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  1. Snakes eat mice and disease carrying bugs. I leave all our snakes alone even the venomous rattlers because rattlers eat the black plague carrying rodents. Because of our rattlers we have avoided the black plague ...and dumb ass nosy trespassing neighbors.
  2. /\ /\ /\ /\ Not that high if you include the woofers and midranges hanging on the wall.
  3. Shame on you for using canned beans.
  4. Zero,Zero, Zero. Because I became bored with Outlander and Ugly Delicious.
  5. I have not noticed any degradation of my porn downloads.
  6. A rare view from our back yard, snow in Southern California. On a somber note, the three houses under construction in the lower left are the result of the fires from last October.
  7. The coolest part of this video besides the beautiful powder and mountain back drop is how this guy managed to hide the selfie stick in the video. aBg5xmP_460sv.mp4
  8. I need a music pick me up-} aWE5jx3_460sv.mp4
  9. I think my former office building is at 3 o'clock to the pooches brow partially in the shade just south of the Chrysler building.
  10. Yes been YTing everything I can find on her. Thanks for the enlightenment.
  11. I have a new love, sorry Dolly Parton.
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