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  1. Had a arborist come out to quote on trimming some of our trees. I think this may get expensive.
  2. Thank you, all you wild and crazies! Did a little hiking and a little driving today. Believe it or not I passed on any wine today but that oversight will be rectified this weekend.
  3. Happy Birthday Kerry!
  4. Augsburger


    If you like All-Clad cookware- https://homeandcooksales.com/?cjevent=32c177dcad1211ea811500a50a1c0e0b
  5. Wherever you slept last night and what ever nationality oven you used that cobbler looks very yummy.
  6. Actually, I think their strategy is that if you charge enough people will think they sound good or at least delude themselves into thinking they sound good to justify the price they paid.
  7. In the olden days when I was in shape and training for races we would ride for 4+ hours, consume six liters of water and never need to pee. The temperatures would average 85+ but as long as you were moving you were OK. I used to fly into Phoenix airport periodically and it was a truely fun ride coming in during July and August. It felt like Mr Toad's wild ride.
  8. Yes it is large but I think it looks great.
  9. Another sunny day bike ride after work. "It's dry heat so it's not that bad" That's 40 degrees for you 'cross the pond peoples.
  10. Strawberry french toast for the virtual graduating high school senior.
  11. Happy Birthday Brent!
  12. I am not a moderator or anything but I would have to guess that "putting on my pants" would be the minimum standard for posting in this thread.
  13. Have a happiest of all birthdays!
  14. Absolutely stunning. I love all the details and the ebony trim. I vote yes for a woodporn thread. Love this, love this, love this! Actually, the only imperfection I see is that I don't have one too. Jealous!
  15. A friend owns these and a few other Gibsons and such. I only am allowed to take pictures, not touch. 😃
  16. Had BBQ new york steaks and admired this D2HBaaaA This one is a is a OM1A with brazilian rosewood one of only six made
  17. I think I will buy one as well even though I don't know what it will do, how I will be able to assemble it and what it is for but I like the concept.
  18. Three cassette decks in a row, I smell a new thread theme.
  19. Went to the locker this afternoon. Among others there was this
  20. Coincidently, I met "Tokyo Rose" Eva Toguri in Chicago back when I was a kid.
  21. Well you out distanced and out climbed us so there's that.
  22. Actually this is for yesterday. I think I win the "hottest bike ride" award.
  23. Gee, another hot after work ride but this time with a 19 mph headwind and a whole lotta dust.
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