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  1. Jon L


    After further experimentation, I'm sticking to NEAT with Scotch. I revisited Johnnie Walker Blue, which my dear friends/family (who are not "whiskey people") sometimes gift me on occasion. I must confess I'd rather drink a good cask-strength bourbon over Blue... As far as Scotch goes, where I have less experience than Bourbon, I believe I am strictly an Islay lover. I'd much rather drink Ardbeg 10 or Lava 16 over non-Islay single malts I've tried in past, such as Glenfiddich 12 or McCallan 12. Is there a must-try non-Islay single malt I am missing out on?
  2. Jon L


    Puwhaaaha! Turns out BevMo has Lava 16 LISTED at ridiculous $99.99 but has it on sale for $62.99 currently. Used the $10 BevMo coupon to buy 2 bottles. Lava 16 is exactly what I've wanted, peat and smoke with complexity and sweetness. Also feels higher in alcohol content than stated 43% 🤔 This Scotch/Bourbon thing could erode into my audio budget... I'm afraid to go deeper and $$$. BTW, what's the feeling on adding few drops of water to Scotch? I do it successfully mostly to high proof bourbons, 115-120 proof at least, but Scotch starts out lower in proof anyway..
  3. Jon L


    Dang, local Cali BevMo has Oogie for $83 ☹️ On the bright side, it seems in Cali, Costco membership is not needed to buy just alcohol, so let me make a strip soon..
  4. Jon L


    While I liked Laphroiag 10, I believe I prefer the Ardbeg 10, which I can drink easier/more. Both are in $55-60 range at local Bevo, and what would be a good next step Islay Scotch without breaking the bank? Laphroiag quarter cask, cask strength, or?
  5. Jon L

    The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

    Colors are a problem with Sony. I would never use out of camera colors from my Sony A7R, but I have gotten used to carrying my Colorchecker passport, at least a grey card. Colors out of my Canon 5D III are much nicer out of camera; however, they are still not neutral enough for any serious work IMO, so I end up using Colorchecker anyway.
  6. Jon L

    The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

    I think Nikon hit one out of the park with the Z7. I can almost feel the Canon exec's sweating bullets, as Canon is supposed to unveil their own mirrorless full frame camera soon, which I doubt is going to be as capable as Nikon's version. As for me, I am going to use my original Sony A7R into the ground as its svelt size and portability is unbeatable, as newer mirrorless full-frame cameras continue to get larger. Sony A7R vs. A7R III size Sony A7R III vs. Nikon Z7 size
  7. Indeed.. Kind of reminds me of Electrocompaniet gear.
  8. Jon L


    Getting into Bourbons recently... What took me so long??
  9. Actually, a couple of days ago, he decided to assemble the remaining Takachi cases into amps and "blow them out." When they are gone, they are gone apparently. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=156447.0
  10. Handily better than NCore 400 mono's I've tried in the same system before. In fact, it exceeded my expectations enough that I am ordering another one just like the one I assembled, before the big-name companies start selling their versions using this module and charge tons more $$$$ after the usual big-name reviews, etc...
  11. It's finally here. Just finished assembling so no impressions yet...
  12. Jon L

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Is that amp your company's amp? It doesn't seem to be on your website and says "Flux Lab" on it?
  13. Jon L

    Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back flagship

    Looks like Cobra King LTD driver's removable "Spaceport" made of aerospace aluminum will fit nicely into that headphone port, sure to improve sound ...
  14. AMD stock way up. Damn, why didn't I think of buying some..