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  1. I thought about the parts I have for building 30V GRLV boards for my dynahi, I noticed that the tantalum caps are all rated at 25. Should I increase them to 50V when building for 30V?
  2. I felt a bit of throw up in my mouth as well
  3. it makes me want to watch the series! Love it! Couldn't stop thinking Jesse was using meth again
  4. That's some sketchy shit right there
  5. I'm not into bikes but that was really cool
  6. better late than never... Assembled the case today
  7. thanks Dr. Gilmore! heard details I never heard before
  8. I'd agree... I was quite pleased when I fired it up. I'm inclined to just leave it. Compared to the TPA bipolar supply it immediately sounded better. The sound stage seems more dynamic and I hope it gets better.
  9. That's what I was thinking. Is there any harm leaving it as is? I'm ok with the results I'll check it tonight, anything is possible
  10. Another one lives... This one is powering the IVY III output stage of my DAC. I populated all the resistors with the trim pots. I get -14.96 and +14.96 I noticed that when I adjusted the pots there was no change. I read that my 4.5 digit meter will not have the resolution to display what's being adjusted when I adjust the pot. Is that why I see no adjustment?
  11. Mundorf makes a cap that'll fit and it's rated at 40V. It's probably not gonna make much difference but this one's going to power the output stage in my DAC and all the other PSU caps are mundorf so I was just trying to keep them all the same.
  12. Can I use 40V caps for the large 4700 uf 50V caps? I think those see the rectified unregulated voltage. The transformer I'm using would be 15 VAC with primary at 115V. My mains usually run at 120 so maybe output would be 16VAC, 16 x 1.4 would put the unregulated voltage at 22.4 VDC. That's still ok right?
  13. can someone tell me where R8 and R9 are on this board? I need to build it for 15V. I've circled the four 1.5K resistors are that I think are for setting the voltage. I also circled a 10 ohm at the top of the board and wondered if I needed to populate that?
  14. I'd like to start planning my preamp using these boards. Does anyone see a problem with using AMB's LCDuino-1 and delta 1 and 2 setup for balanced?
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