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  1. jp11801

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday Mike!!!
  2. jp11801

    Happy Birthday JP!

    Thanks guys for all the well wishes!! I appreciate it. It was awesome seeing some of you on my NorCal trip.
  3. jp11801

    Happy 64th Carl!

    Happy Birthday Carl 🎂🍻
  4. jp11801

    Happy Birthday Peter

    Happy Birthday Peter!!!!
  5. jp11801

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Gregg Allman Laid Back
  6. jp11801

    Happy Birthday Steve!

    Steve, Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day!!
  7. jp11801

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Happy Birthday Wayne, hope you had a great B-day
  8. jp11801

    Metric Halo LIO-8

    Steve I may be kidding myself but this sounds significantly better than 2d and yes long Ethernet runs are a plus. Mac mini in the tv console and a flat cat7 cable running under the rug to the audio rack where the MH sits
  9. jp11801

    Metric Halo LIO-8

    Anyone with the MH ULN/lIO 8 should really try the new 3D card. I’m running Ethernet from a Mac mini to the ULN8 to my Balancing Act and it sounds great. Using Roon as well and loving that software. Any way I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried the 3D for their thoughts.
  10. jp11801

    Happy Birthday - Tyrion!!!

    Mike I hope you have a great birthday full of Beer and Pizza!!
  11. jp11801

    Atlanta Audio Club Annual Meet - May 5, 2019

    Well airline tickets look cheap enough, anyone else up for Saturday night at little five points for craft beer at the porter beer bar?
  12. jp11801

    Atlanta Audio Club Annual Meet - May 5, 2019

    I will try to attend if I’m able. Purk you have me itching to hear the gxs and or gsx mini with a good dac compared to the Sony ES
  13. jp11801

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    I got it for a decent price and will likely have if for a while so if I resell close to this I'd be happy.
  14. jp11801

    The State of DACSES

    I really liked the Brooklyn Bridge when I heard it. It’s somewhat $$$ at 3k but sounds nice and massively convenient
  15. jp11801

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    Purk if the TA-ZH1ES is 85% of the GXS mini + Yggy that must sounds mind blowing as the Sony just arrived and I find it outstanding