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  1. Kerry, I am jealous I am scared to build a KGSSHV. The T2 is a dream
  2. I bought his plug for 11 USD + 19 USD for the shipping to France http://cgi.ebay.fr/6-PIN-FEMALE-Amphenol-MICROPHONE-CONNECTOR-91-PC6F-/350113117987?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51845e3723#ht_1666wt_1139 Thanks livewire If the plug is not perfect, I will machined it.
  3. @livewire what stax plug do you use for your kgsshv ? On the picture, this is not the plug that I usually see in DIY.
  4. are there a BOM for the last Kgsshv boards ?
  5. I already ordered a hifi2000 case with external heatsink, but it was an horror, impossible to drill it. In addition, if you want to attach a component, you must completely cross (if you succeed) the heatsink and put a nut on the outside. I finally fixed anything, but they are beautiful :mrgreen: , and I think taking them just for aesthetics and by not setting anything on it unless you bring me the solution
  6. I am not a pedophile because I'm 16, so it means I'm a terrorist Kevin Gilmore told me the same thing when I sent him the plans long ago (almost a year) I had problems with my Senn HE60 and I had abandoned the project, but today is finished and my stax 007mkII asking me for a good amp. I await it eagerly, I would like to know if there was an update of the BOM since the first version.
  7. Good evening, I will launch the construction of a kgsshv. But I have some questions. I made a drawing of the internal wiring (with only one channel), I do not know what is a "CT" and I'm not sure of the connections, especially at the RCA. Thank you for completed my drawing. And I would like to knows where buy my transfo for my voltage (220V) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/220/cablageinternebeta.jpg/ Additionally I modeled an amp in a box Hifi2000, it costs about $ 220 Thank you
  8. hello, I just happened on this topic, and I am very interested in the KGSSHV. I already built an amp, an Amb M3. But here the high voltage scares me, so I wonder if a version of KGSSHV finished, will be on sale. Or I could manage with someone to build me a kgsshv Sorry if my english is not perfect but I am not yet a perfect biligual.
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