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  1. thanks for the bday wishes
  2. Happy Birthday tall man!!! Hope you have a great day with much wine and great food
  3. What up Biggie!! Hope you have a great birthday with lots of fun, libations ad great food
  4. Happy Birthday Mike - hope you have a great celebration with the family! Your Head-Case family will be toasting you repeatedly thought the day!!
  5. NOLA Brio Trio set, Mike and I heard these at the Florida Audio show and really liked them. I just picked up a set and am blow away with the tone and timbre of these
  6. LMK if you need a hand if you go the intel NUC route
  7. Jeff I used a self built Roon NUC that ran a modified version of Linux. I’m not very technical and was able to build out a fabless Roon nucleus knock off. It did take about 2 hours and a little patience.
  8. the Mytek Brooklyn plus I had did 24/192 and dsd without issue via usb also their MQA implementation is wacky, if you have it enabled it fucks with the sound of non-mqa tracks so you need to enable it to play mqa then disable it to play normal shit. I did get used to the rotary dial and push button menu to change settings after a couple of days. Great sounding device and I thought the phono pre was very good for an included extra and you'd have to spend $1k to better it.
  9. Lumin just added LeedH volume control and they now state you can use the T2 volume control in place of a pre
  10. No the Mytek is more of a Swiss Army knife
  11. Mike has his connected to speakers but uses a preamp I believe. I have the T2 connected to the GSX-mini (ridiculously good). No headphone out on the Lumin and both Mike and I use it with Roon. If you buy reach out for the dealer we used I would not use the digital volume as a preamp but I'm superstitious about using digital volume past a certain point.
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