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  1. White Pearl is about as timeless as it gets and the great thing is that the other colors will really pop! I think that Joe may be onto something with the candy red because if I remember correctly the way most candy colors work is that they're laid on over an appropriate base coat and the color takes on the good aspects of the base color and becomes better than either color on it's own. With the Pearl the candy red should be really striking. There aren't a lot of painters who will work with Pearl as it's unforgiving of screwups.
  2. Hey Vicki see if Joe Bell will hand letter a Kirk logo for you! His pinstriping skills are well known perhaps he also may be able to letter...
  3. Gotcha. A pound + of rotating weight is huge! The Calfee must feel completely different with the lighter wheels in place. What tires are you running?
  4. The Michelin tires are really nice especially for what they're charging. I've got them in 700x25 on the Kirk and have been very happy with them.
  5. Vicki I"ve forgotten what saddles are you on now? I've gone back to using the Turbo saddles that I was on years ago and unless I find something better that's what I'm going to stick with. The good thing is that my buddy Pete gave me a nos Turbo slg which is the lighter version with alloy rails. He also let me grab 2 other Turbos for future projects.
  6. Vicki is the jks on the horizon?
  7. The ditch comment brought back a memory of a quiet road, friendly small dog, me being stupid, and a wadded up Serotta at the end...
  8. I could very well be wrong but I think the rock and roll lube you're looking at is a wet lube for rough conditions. The Ceramic lube looks to be an update of the FinishLine lube I've been using.
  9. I've had okay luck with the finish line wax lube and also their dry teflon lube for dry conditions. It doesn't last forever but it does tend to not collect a ton of gunk. Believe it or not they now sell the stuff under the DuPont name at Lowes home centers for about half the price that you would pay if it came in a bicycle specific bottle. Other than that I like Tri Flow for most other stuff.
  10. Vicki I had the same exact experience with the Kit Carbonio pain wise. I've been doing a bunch of research and that particular saddle "should" have worked out well but it didn't matter how I adjusted the saddle it just hit me wrong. The funny thing is that my benchmark saddle is made by the same company. pm incoming
  11. Enigma you're right to a point about getting use to different saddles. But there's many designs that won't work depending on the cyclist. To use your boot analogy is a good one in that once you find a good pair of boots that fit they'll generally get better with time. The thing is that there's no one boot or in this case saddle that will fit all feet or backsides well. If there were I don't think we would have the tremendous number of different models and manufacturers. Just an opinion.
  12. The 2013 saddle swap-o-roo is slowing down. I've put the old turbo back on the Kirk after trying several saddles that are good saddles they just aren't right for me. I have to wonder just how much of the saddle comfort thing has to do with what the cyclist is use to. To date I've given the following saddles a decent try on the bike. Selle Sanmarco Rolls in both ti and steel railed versions, Fizik Alliante, Prologo Nago Evo, Selle Italia Kit Carbonio, Selle Italia Turbo, and a ti railed Selle Sanmarco Concor light knockoff. There are some saddles that look like they may work and I'll give them a shot as good deals come my way.
  13. How about the front flips using the swiss ball?! I've said in the past that Danny MacAskill always looks like he's stoked and happy when he rides or talks about riding. It also seems like he "gets" that his body's getting pounded with everything he's done.
  14. I've been getting out for shorter rides this past week due to weather and also playing musical saddles. It's looking like the popular flat style saddles may not the best match for how I'm built and sit on a bike. So far I've been on the Fizik Arione, Selle Italia Kit Carbonio, and Prologo Nago Evo. Of those the Nago Evo may not be to bad. I've got my Turbo waiting on a spare seat post as my fall back. That happens to be the saddle I rode the TDC a couple of weeks ago on. It really is interesting just how many shapes and sizes of saddles are on the market these days. It's not better or worse just more of an observation. I'm just glad that the saddles listed came my way without huge cash outlays at this point.
  15. I've never really enjoyed racing in crits but they're fun to watch thanks for sharing some really nice photos. We have a crit named the Chris Thater race that happens every summer that's a good draw as far as talent goes. one of the things that's fun as a spectator is the "infield" of the course for lack of a better term is all city park so getting to good and different vantage points is a cakewalk. It makes it really nice for families with little kids because in addition to the normal things that parks have there's a permanent carousel that "charges" 1 piece of litter per ride .
  16. Today was the TDC up in Verona Beach. After the last 2 years of rain and cold today weather was perfect and it was a very welcome change! They changed the routes a little to keep things fresh and it was also welcome due to more back roads being used. I did the metric century and fell in with a group of cyclists who were very evenly matched not only in skill, but also temperament. This made for a really fun time for a great cause. We completed the course in 3.5 hr's flat which was faster than I was expecting.
  17. Nice looking Serotta. My old Club Special's been hanging in the garage for a while and I'm thinking that it may be time to either get some updated gear on it or send it down the road given that I ride the Kirk and Bridgestone most of the time these days. One of the things I HATE about the Serotta is that given when and what it was built for the wheelbase is quite short so there's a good amount of shoe to front wheel overlap which after getting use to the other bikes is disconcerting when slowing down to stop. The thing that I love about the bike though is that the handling gets really solid on the higher speed descents and such that we have in my area. Vicki how close on your Kirk? Have you and JB talked yet?
  18. Hey it was worth a try hehehe. The latest/last piece of the puzzle for the Kirk is figuring out which saddle for the bike. I've switched between a few of my old race saddles as well as some of the new stuff that's out there. When in the hell did saddles start costing as much as a car payment?! Then there's about a million different shapes, sizes, gel, no gel, cut out, no cut out, flat, hammock, etc, etc, etc. I sold this stuff back in the day and am about to go blind with all the "best" options that are out there now. If you go to each companies web site they all have their method which they claim will lead to saddle nirvana. I keep one of my old race saddles that I can still ride mounted to a spare seat post for when the latest thing doesn't work out so I'll at least be able to bring the bike back to a known benchmark. It'll be interesting to see how well the latest choice will work next week during the TDC ride. I had really hoped that this final thing would have been done by now.
  19. Vicki that's GREAT!!! Joe called me and I told him how much you actually like the paint job on my Kirk and he's just going to copy that for you
  20. Although I didn't get a chance to ride today I passed the time by setting up new dura ace pedals on the Kirk. They're lower profile compared to the old style look's that they replace and they save 150 grams of rotating weight !
  21. I just saw that on Nashbar they're selling 105 cassettes in the low to mid 40 range if this helps. I was actually looking at a couple of the Ultegra cassettes that have a 13 vs the 12 or 11 as I don't find myself in either of those gears much and the closer spacing would be nice.
  22. So I got out for about 30 miles today and was complaining for a bit of it due to the crazy winds that were shifting around... That is until a wasp went down my jersey and zapped me several times! I don't know what's hurting worse right now the sting or where I beat myself up trying to get the freaking thing out. At least I forgot about the wind for a while .
  23. C12 very cool for you! I think the quote that Vicki was talking about is the one about the one who dies with the most toys...
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