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  1. Where is Gambrill State park? Did the leaves make things sketchy?
  2. Raffy when you get tired of the trainer and want to "spice" things up a little buy a set of rollers...
  3. 1600 for the Seven is a screaming deal.
  4. Sorry Raffy I spaced that it's the Oakley vault site. Sometimes DUH just doesn't cover it.
  5. If anyone's been looking for Oakley glasses they've got a pretty decent selection at good prices depending on model. I just ordered a pair of FlakJackets so that I can at least recover one of my pairs that some in my family seemed to "inherit"...
  6. Justin are your proportions close to normal? If so that frame will be WAY to small for you. Looking at the specs what jumps out is the t.t. length, b.b. drop, and s.t. angle. I'm 5ft9in and ammy the 2 frames I'm on most of the time have 56 and 56.5 t.t. lengths combined with 110 and 100 stems.
  7. I can sympathize 100%. There's a Kirk that popped up for a good price that has numbers almost identical to mine.
  8. I don't know the model# but I've been happy with the small Park chain tool.
  9. Great deal Vicki. It's fairly rare for someone to be able to jump on a new bike and put he hours that you did this past weekend no matter how well things fit. There's almost always some tweaks that need to be made. How did the mid compact work out?
  10. MMMMmmmmmm Sew ups ! I've still got 2 pairs of sew up wheels built up from back in the day. I've been thinking of swapping out the old f/w hub on one pair for a 10 sp hub so I'd have a set to use on the other bikes.
  11. That is really cool! Your choice with the mid compact is something that I've been giving a lot of thought to and it seems to fill a good spot that a lot of people have been looking for. One of the things I really liked that Dave does is to leave a lot of steerer tube for bar height adjustment. I've left mine slightly long and swap spacers if my back is giving me trouble.
  12. Hell that's better than a little girl acting like an old lady...
  13. Vicki it'll be there quick. Silly ups guys what's up with them stopping to break their tooff anyway?! You'll want to get a big garbage bag when the frame arrives because Dave packs the heck out of the box for protection. Bike fit isn't totally stagnant. We tend to get more limber as the season progresses which will often lead to the bars getting lower, longer, or both. The saddle "may" go up a little but what I've found over the years is that people will often ride better later in the season if the saddle goes back a bit and is level as opposed to nose down. Generally but not always a nose down attitude is to compensate for a saddle that's a little to high. Rocking hips and toes pointing down are usually the most visual indicators of that also. My position has changed from my racing days in that the saddle to bar drop isn't what it use to be, the saddle is slightly lower but it's also a little further back which helps with my bad back as it allows for a pretty comfortable and efficient position. Of all the things I've seen over years funky saddle position has to be #1 by far.
  14. Marshall what saddle are you on now and why are you thinking about a change? I agree that the Cobb looks really funky and not really narrow through the mid section. It's great being lucky enough to catch the draft off a large vehicle isn't it? -) I lucked out with big trucks several times.
  15. I have a Detours medium size seat bag and a similar size generic bag. Each bag carries a tube, inflator, 2 co2 cartridges, a sticky patch kit, 4,5,6 Allen wrench's or small multi tool with those sizes, small knife, photo i.d. At times depending on the ride I'll add a small chain tool and quick link. It sounds like a lot of stuff but it's very compact. What I find more important is what I carry on my body. Photo i.d. , credit card, cash, phone, Road i.d. that has contact info, blood type, and allergy info. If I'm on the mtn bike I generally have a hydration pack and have a spoke wrench, a couple of tubes, small pump, patch kit, and the contents of one of the seat packs.
  16. Just curious which park were you riding at?
  17. Vicki WE all wish we were in better shape. Not so long ago when you tore up your ankle you were worrying that you wouldn't ride much again but look at the progress to date and know that you will continue to improve. Of course I say this when every time I get on the bike i bitch at myself for being a slug...
  18. Is there a Kirk on the horizon Vicki??? Curious minds want to know!
  19. Vicki I've solved those feelings by just having a picline and a coffee drip installed!
  20. COOL BEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vicki don't be surprised if you have the Kirk earlier than you expect. When Dave shipped mine it showed up in less than 48 hours. I came home after a long shift on a Saturday to 3 good size boxes in my living room )
  21. I've been following the Serotta thread on a couple of the cycling forums. It's a bummer for the man, employees, and customers. I've pulled my old Club Special down and am starting to look at what I need to get it back on the road. When I was working in a shop in the mid 80's Ben and his wife Marci came to talk about the bikes and such for the day. Until that point I didn't know that it was Marci that had designed the font for the brand. There are at least 3 builders who have come out of the Serotta shop that I know of who are building fantastic steel bikes. Dave Kirk , Dave Wages, and Kelly Bedford. Kelly was the guy who carved the lightweight lugs on the TDF bikes that were just too cool for words. Dave Kirk started at Serotta in 89 and worked his way to the head of [email protected] before he and his wife moved to Bozeman. Dave Wages I don't know a ton about other than he learned under Dave and Kelly. He builds some stunning bikes under the Ellis brand name.
  22. That life isn't out of line depending on terrain, riding style, environmental conditions (sand, mud, etc) and how/what the chain's cleaned and lubed with.
  23. Vicki I've talked to several painters and I think they all get a little "unique" if they stay in the game long enough!
  24. Don't feel too bad as many cyclists have hit the deck doing "simple" stuff on the bike. I wadded up my Serotta years ago because I was paying more attention to a dog and not the road.
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