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  1. The Ultimate DIY Part 2 ? The KGITSOJC

    Sounds good. Now I just need to find a nice tube amp for speakers to run with it.
  2. The Ultimate DIY Part 2 ? The KGITSOJC

    Has there been any work on this lately? I really want to do this one.
  3. Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

    Thanks Tran. That webpage with all the information is just what I needed.
  4. Now for something different...

    What is the power supply for the Squarewave? Nothing complicated I suppose. Looks like a nice little "cheap" amp.
  5. Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

    I missed this completely. I've been concentrating on other things for the past month. I guess I have to wait until next time for a Krell board. As mentioned above, is there any information anywher about the Square Wave?
  6. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    ^^ My priorities have changed lately and I have not been listening with headphones much at all.
  7. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    ^^^ That Sucks!!! I could see me ending up in a bad accident if that ever happened.
  8. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    After reading what pigmode wrote, I realized that I needed to step back and think about it. That and my wife made the comment that I was hesitant enough with the decision that she did not think it was exactly what I was looking for. It was damn close but just not it. I'm looking for a comfortable saddle next week while on vacation so that I can enjoy the riding a little more when I get back.
  9. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    As much as it pained me to do so, I decided not to get the Firefly. I really wanted it but after multiple measurements and checking several fit calculators it was not as close as I had originally thought. I'm going to keep riding the Orbea and work more on losing the weight right now. I've told my wife that what I really want is a Kirk that is made just for me. It will cost a little more but I will get exactly what I want.
  10. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Very cool looking case Tran. I have decided to sell my T2 boards if anyone is interested. They will be listed in the sale forum shortly.
  11. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    It looks blue from the pics. I will not do anything until I can get a good look in person.
  12. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Brent, it does not come with the headset which is fine with me. I would prefer something other than red. Vicki, remind me again about that motto. I know that I heard "sorry about your wallet" a lot when I joined head-fi and it was true. To be honest I have spent way more on fountain pens in the past couple of years than anything else. I do have a rather nce collection though.
  13. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    After talking with the wife she gave me the okay to get this. What do you guys think? I measured my current bike and compared the numbers. They are almost the same except this has a taller head tube and less drop. That is exactly what I need right now. I cut some wood blocks and held them against the bars to simulate the difference that other day and it was almost perfect. It will take a little time to do the full build up but that would be okay with me.
  14. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    I have noticed as I get older my tastes are changing. I figured you guys would understand. Pick your poison is definitely right. Yesterday I spent almost $5K to sign up for an IT(CEH) boot camp during my vacation. I would have never done that a couple of years ago. Priorities change.
  15. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    This being a headphone forum, I thought I would ask if it is acceptable to sell my primary rig, Beta22 and LCD2, to fund a bike frame/fork purchase. There are three frames fro sale on paceline that I would love to have. A Speedvagon, Kirk, and Firefly all with measurements that are damn near perfect for me. I would only be able to pick one of the three which would be hard enough to do.