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  1. Happy Birthday my Mather friend!
  2. All it takes is just one ore two...
  3. I recommend Sangiovese and plan to do it again soon.
  4. ...and you retire in Kazakstan.
  5. Either Amazon has started to take it's same day delivery pledge seriously or fire season has begun.
  6. Perhaps as a guide to give you an idea, this was stationed prominently by Mark's front door. Great detail which I tried to match but on a much smaller scale.
  7. Milo and Otis, wow is all I can say. As for me, a gift for a disabled warrior to go with a wheelchair ramp for his house. Carving the handle was one thing but etching the trident was a nerve wracking endeavor. One shot with no do overs. Thanks Mark, you da man.
  8. Thanks Todd for all the work getting things back on line which must have taken a lot of your spare time. Really appreciate your dedication. I blame Brent...
  9. One of my favorites. Side note, Bon Jovi's son attended Notre Dame the same time as Emily and asked to be on Emily's group for their American Signing class knowing that partnering with Emily it was a guaranteed A. Needless to say, Jesse got his A. 😁
  10. I see Justin filing suit right about now. Calling Al... I don't know about Nahmen but when I lived there I heard it so many times on the radio, in the malls, on the beach, I would zone out after the first few notes and regain conscience in a souvenir shop.
  11. Those must be for either commercial use or maybe even movie Toshiro Mifune theaters. The average Japanese apartment can no where near handle speakers that size.
  12. Happy Birthday Doug! You have been such an inspiration to me over this past year. Look at my latest. I call it Homage to Doug.
  13. Nothing? OK, I guess I will ask Henyo....
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