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    Seances, Yeti hunting, mouse taxidermy.
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    Occupy Wallstreet- tent 3A, accross from the Andy Gump
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    CanJam 2009 Meet Assistant and Unofficial Mascot

    Honored guest at the Munich Octoberfest Biergarten freulein lap dance contest
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    So. Cal.
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    Road biking, rattle snake catching, finding great wines and great music
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    On A Need To Know Basis
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    wine, music, swimsuit supermodel photography.
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    ATH W1000 AKG 701, JH13s
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    Trafomatic HeadOne, LaRocco PRII, ULN-8
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    Capitole Reference MKII, Underwood Modded Onix 88, Mac Mini, Yamaha C-7 (though the source is a bit twitchy)
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    Mac Mini, ULN-8, Mcalister tube amp,LaRocco PRII, Fostex 166 BLH speakers, ULN-8, Northstar Monoblocks, Denon 59L TT, Philips 212 TT

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  1. Not sure about this new menu item.
  2. If this were still an audio forum, members would post/claim that rubbing the putty on their tubes made them sound richer and more real.
  3. I was going to post about my meeting to have brush cleared on my property in advance of fire season but I think you have one-upped me.
  4. "Microclimate" is now a very Napaish wine term.
  5. I did a couple of mountain bike rides north of Phoenix in July back in the day. It was so hot even the coyotes just watched and laughed at our hubris.
  6. In recognition of last evening's good news from NVDA here is my generative AI birthday wish- "To the brilliant mind celebrating another year around the sun, Happy Mensa Birthday! May your day be filled with intellectual stimulation, engaging conversations, and the satisfaction of solving a challenging puzzle or two. We celebrate your exceptional intellect, your insatiable curiosity, and your dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. You are an inspiration to all who strive to think critically and expand their understanding of the world. On this special day, we wish you continued success in your endeavors, both intellectual and personal. May you discover new insights, unlock hidden potential, and experience the joy of a life enriched by the pursuit of knowledge yada, yada yada..."
  7. Happy Birthday! "Age is just a number. In your case, it's a really big number" 😁
  8. Made final preparations for Thursday's trip to Spokane for Lance's graduation. Just found out that Lance was accepted to the Cedars Sinai EMT program starting this summer. Lance also mountain bike rides and is a rock climber so for you HCers traveling out here to mountain bike Lance will be qualified to stitch you up, apply a tourniquet to your stumps or identify what is left of you after a mountain lion has you for lunch. Cheers!
  9. Augsburger

    Axpona 2024

    Give my regards to Larry (headphone addict}
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