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  1. May seem like a stupid question, but what do you guys usually use for LED's (I was hoping for the bright blue variety) as well as bezel's for said LED's (black would be preferrable)... I'm doing a mouser order so part numbers would be most gratefully appreciated.
  2. I'm loving the RS2i's... Ive been burning them in between uses (pink noise) and they are getting better and better... I am listening to some kraftwerk right now, and they seem to suit the music perfectly. I find it hard to justify the extra cost at the moment and think that my money would be better spent looking for some different amps and experimenting in that manner...
  3. Hey guys, Ive been lurking here for a few weeks now, trying to get the hang of your little bashing circle here... I just picked up a pair of RS2i's and although am not finished building my M^3 amp am very impressed with the sound coming out of them and my CMOY... What sort of music/ gear do you guys enjoy listening to these things with?
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