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    The token homosexual. Originally from the frigid North.
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    Port Aransas, TX
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    Hangin' with my dog Susie. Gathering with my Head-Case buddies.
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    Master Carpenter/Woodworker.
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    Woodworking & Audio, are there other hobbies?
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    Nate built Torpedo, PPA
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    160 gb iPod Classic w/Cambridge Audio iD100 digital iPod/iPad dock. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 w/150Gb micro SD, Pico DAC, Pico amp/dac, Parasound Zdac, Parasound Zcd and Parasound Ztuner.
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    2) Parasound Zamps in mono mode. Parasound Zpre2, Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers.

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  1. Probably an ICE agent.
  2. Have a fantastic day!
  3. RIP Michele. RIP Erin.
  4. Now you're eating like you're in Seattle!
  5. I could easily spend 10 BAI at Saddleback Leather Co.
  6. Have some coffee Dan.
  7. How many kids did they have on display?
  8. If memory serves, at Nate's you can interact with bats.
  9. From where you sit, maybe not. From where I sit, he's pretty conservative.
  10. You guys are way too positive. That old conserva-perve will be hired for another TV or radio show in no time. If he doesn't show up in Lil' Donnie's cabinet.
  11. I agree he's just another White, sexist male on the Fox ticket, but are you planning on killing him? Just trying to figure out why it's in the RIP thread.
  12. I always wanted to have a little cowboy, and name him Greg!
  13. Knowing Justin, probably burgers.
  14. They spelled your name wrong Greg.