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  1. Mundorf makes a cap that'll fit and it's rated at 40V. It's probably not gonna make much difference but this one's going to power the output stage in my DAC and all the other PSU caps are mundorf so I was just trying to keep them all the same.
  2. Can I use 40V caps for the large 4700 uf 50V caps? I think those see the rectified unregulated voltage. The transformer I'm using would be 15 VAC with primary at 115V. My mains usually run at 120 so maybe output would be 16VAC, 16 x 1.4 would put the unregulated voltage at 22.4 VDC. That's still ok right?
  3. can someone tell me where R8 and R9 are on this board? I need to build it for 15V. I've circled the four 1.5K resistors are that I think are for setting the voltage. I also circled a 10 ohm at the top of the board and wondered if I needed to populate that?
  4. I'd like to start planning my preamp using these boards. Does anyone see a problem with using AMB's LCDuino-1 and delta 1 and 2 setup for balanced?
  5. ordered the parts and face plates today. Should be able to start the build next week
  6. excellent.. I like the look of that. Thanks
  7. My son is getting into vinyl and I'm not much into it myself so I don't know what a good entry turntable is. Any good suggestions?
  8. sbelyo

    KZ mods

    not for my sausage fingers thats for sure!
  9. is that 12 fans on a radiator? Replaced a fualty GFIC outlet in the dark outside with just a surefire M2 lighting the way. Didn't want to listen to "when can you fix the Christmas lights?" for the rest of the week in the morning and then again at dinner, and then just before bed.
  10. built a tap of sorts to see what my STX build draws just to make sure the transformer I have is adequately sized. The max it pulled was 2.1 amps at 19Vdc durring a CPU stress test. Salas says make sure you have 2x the capacity. Pars built the Dynalo Mini in the picture
  11. I'll drop Tidal in the next few weeks. Amazon Music HD for 12.99/mo for prime members is hard to beat. No difference in quality that I can hear so far
  12. ah hah, so the app that I was reading about is not the existing one. The only thing I can think of is the silicondust Prime and then find a storage area for your recordings. The Prime 6 looks like it's gonna be deep into 2020 before it sees the light of the day unless you want to buy a prime 3 off ebay. I'll keep looking to see what I find
  13. I just realized that The Tivo bolt must transcode the show so you can watch it via the app. This is why it's a show by show type deal instead of just streaming the live TV channel without stopping. At least I think that's what it is. Might be worth it to buy the shield (if the Tivo app works on it), then buy a silicondust prime 3 box (used off ebay) and run all three devices. That way the Bolt remains your DVR, the Silicondust prime serves live TV. Doing it that way allows you to watch live TV, your recorded shows, and all the apps that you can't get on the Tivo. Then when time and money permits you can build a NAS, subscribe to silicondust's DVR service and ditch the Tivo altogether.
  14. Wow, the pro has plex media server built in. That's a plus. It says expandable with USB storage or hard drives but not sure if you can put one inside like the earlier versions. so far I can't get it working on Android 5. Now that there's new shields out I'll watch ebay for the previous version to see if they drop in price. I also want to try the Apple TV. The 4th generation non 4K goes for $70 or so on ebay so it's worth a try just to see if I can live with the Tivo app and the way it works
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