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    The token homosexual. Originally from the frigid North.
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    Fairfax, CA
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    Hangin' with my dog Suzy. Gathering with my Head-Case buddies.
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    Master Carpenter/Woodworker.
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    Woodworking & Audio. Are there other hobbies?
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    Sennheiser HD-580, Sennheiser HD-650, AKG K701, AKG K1000 earspeakers, JBL T460BT, Etymotic ER4XR IEMs, Astell & Kerns Billie Jean IEMs by Jerry Harvey, Klipsch X10 IEMs, Galaxy Bluetooth buds by AKG & Bose Frames (Rondo).
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    Nate built Torpedo, PPA, Apex Peak/Volcano.
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    2) 160 gb iPod Classics, Modded iPod w/1tb solid state drive and extended battery, Cambridge Audio iD100, Onkyo ND-S1 and Wadia 170i digital iPod/iPad docks, Logitech Duet w/upgraded PS, Pico Dac, Pico Amp/Dac, Pootie Pie streamer and Bluetooth device, Parasound Zdac, Parasound Zcd, Parasound Zphono USB, Parasound Ztuner, DIY Colossus turntable with Benz Micro Ace SL & modified Zu Audio DL-103, DIY Pass Pearl phono stage, Denon AU-300LC SUT and Lenovo Chromebook w/2 Tb. external HD, Echo Link streamer.
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    2) Parasound Zamps in bridged, mono mode. Parasound Zpre2, Parasound Zbreeze, DIY speed controller for Colossus TT motor, Aeriel Acoustics Model 8's, Aeriel Acoustics CC3 center channel, Rotel RMB-1095 & Integra DHC-80.2, Exposure 2010S (as K1000 amp), 2) Tice Audio (no relation) Solo power conditioners, VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine, Custom DIY Monitors with 7" Dayton Audio mid/bass and Bohlender Graebner ribbon tweeters, 2) Gallo TR-3D subwoofers and various Seamrog cables by Fitz.

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  1. His dogs like to sneak into the liquor cabinet.
  2. My parents owned a Mexican restaurant in Anchorage for a short time while I was growing up. The Chili Verde we served at that restaurant was pork based. But it was very different from almost all other Chili Verde I've ever had, by necessity. At that time in the 70's, tomatillos were not available in Alaska. So the previous owner of the restaurant developed a recipe where the 'Verde' was greens based. I think it was a combination of mustard and collard greens. It sounds weird, but it was actually delicious. In fact I still crave it all the time, with no way to quench that craving, as the recipe has been lost for decades now. I just think it's kind of interesting that a complete re-thinking of a popular recipe out of need could develop a very different, but equally delicious variant.
  3. Have a phenomenal day my friend!
  4. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    So is the amp made by Craftsman or Snap-On?
  5. ^ Adding "Elevenses" to my schedule. Is there a 'Oneses' that I need to incorporate as well?
  6. That's creepy as fuck, because it seems so likely!
  7. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    The first time I ever saw Klipschorns, I said exactly that to the guy, then he schooled me. I was 16. Since then I've had the honor to help build Marc's amazing corner horns. Not quite the same. Marc's are infinitly more complex, and amazing sounding!
  8. Lovely anesthetics as well as incredible workmanship!
  9. You are sorely missed in the bay area my friend, but we're wishing you the very best Birthday wishes! You're a class act Sir!
  10. Sorry, no pic. But I had the second half of a mushroom sandwich I ordered at the brewpub with Al and Claire last night. Lightly battered and fried hen of the woods mushrooms, caramelized onion jam and arugula, on a delicious roll. Delicious. BTW, why isn't anyone asking me why I'm not fat?
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