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    So Cal
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    Flight Test Engineer
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    Astrophotography, Audio, home theater, sports cars, shooting, flying
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    AKG K701 w/mogami cable
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    ZYX Ultimate 4D Cart>Hashimoto HM-7 SUT>Conrad Johnson 15MkII Phono w/teflon caps>Ultra modded Technics SL-1210/ SME V; OPPO UPD-205; Grover Princess cables
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    Modwright LS36.5 Dual Mono Tube Preamp> KWA 150 Signature Amp>Paradigm Ref 100 v.4 speakers

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  1. Happy Birthday Todd! 🥂
  2. LOL.... yeah just busy, been into astrophotography last few years, so I hang out in that world mostly..... https://www.astrobin.com/users/Readerp/
  3. Dahlia, my bengal cat She likes to climb I think she is also going blind..... sad
  4. Supposed to be putting new heads and camshafts on my Mustang, but at 100° it's too bloody hot in the garage.... So... listening to vinyl!
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