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  1. Ha, good point. The reviews look good. I'm swayed toward less is more now. I always liked that those dacs are upgradeable and the trial period
  2. The OG is the one I know I didn't like but that was the earlier version so that's still a consideration I guess. I think it comes down to these two: Yggdrasil Less is More. Even better performance for lower cost. The most affordable Yggdrasil uses four TI DAC8812 16-bit D/A converters. Many think this is the best sounding flavor, hence less bits, more better…less is more. Yggdrasil More is Less. The best-measuring integrated multibit DAC, ever. This Yggy uses four TI DAC11001 20-bit D/A converters. If you’re one who thinks multibit DACs can’t measure well, this one’s for you—approaching -120dB THD+N. Based on a few reviews it sounds like the Less is More could be what I'm looking for. Plus it's got a trial period. Anybody have one in their system now?
  3. I have not, I will check it out
  4. I think I'm going with the Pontus II. Has anyone had a chance to compare it to other R2R dacs in that price range? I really want the terminator but $4400 is a chunk. I wonder for that extra $2800 if I'd hear the difference.
  5. making some progress... Just need to figure out the wiring for the voltage and current display
  6. started this build this weekend...
  7. ok, now that I have my locky_z curve tracer working I need to figure out what template to load in the tracer to match the BC556 (PNP) and BC546 (NPN) and what settings to use. I'm kind of lost in that area and I've never used anything precise like this to match. I'm pretty sure the unbal/bal boards run at 20Vdc so I'm guessing I want to match for that voltage but other than that? Here's the templates available and a screenchot of the settings for one of the PNP templates
  8. I was wrong about my unit! It didn't like being plugged in to a hub. Wanted to be directly into the USB port on the PC. Also, I had to start my power supply at like 2Vdc and slowly ramp up to 32Vdc. It came to life after that.
  9. Yeah, I guess when you think about it the cost outweighs the risk sometimes
  10. Thanks Bro, just happy to be up and running. Who puts a water based surpression system in a data center? That's common sense 101. I mean anyone who's watched Terminator 2 should know about Halon. I don't think they use it in new installs but still.
  11. Sadly, mine was DOA. I set it up tonight for the first time with 36VDC. Verified I had voltage at the supply and connector. Plugged the power in, heard relays click. Plugged in USB and no device detection. Removed USB and power, then just plugged in the power. That produced a spark when inserting the power connector. I sent a message to Locky for assistance. We'll see what needs to be replaced. He included and empty populated board so worse comes to worse I'll populate that. My advice, buy the one made with new components if in stock
  12. Definitely agree on the need tweaking part. I'm getting ready to build my third one with a separate PSU for the AVCC along with DimDim's isolator board and TFT display
  13. I had listened to the Yggy about three years ago at can jam nyc and didn't like the sound compared to my BIII at the time. I've since built a BIII Pro 9028 and an all Salas power supply. This was a huge improvement to the original BIII. Has the Yggy gone through improvements since then?
  14. The Terminator looks great, was it worth the price?
  15. Amazon's got it for $1100 I'll definitely look up some reviews
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