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  1. Thanks folks, what a weekend. Started in Brussels for the Govt Mule - Warren Haynes show then proceeded to Amsterdam for Saturday through today. At the airport waiting to board my plane for Alicante Airport and home. 

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  2. On 10/9/2023 at 11:41 AM, jose said:

    I'm doing some changes in my toy room. I need to move a pile of amps.... it's a nightmare 😫 








    I’m in Murcia if you need to unload a few of these 😃🤣😎🍻🥃

    Sightseeing and drinking in Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. 

    Tyler stay safe!!


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  3. We came to possibly the lamest conclusion, all three are pretty awesome. We had way different rankings I preferred the lcd5 of the three amd Mike the he1kse.  The lcd5 to me was the most revealing of the three and had the wettest midrange. When a headphone out details the HE1kse that's impressive and the lcd5 did just that. 

    I love the other two as well and could easily and very happily live with any of these. Hifiman wins for comfort and least picky of sources while holding its own in every audio category we compared them in. 

    I do think the adx5000 is the mofo steal of the century at almost half the price of the HE1kse and less than half the price of the lcd5. Very very fast sounding extremely dynamic but can be slightly thin sounding. Both the adx5000 and lcd5 improve with eq and take eq well the HE1kse doesn't need much. 

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  4. I am absolutely blow away by the Matrix Mini pro 3. For $1000 or under you get a streamer (Roon, airplay), decent DAC and HPA. 

    I currently have the Sonnet Morpheus and when I subbed in the Matrix, yes there was a different presentation IE the Matrix maybe having greater perceived detail and the Sonnet being more layered. It sounds like the Sonnet is deeper back to front and the Matrix is wider side to side. 

    All in all if you blind compared them I am not sure you’d say one smoked the other. 

    Used there are going for $750 or below if you get a chance try one. I would suggest using the LAN or I2S with the matrix x-spdif as the preferred way to feed it a signal.

    Anyone else out there try these? I’ve used the HE1000se, Grado old school sr125, HP1000 and some JH IEMs and in all cases the sound is pretty pretty good. 

  5. 40 minutes ago, swt61 said:

    I have found that separating the outer cups and inserting live cockroaches vastly improves bass response in these headphones. They need to be true German cockroaches, as palmetto bugs and African cockroaches are too big and bloat the bass to near unlistenable. 

    6-8 roaches per cup should be about right. And don't  forget to sprinkle in some crushed mouse droppings every few weeks. Dead roaches don't make good bass!

    the other solution is to wear a pair of JH13 under the headphones that will solve the poor bass response as well as general crappy sound quality 

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  6. 34 minutes ago, swt61 said:

    Well, that clears that up!

    well if you want to be that way 🙂 


    super detailed with to be accurate tone and timbre, extremely fast. I liked the bass in that is went low enough for my tastes rock and jazz but was tight with detail (think being able to tell the difference between a fender jazz bass of p bass) 

    I regret selling these to Raffy but you can't own all the headphones 


    they were not peaky to me but one persons detailed is another peaky. 


    Also F these new fuckers 


    they also sound like this 


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