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  1. Spent yesterday afternoon and evening moving in a new mini refrigerator for the guest room further cleaning up the rest of the house and trying to fix a missing sort of seal strip to fit underneath the shower door to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. The seal strip job looks like a basic HeadFi newby fugly soldering job but works for now.
  2. Having trouble getting motivated to ride lately with all the activities going on and the weekend fencing tournaments. I am committing to start pushing myself beginning this weekend. We shall see how long this lasts. Then again...
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. I don't know about their coffee but the deserts are good- YUM
  5. Parmesano Reggiano and Grenache. Just about covers all the food groups.
  6. They have nothing better to do than watch bats? Y'all can come to my place I have bats and cold beer...reservations required.
  7. Well when he came to visit Cali most of his "restaurants" were name Boobs and Tubes or some such.
  8. I have my own preferred method thank you, though it may take a couple of weeks.
  9. Last weekend, today and for the next week I will be fixing up our guest bedroom for our house guest who may be staying with us for two months. So far Mary has bought new furniture and forced me to repaint and move old furniture out of the room. Unfortunately the guest bedroom has been my local wine storage room until now, so now I have six cases of wine stored in our bedroom which match quite nicely with the curtains.
  10. Very kind gesture of you and Gail. Very nice looking knife set too! Double well done!
  11. Happy Birthday Jeffy!
  12. Try posting about wine. The software has developed a red wine and Champagne bias I am told.
  13. I think you need a goatee to finish the look. ...or maybe a black eye patch.
  14. Well if you ever want decorating tips or recommendations for musicals just pm me.
  15. Happy Birthday!