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  1. Ok, my research is done now on to the next topic.
  2. Isn't that what you doctors use for circumcisions?
  3. Well we have six foils right now so if they hold up until July 3rd we will be OK. Just in case I will have the three new blades which just arrived from Italy ready to replace any broken ones in the mean time. Perhaps I need to stick with English when ordering dinner then.
  4. Lance is fencing Russian fencers this week and he will fence two Korean national team fencers next week along with having private coaching with the Russian and Italian coaches. Fun times, I just hope it makes a difference in Salt Lake City. On the plus side I am getting much better at ordering food and wine in Italian.
  5. Wow Stretch, better bring a jacket. Brrrr!
  6. Picked up at the all day fencing camp located in Woodland Hills otherwise know as Little Hades.
  7. David is not "belated" he is alive and well and living in Burbank.
  8. Bruce Lee The cool part starts at 55 seconds.
  9. I am proud of all of youse guys!
  10. Happy Birthday! Miss you man, have your girl call my girl so we can do sushi lunch.
  11. Enjoyed watching the US team clean up at the Pan Am fencing Championships. Lot's of familiar faces, great job team USA! Starting two weeks of pre-nationals training camp then off to the land of the Mormons for the Supreme National Battle Royal.
  12. Happy Birthday!!
  13. Ooops
  14. We have had similar interests since we travel so much for fencing tournaments and Lance is highly allergic to a lot of foods so cooking for him is the only option. Note, I believe all pans used with induction cook tops must be magnetic- "Induction cookware must be made of a magnetic-based material, such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. Fully clad cookware brands, such as All-Clad Stainless, Viking Cookware, and Mauviel M'cooks stainless work on induction cooktopsbecause they're magnetic." Cast iron pans should work but it wouldn't hurt to check.