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  1. sbelyo

    digital attenuator

    I wouldn't mind doing a run for all the boards needed for a complete system with volume control and source selection. I know Kerry was working on or has code for the volume control
  2. sbelyo


    This thread took me down a two hour rabbit hole and made me real sorry I sold my Sub Mariner. That being said does anyone have a Tudor Black Bay, and how do you like it?
  3. sbelyo

    digital attenuator

    Did anyone ever put this together with the selector boards that were run? I was looking at AMB's setup for volume and selecting sources but I seem to remember somebody saying that his attenuator won't work with the amps here. It would be cool to put this together with the SE/BAL to BAL/SE board
  4. sbelyo

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    I have an Alpha board, pot and case that I will not use if you need it
  5. Anyone interested in a Universal Signal Isolator shield for the Arduino DUE? http://www.dimdim.gr/arduino/universal-signal-isolator-shield-for-the-arduino-due/ Found this while looking up how to add a display to my dac. I'm looking to order some boards so I thought I would see if there is any interest here
  6. sbelyo

    RIP someone or another

    too sad
  7. sbelyo

    matching resistors

    it's a very good output stage but for me in stock form it's a tad bright. For the SE outputs I swapped the opamp out to OPA1642. That gave me the sound I was looking for along with amtrans filtering caps and PRP resistors. I just want to see if building another one with 0.1% PRP's and Silmic II electrolytics makes a difference
  8. sbelyo

    RIP someone or another

    The Longshot is one of my favorites. The toilet bowl scene is classic
  9. sbelyo

    matching resistors

    I'm building this to see if I can improve on the sound of the first one that I built using 1% PRP's. The original kit uses yageo and when I swapped them for PRP the sound improved so I figure why not try to match to 0.1 to see if it makes a difference. You're probably right but the PRP's are only $0.35 a piece so I figure it's worth a try. That was my other thought as well. I priced out a full set from TC and it was like $382 so I'm not gonna do that route I bought this meter since it seems to fit what tangent recommended for matching resistors and wasn't expensive https://www.ebay.com/itm/113744202815 I'll order 10 resistors for each position to see how close I can get
  10. sbelyo

    matching resistors

    I looked at those briefly, anywhere from $10 - $15 each. There's 28 total resistors needing 0.1% the schematic is here http://www.twistedpearaudio.com/docs/linestages/ivy3_schematic_1_0.pdf The 0.1% resistors are R1-R4 R5-R12 R13-R16 R17-R24, R32-R35 I will look this up and give it a try Thanks
  11. sbelyo

    matching resistors

    It's for the TPA IVY-III output stage. It's my understanding it's the accuracy of the resistor value is the critical part
  12. sbelyo

    matching resistors

    I want to match some PRP resistors to 0.10% so I read tangent's blog on this and I need a meter with 10,000 counts or better. Is this worth doing or am I wasting my time? I was wondering what everyone else's experiences were?
  13. sbelyo

    What Are You Building Today

    If I remember it was from knowledge only. I was going to build it around the same time frame you mention and at that time I don't think there was anyone using it with headphones. I bought the custom iron, the board, and all components and then wound up selling the board and components to fund other projects at the time. There's a TSE 2.0 board coming soon so I think I'll revisit this. Definitely keep us posted on your efforts
  14. sbelyo

    What Are You Building Today

  15. sbelyo

    What Are You Building Today

    I had acquired all the parts to build one except for the power transformer. I too have a set of electraprint output with a 5K primary and 32, 80, 120, and 300 secondaries. I sold the board and components but kept the OPT's and the 45 tubes. Someone on DIYaudio had said that the secondary values I chose would be too noisy for headphones. How does it sound on the 64 and 300 ohm taps?