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  1. wow, those could help make some beautiful amplifiers
  2. yeah i know dorms aren't that small. I guess it'll just be handy to have an amplifier already so I won't have to buy a cheap one now before I have money for a really decent one. Heck maybe when i buy a standalone amp I'll get a zana, and see how that works in my spacious dorm.
  3. yes, some red lights kinda went off in my head when he compared it to the bel canto3. But I'll just look on the bright side of things for now: Its a very compact dac/amp design which will be perfect for my small college dorm. I will also not have a problem reselling it for the same as I bought it because the DAC1's are very popular and in good demand on places like head-fi.
  4. I settled on the modded Benchmark DAC1 (I know you're all going to kill me!) but I have a few reasons. First, it has a decent integrated amp, so I'm not going to buy an amp until I have a lot more money to get a really nice one. Also the guy I bought it from said that before he upgraded to the modded dac1 he actually had the perpetual tech p3a/p1a/monolithic ps setup and found the dac1 to be a clear step up. He said that compared to the stock dac1, the modded one had a clearer and wider sound. He even said that he compared it with a bel canto dac3 and found it relatively close in sound.
  5. One thing I've learned about hifi audio is that its always best to spend a little more than you planned on. I think I might be able to afford the Cambridge Audio 840c. I've read a lot and many many people find it superior to the Benchmark, the Lavry, and even the Stello DA220. And it comes with a CD player (yay).
  6. There is a transdac on ebay here: SONIC FRONTIERS Trans DAC MIB - eBay (item 250267149272 end time Jul-12-08 16:12:16 PDT) for $500
  7. whoa how about the Stello DA100 Signature? AudiogoN ForSale: Stello DA 100 Signature
  8. I think I am gonna buy this P-3A, P-1, and power supply. I might try pairing it with a Little Dot MKV (cause I need to buy an amp). Anyway, has anyone else ever listened to these items from Perpetual Technologies? I'd love to hear some more impressions aside from what I've read.
  9. Have you personally heard the perpetual tech stuff? I read a couple review where people were just stunned at the quality. Its a really great deal too. It would leave me room to buy an amplifier
  10. One of my concerns is that I will be living in a dorm starting a little over a month from now and I won't really have room for a setup like the Perpetual Technology stuff. It looks really neat though. I also need an amplifier because I just sold of the only one I have. I am leaning toward the modded DAC1. Although I have read many reviews claiming the DA10 is superior, that would give me an extra ~$150 vs. the Lavry to upgrade my cables, possibly the internals of the DAC1, or put $ toward an actual amplifier and not just the one onboard the DAC1.
  11. Well I just sold off all my old stuff and I am without a system and have a handful of cash. My budget is $1000. I am considering these: 1. a new Lavry DA10 - $975 2. a used, modded Benchmark DAC1 - $825 AudiogoN ForSale: Benchmark DAC1 silver 3. A modded bel canto DAC2+ - $750 on head-fi here: FS: bel canto DAC2+ (Legendary Edwood balanced mod) - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio 4. A used, unmodded Benchmark DAC1 - $760 AudiogoN ForSale: Benchmark dac1 blk non-usb 5. Other suggestions? thank you! I was really leaning to the Lavry for a while but n
  12. woot.com, a popular one day deal site, has a power conditioner for $134.99 shipped today (11/14) only. A great deal considering the cost of other power conditioners! I'd buy one but I'm a student and have a small budget.
  13. watch this: http://www.pbs.org/kcet/wiredscience/story/67-audio_files.html I saw this and, as an audiophile, it just made me sick. I wanted to grab that digital nazi by the neck and strangle him through my computer screen right then and there. The whole world is NOT moving to mp3 crap. I think cds are probably here to stay. I also hope LPs don't get phased out anytime soon. Audiophiles unite! All hail lossless audio and analog recordings!
  14. how about the corda move? The amp inside it kicks.
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