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  1. Been very happy with my BDP-83SE, didn't even give the 93 a second look. Check Oppo's ebay page. They sell refurbs for pretty good prices.
  2. yep, just enough to buffer what it's currently streaming...
  3. Do you have HDMI on your receiver? My TV is one of the earlier LCDs and it has VGA or DVI so I use a HDMI to DVI cable and have my receiver handle all audio and video switching.
  4. I'm looking forward to a new iTV, and how it might compare to a HTPC or the upcoming boxee box. I'll likely be selling my Xbox360 soon as I really only use it for Netflix instant streaming and an iTV with Netflix and Hulu+ for $99 might be the ticket I'm looking for, especially if it streams all my lossless music
  5. they've added quite a bit to the watch instantly area in the last couple months and they've been making deals to get more content in the next couple months.
  6. No, the only difference was to fix the .pdf vulnerability and break current jailbreaks. On older (1st gen iPhone and iTouch) it only breaks the jailbreak and doesn't even fix the .pdf issue. Your best bet is to run 4.0.1 with jailbreak and the .pdf fix.
  7. just keep 4.01 with jailbreak and the pdf warner.
  8. My 3G was sluggish but I think the 3GS with more RAM and a faster CPU should be fine.
  9. hmm... I want a free one! Been having problems lately too
  10. I just recently downloaded that app and tried it out... but was disappointed to see that I have to get the paid version to respond and/or view images.
  11. iPhone 4 uses micro sim cards, no swapping w/o cutting a regular sim down.
  12. Yeah, the issue wasn't iTunes or anything like that. When I went to AT&T this morning the guy updated my account, but he didn't update the information in their system about the new sim card. When I connected to iTunes it didn't need to activate as my iPhone 4 was already activated and was just waiting on AT&T's systems to supply signal.
  13. No, they were supposed to activate in the store, but after waiting over 2 hours I called corporate support and the asshat that sold me the phone this morning forgot to activate my new sim card. I tried calling the store to complain to the manager, but the line was busy. I'll try again in a few minutes. You don't have to have all iPhones on a family plan. I have an iPhone and my wife has a blackberry w/o data.
  14. Just got back from AT&T with my shiny new 32Gb iPhone 4. Now, if it would activate so I could use it.... been waiting over an hour and a half!
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