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    Seances, Yeti hunting, mouse taxidermy.
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    Occupy Wallstreet- tent 3A, accross from the Andy Gump
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    CanJam 2009 Meet Assistant and Unofficial Mascot

    Honored guest at the Munich Octoberfest Biergarten freulein lap dance contest
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    So. Cal.
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    Road biking, rattle snake catching, finding great wines and great music
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    On A Need To Know Basis
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    wine, music, swimsuit supermodel photography.
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    Capitole Reference MKII, Underwood Modded Onix 88, Mac Mini, Yamaha C-7 (though the source is a bit twitchy)
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    Mac Mini, ULN-8, Mcalister tube amp,LaRocco PRII, Fostex 166 BLH speakers, ULN-8, Northstar Monoblocks, Denon 59L TT, Philips 212 TT

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  1. Summer is over but this still brings back good summer memories.
  2. Happy Birthday my friend!
  3. Soak in bucket of Muriatic acid. Muriatic acid can be sourced at any local swimming pool store. When done pour the acid on your wasp nest...no wait, the wasp problem is the other guy's issue. /\ /\ /\
  4. Mary flies to Boston next week, just sayin'
  5. New title- "Jose, destroyer of wasp empires".
  6. What I have used in the past is a spray lacquer. It stops them from flying to sting you and the lacquer clogs their spiracles and thorax causing them to eventually suffocate.
  7. Only burn them with fire if you have a high preassure garden hose ready just in case.
  8. Happy Birthday Todd!
  9. Watched off and on for the past week the Milan World Fencing championships. HK team co-coached by our friend, took silver. Of note two of the four in the team competition attended a BBQ at our house with both coaches a few years back after training with Lance and his club prior to a Cup competition out here. International incidents were avoided as no rattlesnakes or coyotes dared to make an appearance.
  10. Happy Birthday Antonio!
  11. Oldly enough, I say the same for the IRS.
  12. I will be right over. Open the wine, and let it breath while I and parachuting in please.
  13. Happy Birthday Jose!
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