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  1. Hey Vicki I was typing as you relied. Don't feel undeserving in the least. I know what you mean though as it's something I went through when I made the decision. I think there are a number of people who go through the same process when going from a factory built bike to something custom. Especially those of us who "know" that the bikes we have in our stable are perfectly fine. When you get it and are use to it just try to ride it into the ground and put it away wet. That's what Dave likes to see from the people who've gotten bikes from him.
  2. I sold Treks during that era and had a pink 770 it was the era of Miami Vice after all . Wow it's a shocker to think about how long ago that actually was. Cool carbon bike as well there's just all kinds of good stuff that's out there these days. If I remember correctly Dave started with Serotta in either 88 or 89 and worked his way up from the bottom. Vicki Isn't it cool the process that Dave uses? The design looks like it'll be a really great road bike. Also I've ridden tdc for the last 3 years with a group from work. I absolutely HATE and I mean HATE that disease! It doesn't discriminate and is just vile in the damage it can and does do.
  3. Oh very cool I wish you luck and a great ride! Are you going as a single rider or as a member of a team?
  4. High cadence also tends to not fatigue the body quite as much over the length of a ride. And it is WAY easier on the knees. Jeff which tour de cure ride are you going to be doing? I'm signed up with a group of guys from work here in upstate NY for early June.
  5. ^ Thanks that made me smile:-)
  6. Small rant... WHEN THE HECK IS A LITTLE SPRING WEATHER GOING TO GET TO THE NORTHEAST?!?!?!? It's getting tiring to suit up in booties and other sh--- er um I mean cold weather gear just to get out for an hour here and there.
  7. Hey Vicki I found the general time frame with my actual build and paint. Dave built my frame over a 5 day span and sent it out to Joe Bell on a Friday. Joe Bell contacted me when the frame got in to his shop. and it was just about 8 weeks from the time Dave finished the frame and sending it off to paint that it came to my door.
  8. You're very welcome what color??? That was actually the hardest decision for me.
  9. Shoot sorry I didn't see your longer post. As far as paint I think that Joe Bell had my frame for around 6 weeks after Dave had built it. You're right in it will take Dave just about a week to turn a bunch of steel tubes into a frame. One thing as far as fillet vs.lug is if the cyclists body or type of build requires something that's far out of the norm fillet is the only way to go. The JKS ONLY comes as a lugged frame due to Dave not wanting to put the extra heat into the very light tubing that fillet brazing requires. Fillet brazing is a brass only method of joining due to how the brass behaves compared to silver. The way Dave explained it was that brass has a wider temperature range where it can be worked in more of a plastic state but silver goes from an apparent solid to running like water in the blink of an eye. Brass also has a higher melting point than silver does. I didn't realize that he changed his decal again! Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo = Nissan, Toyota, Honda as they all work and last. I was a Campy guy back when racing but have since gone Shimano and Sram in small part due to the fact that both companies are easy to find spares if something should go down.
  10. Cool. The fitting forms are very straight forward. The questionnaire took me a bit more time and actually made me slow down a little and think rather than assume. How's the ankle coming along? Also don't sweat not going di2 as everything out there now just works so well that we really do live in what could be considered a golden age for bikes and gear. I'm reminded of it every time I get out on the old Serotta that I raced in the 80s' compared to my new gear. The old frame is fine and the wheels are decent and as light as what i'm on now but the shifting and brakes on the old bike feel like something out of the Flintstones by comparison!
  11. COOL Vicki! Is he at your spot or is he sending you the fitting sheets and questionnaire?
  12. I got one of the thicker ones for my birthday last year. I like it for the fact that it's got not only my name but also emergency contact info, blood type, and med allergy.
  13. How is you saddle set up? fore/aft as well as tilt and height will affect the amount of weight that get's placed on your hands. Do you find that you tend to slide into the bars over time? I've found that saddle position can have a pretty profound effect not only on pedaling/power production but also upper body issues as well.
  14. ^ WOW those appear to be some killer prices for a good line of bikes! It never ceases to surprise me what some of the smaller manufacturers can come up with as far as value. I'm biased but if I were in the market I would go this route vs. one of the big companies.
  15. The Calfee's very slick. were the s&s a retrofit or did you order the frame like that?
  16. COOL BEANS Vicki! Isn't it just "great" when some doctors can be so off base? I hope that you're able to make good progress.
  17. ^LOL that's great! Vicki thanks for posting the photos . The photo of the fast back seat stays with the messed up seat post was from when I was building the bike and I didn't want to mess up the new post so a dummy was used while it was in the rack. A couple of the other posters brought up good points about the new bike and pt as well as the overall enjoyment the bike could very well bring even on short rides. I didn't "need" a new bike and especially full custom to boot. I don't ride nearly the miles I once did and my other road bikes are both very good. But I WANTED a new bike since getting back into the sport a few years ago and at least in my case if I was going to go through the effort I wanted it to be something that was built for me. Oh and unless a good bike gets wadded up in a crash they last for a very long time.
  18. You're very welcome. I raced with Dave many years ago and have wanted him to build me a frame since his days with Serotta. There were WAY to many years that I had stopped riding given how life is which looking back on things makes it so I appreciate riding more now than I believe I ever could have if I hadn't stopped for those years.
  19. I haven't had time to check in much lately due to Christmas, work, etc. Vicki I know I owe photos! Also it's good to hear that you're back on the horse . You may find that riding could help the ankle rehab. My Kirk was in the 9 month range time wise. Dave is very very good and generous with his time and he will ask anyone who goes through the process a ton of questions about a multitude of your likes, dislikes, etc. The actual fitting info was probably among the more streamlined parts of the process when it comes to hard numbers for you to provide. If I remember correctly once Dave got to my spot and final options were set I think Dave had the frame actually built in the space of a week. The frame then went to Joe Bell for paint which was in my case I believe roughly 6-8 weeks. Joe will contact you once it's time to paint the frame and he will also ask you many questions as well as offer color/design help if you want it. If you think about many custom items 9 months isn't out of bounds at all. One thing... Get the Terraplane option! It's worth the extra cost for how it keeps the back end planted on rough stuff.
  20. Vicki just think of all the toys you've now got the funds for by not going to the show! Also Dave IS very cool to talk to and is very generous with information.
  21. Good pedaling technique takes a little bit of time to develop but is well worth the effort. Did you go with the Look pedals or something else?
  22. Do/did you have an injury that may be causing the ankle to twist a lot? is it one or both ankles that are twisting?
  23. Oh wait a minute... re ^ were you talking about going UP hills? In that case there are some hills that truly SUCK!
  24. VPI just be aware that there were some frame cracking issues with the R3 frames around the bb area. From what I remember Cervelo replaced the broken frames but It's something to consider. Vicki hills are GREAT!!! just go with 11x23 and 39x53 and you'll be set.
  25. We got the same/similar thing in the form of a post card saying in effect that to continue providing the high quality service it was necessary to tack on the charge. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE?!?!?! What a freaking joke. I've had to bring back the dvr box to them no less than 3 times this year due to problems with their gear and now this 4+ dollar monthly charge. It must be nice to be a monopoly. Sorry for the rant.
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