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  1. sbelyo

    Fuck in snow

    craptastic! Thankfully it's 39F with no precip here
  2. sbelyo

    Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    I'm wiring up (or getting ready to) a 2 box Dynahi build and a new Buffalo III pro build. If I read the Rane article, the Tortuga article, and this post correctly I should connect IEC inlet ground to the chassis, Pin 1 of each XLR to the chassis, and PSU ground to the chassis for each box, then float the pot grounds in the Dynahi amp box. Is that correct?
  3. sbelyo

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Thanks Pars... I sent the diyaudio person a PM. There was a US seller on ebay that had them listed for a while now and of course hasn't relisted them in a month. I'll see what happens
  4. sbelyo

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    is there a reliable source for 2SJ109BL ? I need 2
  5. sbelyo

    Realistic SA-10 as a headphone amp?

    no sweat man... Merry Christmas!
  6. sbelyo

    Dynamic headphone dummy load

    yeah, I eventually found that... I'll see what I can cobble together
  7. sbelyo

    Realistic SA-10 as a headphone amp?

    definitely check the offset on that thing. Not sure how good this would sound probably need to do something like this http://www.dms-audio.com/power-amp-heaadphone-adapter I'll work for a bag a chips and a cold beer
  8. If I take say 1 120 Ohm 5 watt wire wound resistor for each channel that's sufficient for a dummy load correct?
  9. sbelyo

    KG Balanced Dynahi build discussion thread

    Got it... Thanks for the schematic Chris. It's the 200K resistors. The cap has to increase to 5 pf
  10. sbelyo

    KG Balanced Dynahi build discussion thread

    I need to make sure what resistors are the feedback for gain. Are they the 10K or 200K on either side of the input?
  11. Yeah, voltage seems ok. I'll go ahead and put it under load to see if it drops below the voltage that it should be
  12. it did, I thought I had a very small fuse in there. Put a bigger one in and it held
  13. OK, so I did something stupid and accidentally shorted the secondaries of an Avel Lindberg Y23 transformer for two seconds. The voltage seems fine after I corrected the error. Do you think it survived, and or what's the harm in using it?