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  1. That's a great idea! Not too healthy for my wallet though
  2. here's a drawing of what I have so far. The framer is going to start at the end of the month. After that I'll have the studs treated with borate. Next will be the electrical and network lines. Initially I was just going to use some off the shelf cabinets from the home depot, but my son works for a cabinet maker so I should be able to get some custom desk height cabinets made so I can have drawers. Any suggestions on the layout? The countertops will span the cabinets and the knee wall in front of the water heater. I'm thinking of using butcher block
  3. I thought about doing that as well. Mostly just assembling amps and such so soldering, drilling. No wood working or welding. I might add a 3D printer. I saw some unfinished base cabinets at the homedepot. I might go that route if I can't find anything local or on craigslist.
  4. So I'm turning one of my garage bays into a workshop. I'm able to fit 8' x 10' with a 9' 6" ceiling no problem. I need some ideas on counter surfaces and cabinets. I'd need some storage, an area for a desktop and 4-6 amps, 2 dacs, and a preamp. Lastly an area to work on projects. Is there an online layout tool that doesn't have a huge learning curve or anyone on here that can do a layout? I'd gladly throw a few bucks their way for some time.
  5. I think I'll ask santa for a good desoldering station this Christmas. It would be for through hole work, can anyone recommend one that works well for them?
  6. I haven't yet no. I did source what I need in a trade just now so for the immediate future I'm ok
  7. I need at least 4 but could use 12 of KSC5026MOS for GRHV. Does anyone hve 4 that they could spare? Or a trusted source?
  8. I have a tracking number. Should have them by friday
  9. newark has STTH512FP in stock today. Just FYI
  10. Stock is confirmed. They said it should ship in a week.
  11. I placed the order just now. It says they ship in 7-10 days
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