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  1. Just bought an iPhone only to find out that this thing won't except my etymotic ER-6 headphones or my Ultimate Ears Pro 5's. This is very disappointing! I have $450.00 worth of headphones I can't use with my state of the art iPhone! This thing is going back!
  2. Does anyone here have this unit? I picked one up this weekend for my iPod, and can only seem to fit 49 playlist's in it. I called them and they had no answers for me other than to bring it back for a new one. When asked about how to replaced the internal battery, they said it's not a battery , and will never need to be replaced. Ok, it has an inexhaustible power supply right. Great tech support. So far I'm not impressed.
  3. Has anyone here used an iPod as a jukebox? I was thinking of getting DLO's Music Remote and use my video iPod to play through my stereo. I will re-rip my music at a very high bit rate. My main concern is what effect the dock will have on the sound in the way of noise. Does anyone here have experience with this?
  4. Well, Just received my new Woo 6 amp. Man this thing is beautiful! Extremely well built, it has plenty of muscle to drive my K701's to very loud levels. This is my first tube product, and I must say I'm very impressed! I can't believe how good this old technology can sound. What really impresses me the most , is how quite the amp is. Music seem to flow from a dead black background. I only have about 12 hours on my amp, so an in depth review should wait I guess, although I'm not one of those die hard believers in burn for electronics, I do think it affects dynamic drivers though. So far the Woo is a class act, and Jack is a wonderful, passionate, business man, who pays attention to the smallest details. I can't say enough about working with Jack. The amp is worth the price just based on the support alone. Their are very few products I have been this satisfied with, in a world where service, and quality are much to often a distant memory. As a business owner myself, I applaud Wooaudio for it's passion in producing a top flight, quality product.
  5. Get Woo's new 300B! Just coming out. This amp should rock! Notice the seperate power supply, and balanced connection. It has speaker outs, K1000 out, high/low dynamic switch.
  6. Is the Woo WA6 considered a good Tube amp then?
  7. Hi all, I just ordered my first tube amp. I have alway been a solid state guy, and was wondering what all this hype is about. I have a new pair of AKG K701 headphones, and figured that a headphone amp might be a good place to start. So I ordered a WooAudio WA6. Here is a link. http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wa6.html. I won't get the amp for about 7 more days, and am just curious if people can explain to me the differences I might be hearing over solid state. If nothing else I am really going to love the glow. People tell me that tubes are more laid back than transistors. Does this mean I will hear a more smoothed over detail in the sound? They also say that tubes don't have the speed of a transistor amp. How will that impact the sound. I also noticed that tubes have a very poor damping factor like 10 to 1. Will I get boomy bass? I just have know idea what to expect, and hope you guys can fill me in before I get it so I'm not to shocked.
  8. HHHHEEELLLOOO...... Well, I settled on the Woo 6. I doubt if anyone actually care, but there it is. Sorry I started this thread.
  9. Well, I have decided to get the Woo Audio 6. This should have no problem driving my 701's, is built like a tank, and from what I have heard has a nice mellow sound.
  10. Ok, Ok. I guess I'm not suppose to buy the Dog 6210. All I want to know is WILL THE WOO 3 + DRIVE MY K701'S TO A DECENT LISTING LEVEL? I can barely afford the 3 Plus so the 6 is out of my budget. Which would better the Woo 3 plus, or the Antique Sound Lab MG Head Amp Mark III? It's just harg for me to believe that the Woo 3 plus won't drive the K701's.
  11. Well, back to my post. Has anyone out there any experience with the WOO 3 Plus, and the AKG K701's? Will it drive these phones to decent volume levels with no distrotion?
  12. Well, my problems with the Val E10 continue. After 5 days with it I'm done. At this point I'm really tired of messing with this. It has taken up way to much of my time. I got the replacement tube yesterday, and of course I still have the same problem of a buzz and no music after about an hour or so. I think instead of wasting anymore time I'm just going to order the WOOAudio 3plus. I don't think it will have any trouble with my K701's, and I should easily be able to get tubes, and repairs for it. Do you know anything about these amps? The 3 plus was beefed up to handle the K701's better. If you have any info on this amp let me know. I'll be ready to pull the trigger in about a week. I will say that the seller has been very nice. He has tried everything to satisfy me, unfortunately this amp is just a bad unit. Nothing is going to fix that.
  13. Hi all, has anyone heard the Antique Sound - MG Head DT/OTL MK III with the AKG K701's? The reason I ask is I have a VAL E10 amp right now which I'm very disappointed in. It barely has anymore gain or volume than my iPod! Funny thing is it's rated for an output at 300mW into 100 Ohms. That seems like it has quite a bit more output than the Antique Sound - MG Head DT/OTL MK III. What is the input sensitivity of that amp? The Val is 750mV. Perhaps the ASL amp has a higher input gain? Any info into this would be greatly appreciated. I really like the exterior build quality of the ASL amp. Can you post photo's of the internal build quality? Thanks again for your time. I'm just being a little more careful this time around as the Val also has a defect. I'm returning it for a refund. The Val E10 was a waste of money, and my time!
  14. No it's not that. The amp functions fine till it starts the buzz then the music decreases. I have tapped the amp wiggled the tube, and re-seated the tube. I think it's a bad filter cap in the power supply.
  15. I'm running my Nakamichi cd player through the amp. Still you don't think I can hurt the phones even though I have to put the volume that high do you? I mean If the input gain is not high enough the amp is probably not being drive near it's 300mW rating correct? I get just slightly more volume than plugging them into my Harman Kardon CDR-26 headphone jack.
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