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    The token homosexual. Originally from the frigid North.
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    Hangin' with my dog Suzy. Gathering with my Head-Case buddies.
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    Master Carpenter/Woodworker.
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    Woodworking & Audio, are there other hobbies?
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    160 gb iPod Classic w/Cambridge Audio iD100 digital iPod/iPad dock. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 w/150Gb micro SD, Pico Dac, Pico Amp/Dac, Parasound Zdac, Parasound Zcd and Parasound Ztuner.
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    2) Parasound Zamps in mono mode. Parasound Zpre2, Aeriel Acoustics Model 8's, Aeriel Acoustics center channel, Rotel RMB-1095 & Integra DTC-9.8B, Exposure 2010S & Custom DIY Monitors with 7" full range and BG super tweeters.

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  1. The Cherry is lighter than the speakers, but will darken quickly next to the window. I have a vented front plate coming for the top space. The cooling fan sits in that space, and is really quiet.
  2. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    Makes perfect since really... A completely unpredictable system, for a completely unpredictable guy. And yes, he was a nice guy. And he had a right to his opinions. He just didn't want any criticism of those opinions, and that was never going to happen here.
  3. Have a spectacular day!
  4. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    I wonder how MAGA rallies sounded on that system?
  5. I did want a Nehru jacket, but never found one. Senior picture. Anyone remember Angels Flight suits?
  6. Like many people here, I use the hospital grade cords... They work great.
  7. Life can be difficult growing up with a "hipness" level far exceeding those around you! 🤪
  8. Around the same time as Joy to the World was first getting airplay. my Mother made me and my two brothers bell bottoms with matching large vests (not unlike the guy to the far left on the album cover). We were the hippest dudes in school. Mine was rainbow stripes, so even before the LGBTQ community adopted the rainbow flag (1978), I was flying the colors!
  9. I was first introduced to Carl Reiner as Alan Brady, on the Dick Van Dyke show. Little did I know then how much joy and laughter he would bring to the world. Certainly one of the greats, R.I.P. Sir.
  10. I'm really wanting some striped bell bottoms.
  11. Second coat of finish. I still have rack rails to install, to hold the gear. The holes are vents, which will get black mesh behind them.
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