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  1. FYI, and fingers crossed for tomorrow. https://youtu.be/8w1pWBgI7Rg
  2. Just now realized you live in Austria, I love Kaiserschmarm! Anywhere near Tyrol?
  3. Well as long as Alex keeps his audio gear packed in boxes and not scattered around the living room, marital bliss will prevail.
  4. Woohoo! Lance's former coaches helped their fencers win gold and bronze in Men's foil. Both of the fencers, Alex and Cheung have trained with Lance at the club and been over to the house for BBQ dinners prior to Covid happening. I firmly believe my tritip had a play in those results.
  5. Lee is awesome! One of the friendliest and most humble fencers, and a Notre Dame grad too. Congrats indeed!
  6. Watching now. Funny thing, one of the Mexican fencers who got a great camera shot on him in the opening ceremonies trained with Lance at the club and stayed with our friends during the summer training camp. Great guy very friendly and humble. And Katie Holmes the women's Epee fencer fencing now, fenced Lance at a camp a few years ago.
  7. We changed the name of our ride from "the afternoon ride" to "the Hades ride".
  8. Bike ride, then lots of cold beer.
  9. My experience has been if they can't make any build fit in a Tik ToK video it doesn't get done.
  10. Wow, didn't take very long for this thread to derail...
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