talent.
  12. Oh, well there you have it. Our government must be limiting this vehicle because Reks says it's a dog. And while I think it looks nice, I must be wrong because Reks says it's ugly. I guess any opposing arguments are "fake news".