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  1. Thanks... I had no idea you can do it by picture
  2. Can anyone here translate japanese to english on this dvd cover? I wanted to know if is says 2 ch audio in english?
  3. I'm reposting my parts list as someone requested it. Probably needs to be double checked Project_Nov08_0152PM.xls
  4. I'll try to find that just to see. I use Dire Straits Brothers in Arms to judge upgrades I Have those headphone and am considering making a cable from Cardas cable. Need to finish my dynahi first
  5. Its silver plated. It sounded just like you describe. I was wondering if it would settle down with some break in. I think I prefer copper myself. Think I'm going to start using Cardas for chassis and interconnects now
  6. I made these over the last week. The blue pair is Cardas 2 x 21.5 AWG. The white pair is 2 x 24 AWG SPC mil spec from navships. The navships cable is a step up from the Mogami that I was using. Cost was $35 After a week I really like it but found it to sound bright. The Cardas is a step beyond the navships cable. Sounds neutral to me. No harsh highs or bloated lows. After 5 hours I'm liking this one the best out of all three. Cost was $65
  7. I want to make a couple sets using different coax cable available on the net. I want to use solder connectors not compression. I'm looking for something flexible. I've ordered Belden GS-4 and some 26 AWG shielded silver plated from navships. Anybody used Belden 1505F?
  8. It's a core i5 system built around this: https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/H110M-STX/ The next step is to power My Amenero directly with 5V
  9. The PSU is finished and in place in the rack. At day one I couldn't really hear any difference. The second day I left it on all day then listened at night and there was a positive difference. It's subtle but seems to get better a little each day. It was worth the experiment per se.
  10. That makes sense to me. I figured I'd only switch pin 2 and 3.
  11. I haven't built a dynalo with them but I built several cmoy 's back in the day just to explore resistor sound. I used Vishay Dale RN60D, Holco H8, and Xicon. Xicon came in last to my ear so I avoid them if I can. I also use the IVY III output stage for my DAC and that uses Xicon resistors in it's stock form. I switched them out for PRP and it was an improvement. So I have two instances where I didn't like them in the signal path. But feel free to try, YMMV and nothing ventured nothing gained etc. etc.
  12. what's their website? I'd be interested in LSJ109 in TO-71 6L I always wanted to hear the LSK389/LSJ109 but missed the boat on the LSJ
  13. That's cool! I'd like to see those as I want to use for two other projects where space is at a premium
  14. yeah, that's what I ended up going with. Salas's stuff is great! The first board I posted was too risky as there was nothing to prevent the full rectified voltage reaching the PSU if the regulator failed. Salas tested his supply for failure a few different ways with no problems if the regulator failed.
  15. Here's the completed working PSU. My first build of 2021
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