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  1. Gemelli pasta con fungi, pollo, basil, Cambozola, truffle.
  2. I was BBQing a steak in the dark last night which became very distracting when the bats started doing dive bomb maneuvers just over my head then the coyotes started barking what seemed less than a fifty meters away. Sheesh, the animal kingdom needs to learn social distancing too.
  3. My camera developed an echo for some strange reason. /\ /\ /\ /\ I blame Brent.
  4. BBQ ribs. I turned the burners down low and opened the lid on the grill for eight hours and got a free smoke treatment for the ribs. When life gives you brushfires time to smoke some meat.
  5. Happy Birthday Andrew! Start your birthday breakfast the right way
  6. Down here we are still averaging 80-150.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  8. Damn, what's happening in eastern Kentucky?
  9. For reference, this was my view on August 19 Similar view just now Needless to say, no bike ride this morning.
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