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  1. Happy Birthday Sir Stretch!
  2. No damage thankfully. It was funny though, Mary was on the phone talking to a friend who lives 24 miles away and announces the earthquake. The friend says "I don't feel anything" and three seconds later she feels her house shake.
  3. Nice earthquake here, checking for damage.
  4. Upvote for the proscuitto pizza, as for the "bacon free salad" , why bother?
  5. I would put Jim up against any frat boy in a drinking contest any day. Now a 10K race that's another story.
  6. Good pace, good average time, nice max watts you are ready! Oh, and no biscuits for Brent.
  7. I have said it before and I will say it again, when you book an Airbnb for a "trendy good vibe nature friendly bungalow" don't rely on the Airbnb pics- 😁
  8. Axel Rose in the PTA? The apocalypse has begun...
  9. Just picked up Lance at LAX returning from his short visit with friends in Italy. He comes bearing gifts- Note one was lost to the assholes in customs and their sloppy methods of inspecting luggage for weapons, human trafficking and drugs.
  10. OK, I am ready to toss my current grinder out the window so I need some recommendations. I currently use the Chemex for brewing so I need a grinder that does medium coarse grinds, is electric because I don't want to work for my morning brew and my price point is between $300 to $500. I like the LAGOM Mini so far but want to know what else you people like. Thanks for any recomendations and remember, friends don't let friends drink Starbucks.
  11. That question back in the old Manhattan night club scene of the eighties meant a whole lot of things different that what you would expect. Makes me laugh and makes me nostalgic at the same time.
  12. Marmot on a crumpet? That's gross! https://images.app.goo.gl/mbk9WF1z2y7qgP9q9
  13. Our friend is on his way back to Italy now that the Olympics are over. His foil fencer took gold so for all of you non-Olympic athletes take note
  14. Note, photos of Airbnb houses can be deceiving, not the "beach front trendy bungalow" I was expecting.
  15. Uhh, with your height isn't 100 meters just three steps?
  16. Since Olympic fencing is over ( is there any other Olympic sport?), our friend is back in Italy chillin so at 4 am we dropped Lance off at LAX for his flight to Milan to visit our friends and perhaps do some training. Lance was supposed to help with a fencing camp near Milan next week but that conflicted with the move in for Gonzaga. So being in Italy for a week and not working or competing will be hard for Lance to endure but that is life.
  17. Nice seeing a Singlepower come out of retirement.
  18. FYI, and fingers crossed for tomorrow. https://youtu.be/8w1pWBgI7Rg
  19. Just now realized you live in Austria, I love Kaiserschmarm! Anywhere near Tyrol?
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