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  1. Is that the one with the perty lights?
  2. Happy Birfday, Jeff!
  3. Please tell me how much headphones I need and the amp.
  4. This post is of interest to me. Please subscribe me to your newsletter.
  5. I liked the Pelagos for what it is, but it's just a bit much. The blue black bay on the other hand...
  6. I am trying not to buy a Tudor Black Bay.
  7. Happy Birthday old friend!
  8. The thieves won't have the money to pay restitution.
  9. My favorite HC language highlighted. I have the 750 and while it was pretty expensive and more than I'll ever need, there is a definite pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that I can pulverize whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want. Nice for sauces, too.
  10. This thread is superb.
  11. Happy birfday
  12. where are the lights?
  13. Looks like snow.