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  1. Great news! Our friend and Lance's former coach had his fencer take Bronze at the Paris world cup.  Lance fenced Cheung, the bronze medalist years ago with Lance getting his ass kicked but it was a good high level almost Olympic ass kicking.


    Of note, while training here a few years ago we had all three of these guys plus the rest of the Hong Kong team over to the house for some post training 12 hour braised short rib tacos.  The coaches and their wives loved my wine, what a surprise.

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  2. I used the last of my truffle salt this evening on my pasta. Any recommendations for a reputable truffle shipper or a truffle salt. We are at the end of truffle season so I am guessing truffle salt is my only option. So far Urbani is the lead for truffle salt but I would like to try others. Any recommendations?


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