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  1. If you change your power cable don't forget to test the phase with your tongue.
  2. What will be the size of BH board ? I have a chassis in stock I would like to know if a BH can fit in
  3. I hade the banned screen 4 or 5 times on my phone on 4G (without be logged in) and once on my PC. It started around the end of December. I tried to clear my cookie or changed the browser nothing works. I just waited a couple of minutes and it works again.
  4. Thx for the GB, I am interessted by megatron but I think I am the only one
  5. I miss Hifiman, HE-5, HE-500, HE-6, these cans changed the game. At first I thought it was a passionate brand.
  6. " Due to the need for DSP to achieve the target frequency response, all incoming analog signals must first be converted to digital. This is undertaken in a multi-channel 32-bit/384 kHz AKM Premium ADC chip. " https://sonomaacoustics.com/technology/ Analog -> digital -> analog -> trash
  7. Do you know if there is a PCB version with heathink offboard ? Thank you
  8. I forgot to thank you. I don't have 150k resistance in stock, anyway I need to order some components from mouser, I will do the mod on my return from vacation. Do you have any idea why the amp has a second version ?
  9. The main board changed too. EDIT: here is the 301 picture found on Head-fi, no more C41 C42 C44 C45 and some strange cables on the 302
  10. I think I will mod my 727A. I open the amp but my board are a bit different, I think it's only aesthetic. On Spritzer's picture, the boards are flocked "PB-301" on mine it's "PB-302" is there any difference ?
  11. http://www.goodcomponent.com/ This shop is nice ! You can find: teflon socket, OCC coper, nice transformer cover, .... and the price is quite good. You can find this shop on ebay too, but their price are higher over there.
  12. Thank you for your answer, I think I will use this PCB http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pc-CMC-9pin-tube-socket-Adapter-bare-PCB-for-EL84-12AX7-6BQ5-ECC83-ECC85-6P14-/191208473634?hash=item2c84e9c422:g:slcAAOxyUfFTlc8q This socket www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-High-Quality-Ceramic-9Pin-B9A-Vacuum-Tube-Socket-For-12BH7-12AU7-ECC83-EL84-/191688017575?hash=item2ca17f06a7:g:ZkAAAOSw5dNWmODJ Fix everything to the chassis with this http://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-34mm-12AU7-Vintage-Tube-Audio-Matting-Machined-Aluminum-Decorative-Ring-DIY-/201496427354?hash=item2eea1f7b5a:g:eX0AAOSwKtlWij~P And wire the tube pcb to the KGST pcb with a molex connector as you did
  13. My board was not design to put the tubes on the underside, and the 6S4A is a 9 pins socket, I can't flip it with the same layout
  14. thank you I think last question, Can I flip all component on the other side of the boards to get the tube almost alone on one side ? All component exept no flipable component like the lsk389 or the STN9360
  15. Thank you, The MPSA will work fine ? it's the 625mw version of the MPSW, the NTE128P has a fd of 850mw it's more closer to the 1W of the MPSW06. I don't find many information and DIY use for the NTE128P. MPSA06 will be better ?
  16. Hi, I can't find MPSW06G or 2SC2240 for my KGST can I replace it by a NTE128P ? http://www.nteinc.com/specs/100to199/pdf/nte128p.pdf Thank you
  17. I am not sure to built it. Please remove my board. Thank you
  18. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your help. I was in paris for two months, and when I come back the amp worked, I adjusted the offset and checked the DC voltage between the resistors, I found +6v on the left channel, +3V on the right channel, and arround 285-295V between the resistor and the ground. I bought a SRM-727A last week and I found +12V between R+ and Ground, it was very difficult to adjust this tension to something under 1v, it was the same for R+/R- L+/L- and L+/Ground. I do not know if this is normal, but I found +290V between the Bias and the ground for the 727A and +360V between the bias and the ground for my SRA-12S. (on the jack for both)
  19. I clean all the solder joints (without reflow, only on surface) and remove the burn trace. I thought again welds resistances because they are a little burned. I will get back my electrical equipment soon.
  20. Yes I am sure a channel is dead. When I switch the board, the problem switches side. I have not my multimeter with me at the moment. I will get it back next week. Thank you for the help, I will post my measure asap
  21. I have a problem with my 12S. It's a restored unit with a Pro bias made by spritzer. But one channel is dead, the problem comes from one of the board with 2SC1167 transistor. The amp took time to die. First, there was like an interference noise on the left side, and sometimes it disappeared. After a week of use, the channel stop working and trade the intereference noise for a buzzing noise with a very low sound. I want to know which component is likely to die on that board? I don't have the knowledge to detect a defective component. What step I should follow?. Thank you
  22. I made a research and some people talk about this mod, But I can not find a thread that explains how to mod it.
  23. is there a mod to transform a SRM-007TII to a KGST or at least come close?
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