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  1. As soon as I learn how to use a saw I will be all over that.
  2. I bought the VST as well but it is sitting next to the Flair while this Mignon grinder debacle is getting sorted out.
  3. Happy Birthday! Wishing you kilos of bacon.
  4. OK, abbreviated version of the Clive debacle. I purchased the Eureka Oro Mignon XL on 12/20 from Clive based on Angus' recommendation that it would be the best at doing both fine espresso grinds and switching to pour over grinds. When the Mignon arrived I plugged it in and loaded 28 grams of beans into the hopper and turned it on...nothing came out. I removed the bean hopper emptied out the remaining beans and partially ground coffee. Turned on the grinder to make sure the burrs were spinning freely, and they were. Reloaded another 28 grams of beans and turned on the grinder and again nothing came out the chute. I called Clive and after a lot of back and forth returned the Mignon for another one. Suffice to say, same outcome with the second Mignon. Nothing, not even a gram of coffee came out. This week things got really frustrating. The Clive customer rep first recommended that I take the Mignon apart to assess why it was not working and see if I could unjam it myself. I told her I would not dismantle the machine to trouble shoot it for them because if that did not resolve the problem they might claim I broke the machine and void my warrantee. So I sent the second unit back to Clive. The rep also emailed me this week to tell me the following- 1) Yes the first unit was clogged and not functioning but that can happen and the Mignon needs to be cleaned periodically, This was my first use with only 28 grams of beans and the machine couldn't handle that? What am I supposed to do clean it while running it each time? 2) She claimed that I had the grind set too fine which could clog the grinders and that I should back the grind setting off a few notches, The reason I bought this model was that I was told by a sales rep that the Mignon was exceptional at handling all espresso and pour over grind levels. So when the dial provides settings of 1-10, I should not use 1 because then my unit will not work? 3) If the second unit was found to be in working condition they would take the unit and refund my purchase price less a 10% restocking fee. Really? A defective return for a machine that does not work is a "restock" subject to a 10% fee? Based on my experience I feel that if you ever have a problem with anything you buy from Clive they have no intention of making things right.
  5. Yep I posted my version last week on here. No need for a straw of a chopstick unless you are into that kind of kinky thing with your morning coffee.
  6. I would recommend that everyone here avoid Clive Coffee at all costs. Do not waste your money on their defective merchandise. Details to follow once I settle down.
  7. If you are using the Chemex pre-folded squares, wet the square first then put the three layered side against the pouring channel. The three layers are thick enough to prevent them from moving over to clog the channel. Always works for me.
  8. I say, ignore Nate's warning and buy some cool shit then scream about the consequences in four months. Life is worth living on the edge if it's worth living at all.
  9. If you pull that off it will be impressive. I have no doubt you will pull it off.
  10. Give my regards to Dorothy when you drop off that casserole
  11. Happy birthday Ric. If I am late with this wish...blame Brent. 😁
  12. Didn't we do this already last year? Happy birthday Ken!
  13. Nespresso has a nice selection of coffees which taste far better than the K-cups, brews the coffee at a higher temperature and they recycle the used K-cups. Friends don't let friends drink K-cups.
  14. Steve was a fantastic and giving guy. The world would be a much better place if we had more Steve's around. You are truly missed my friend.
  15. Not to pick nits but the "ideal for" part says good for "firefighting". What fires require night vision capabilities?
  16. Jeff, please buy the ANVIS-6 goggles, then when you get bored of them, sell them to me so I can sit outside at night and observe all the critters making their way up the canyon. Are those two or three tube goggles?
  17. "IMS basket" Is that a Flair 58 accessory? Is that a drop in you use instead of the Flair's puck screen?
  18. PID, check Dual boiler, check direct connect, check. I approve, go for it. YOLO! Ahh, never mind you already did. Looks awesome...
  19. Happy birthday! Can Jam LA lives!
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