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  1. Milo and Otis need to have a satellite office down here is So. Cal.
  2. 76 years old? i have wines older than that. Happy birthday youngun'
  3. Happy Birthday Peter!
  4. And for the third time Happy Birthday!
  5. Needs moar concrete. /\ /\ /\ 😀
  6. Well it all depends on the glue. There is good glue and then there is not so good glue. Your welcome. Feel free to ask me any time with your technical questions.
  7. We lucked out. This brisket was part of a nine pound slab that Mary picked out and after the 16 hours of cooking and one hour resting is super tender slice it with a fork tender good. Some tri tips we have had never got to tender no matter how much prep and attention we gave them. But yes quality does matter.
  8. I have difficulties with the jiggling method and tend to undercook when relying solely on that. So I chose the hybrid approach of [email protected] and it came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Let it rest for 1 hour and it paired perfectly with the Grenache. I now feel ready to apply for my HC grilling team membership.
  9. I will try to save you some but no promises.
  10. Shooting for a 14 hour smoke BBQ for this brisket. Started it last night at 11pm so we shall see. Shooting for a 180 to 190 internal temperature so that will ultimately determine the finish time. On deck are two nice Grenaches for the contest.
  11. So let it be written
  12. I see a Milo & Otis next adventure project on the horizon. /\ /\ /\ Please say yes.
  13. I read on a Microsoft programmer forum that the flight simulator was designed to mimic what life would be like in 2020.
  14. Steve, what is the white part of that door?
  15. Gemelli pasta con fungi, pollo, basil, Cambozola, truffle.
  16. I was BBQing a steak in the dark last night which became very distracting when the bats started doing dive bomb maneuvers just over my head then the coyotes started barking what seemed less than a fifty meters away. Sheesh, the animal kingdom needs to learn social distancing too.
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