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  1. I haven't yet no. I did source what I need in a trade just now so for the immediate future I'm ok
  2. I need at least 4 but could use 12 of KSC5026MOS for GRHV. Does anyone hve 4 that they could spare? Or a trusted source?
  3. I have a tracking number. Should have them by friday
  4. newark has STTH512FP in stock today. Just FYI
  5. Stock is confirmed. They said it should ship in a week.
  6. I placed the order just now. It says they ship in 7-10 days
  7. We're at 85 pieces. They're $8.19 a piece.
  8. pm's sent... Post in here before 11:00 am est tomorrow if you want in
  9. I'll place the order in the morning. Couldn't get them on the phone but I'll place it from the web page.
  10. I've called them to verify stock and price. My guess is it'll be somewhere around $8.50 a piece after tax and shipping.
  11. That might do it! I'll pm you my info
  12. RIP Isabella! I had a pointer just like her. I miss her dearly and that was 25 years ago
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