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    Avid Sequel SP, Avid Volvere, both w/SME V arm and Kubala Emotion cable.Air Tight PC-1 Supreme and Benz LPSmr cartridges. Marantz SA11-S3 for CD, SACD, DAC.
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    Audionet PAM G2 phonostage w/ Audionet EPS power supply. Audionet Pre G2 preamp. Audionet AMP monoblocks. YG Acoustics Anat III signature w/binding post upgrade speakers. Kubala-Sosna Emotion and Audioquest Sky & Colorado cables. DH Labs Red Wave power cords. Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner

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  1. Bring big power and big room, it will be hard to get better at that price. Love the color combo!
  2. Super light and lifts on or off in a matter of a couple seconds. Held on with one screw in the Ikea record storage.
  3. Thanks, wish you were closer. We could listen to a bunch of records here.
  4. After many, many years with BAT/Avid/SME YG Acoustics systems this is what my wife and I have spent the last year building for listening to records through. VPI HR-X w/12.7 arm, and VPI ADS power supply. Air Tight PC-1 Supreme cartridge. AudioNet PAM G2 phonostage w/ AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. AudioNet PRE G2 preamp, AudioNet AMP Monoblocks and YG Acoustics Anat III signature speakers with a couple upgrades. Back up cartridge is Benz LPS. Mono is Ortofon Cadenza mono on seperate 12.7 armwand. Digital (Dac, Rdbook, SACD) all done with Marantz SA11s3. Cables are a blend or Kubala-Sosna and Audioquest. Power cords are Signal cable reference and DH Labs Red Wave. Room treatment from GIK. Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner. Adona rack
  5. It's in my top two to replace the Sequel SP with. The Kronos Sparta with the Helina arm is the other.
  6. I'm sold on mono cartridges. I just sold my Ortofon Quintet mono and I'm going to get something else in the near future.
  7. Avid Volvere (black) with Airtight PC-1 Supreme and Avid Sequel SP (silver) with Airtight PC-1 Supreme and back-up Benz LPS. SME V arm and Kubala-Sosna Emotion phono cable on both tables. Going to unload the Sequel SP and move to a better table for stereo and then use the Volvere for mono listening.
  8. Numbers I think are right. Why I don't know? You can email the designer and probably get exact answers to design, probably by Monday or teus. They blew me and wife away. We went to GTT audio in NJ to spend the day listening to the new Sonja XV speakers. We listened to the Sonja 1.2 with the small AudioNet "AMP 1 v2" stereo amp. Bought it, brought it home sunday. By weds called and asked if he had the AMP monos in stock and would he give me my money back on the stereo amp. He said yes and drove back up to NJ and picked up the monos. I had never heard the gear with anything before that day. Now I'm saving and selling stuff to replace my BAT preamp with one of the AudioNet pre's.
  9. http://www.avshowrooms.com/Audionet_Amplifiers.html https://www.google.com/search?q=audionet+amp+pictures&biw=1366&bih=643&tbm=isch&imgil=mfqtuR-TtdefBM%3A%3BGqg_B9fC1TImXM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.fairaudio.de%252Ftest%252Fvor-end-kombi%252F2011%252Faudionet-amp-pre1-g3-verstaerker-eps-netzteil-test-2.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=mfqtuR-TtdefBM%3A%2CGqg_B9fC1TImXM%2C_&usg=__v0vGySHBRZY4JBvpAdSlAPVEXMM%3D&ved=0ahUKEwjFtcS1kfPOAhWM2SYKHQLnDikQyjcINQ&ei=nLnKV8X3EYyzmwGCzrvIAg#imgrc=mfqtuR-TtdefBM%3A http://balanced.com/FAQ If you scroll down the FAQ section of the balanced link, you can see that the low input really does not matter. I had a lengthy talk with Victor about this.
  10. Ever in the N. Virginia area, look me up. http://en.audionet.de/machines/amp/ Here's some info/specs on the amps if anyone is interested. DC coupled, control and power way above there watts. The finest electronics I've heard to date. The BAT REX tube amps and the Tenor hybrid amps were the best I had heard with the YG speakers. But these are a cut above.
  11. I guess I've got the best of both worlds. Six years of saving and waiting for the right chance to hit. Started with the Carmels, then the Kipod II signatures, and now these. They are the exact same speaker as the Sonja 1.2 only in the pre Sonja skin (Anat). Paired with my BAT front end and the AudioNet amps, just great music. Have not stopped smiling in a month. Crazy good with the all BAT gear, even better now. I
  12. I've had great success with the BAT tube preamps with SS amps. In every case they have added a touch of warmth, lots of power, body and texture to the music. You could probably get VK-31se in that price range. I have driven input loads as low as 3K with them, no problem. Reliable too. Good Luck
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