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  1. I think I'll ask santa for a good desoldering station this Christmas. It would be for through hole work, can anyone recommend one that works well for them?
  2. I haven't yet no. I did source what I need in a trade just now so for the immediate future I'm ok
  3. I need at least 4 but could use 12 of KSC5026MOS for GRHV. Does anyone hve 4 that they could spare? Or a trusted source?
  4. I have a tracking number. Should have them by friday
  5. newark has STTH512FP in stock today. Just FYI
  6. Stock is confirmed. They said it should ship in a week.
  7. I placed the order just now. It says they ship in 7-10 days
  8. We're at 85 pieces. They're $8.19 a piece.
  9. pm's sent... Post in here before 11:00 am est tomorrow if you want in
  10. I'll place the order in the morning. Couldn't get them on the phone but I'll place it from the web page.
  11. I've called them to verify stock and price. My guess is it'll be somewhere around $8.50 a piece after tax and shipping.
  12. That might do it! I'll pm you my info
  13. RIP Isabella! I had a pointer just like her. I miss her dearly and that was 25 years ago
  14. excellent... Lets wait a day or two to see if we can get 15-20 more
  15. Now that you've been roasted... If it's an easy first time build for a balanced DAC start here http://www.twistedpearaudio.com/landing.aspx The IVY output stage will drive headphones directly Try a dynalo first then graduate to something HV
  16. cool, 1 or two more for 20 each or any combo that gets us close to 100 and I'll pull the trigger
  17. Hi All... Anyone up for a group buy of IXCP10M90S ? This place below seems to have 146 of them and is in Florida. I know I need them for a bunch of projects and could wait but I'm thinking this might be good for everyone. Has anyone ordered from this place before? https://store.nacsemi.com/Products/Detail?part=IXCP10M90S&stock=XSJMZ0000019254&Mfr=IXYS&auth=n&utm_campaign=listing&utm_source=findchips&utm_medium=aggregator&utm_content=textlink&instock=y I'll run it like my others in the past. I'd say 7-10 people is all we need. I'm in for 30
  18. I have that very amp and use the same settings as well. I definitely don't want to let these go to waste I did some research and talked to some people that have built this amp for headphones. The 32 ohm and 120 ohm are the taps I'm going to use. From all accounts I should be good with that.
  19. Hi All... I was cleaning up and found a pair of Electraprint OPT that I had wound for headphone impedance. I've attached the values. I got these for a build of tubelab's TSE that has now changed to a TSE II. My plan was to use 45 tubes for the output, that would give me 1-2 watts. The headphones I use are HE-560 and HE-6 SE. I have HD-650 and Beyer DT-770 (250 Ohm) as well. My thinking was to start with the 32 ohm tap and connect them directly to the headphones. I don't want to fry the headphones or blow my ear drum if something goes wrong so I'm looking for a sanity check. Should I build it for headphones and use these OPT's or abandon them and get a new set for speakers?
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