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    Seances, Yeti hunting, mouse taxidermy.
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    Occupy Wallstreet- tent 3A, accross from the Andy Gump
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    CanJam 2009 Meet Assistant and Unofficial Mascot

    Honored guest at the Munich Octoberfest Biergarten freulein lap dance contest
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    So. Cal.
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    Road biking, rattle snake catching, finding great wines and great music
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    On A Need To Know Basis
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    wine, music, swimsuit supermodel photography.
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    ATH W1000 AKG 701, JH13s
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    Trafomatic HeadOne, LaRocco PRII, ULN-8
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    Capitole Reference MKII, Underwood Modded Onix 88, Mac Mini, Yamaha C-7 (though the source is a bit twitchy)
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    Mac Mini, ULN-8, Mcalister tube amp,LaRocco PRII, Fostex 166 BLH speakers, ULN-8, Northstar Monoblocks, Denon 59L TT, Philips 212 TT

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  1. Please let me know if your Dad finds a wine collection for sale at that kind of discount.
  2. I wish I had Bordeauxs that old. Happy birthday Wayne!
  3. We have mountain lions too now since it seems the drought has brought them down looking for the buffet.
  4. Well they're baaaak! Almost stepped on this little buddy while cleaning up the back yard for tomorrow's guests. Baby rattlesnakes are far more dangerous than adults.
  5. Happy belated birthday Steve!
  6. So are you saying that you are sure you can run faster than Brent therefore he will be the first one taken down by the predators? And to make sure you will kneecap him with a nail gun just for that added margin?
  7. Ahh, Al lives in California, we no have rain heah in Cali.
  8. I note no mention of how you are going to run the audio speaker cables down into the dungeon shop. Have you forgotten our HC DNA?
  9. My plan this morning was to do a quick 25 mile bike ride then go for a sauna. Oddly enough I managed to do both on the bike ride-
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