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    Born in Nicaragua, moved to South FL in 1988.
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    Broward County, South Florida 33029
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    Reading, drawing (mainly portraits), some fitness
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    Banking - Financial Analyst
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    Senn Amperior (silver), Senn HD600, Senn HD800, Grado RS1 (pink drivers), Grado HP1 (polarity switches), Grado HP2, Grado HP3, Alessandro MS1, AT ESW9, AT ESW10JPN, Stax SR-007, Stax SR-009, AKG K1000, Thunderpants
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    Luxman P1, Eddie Current Balancing Act, Blue Hawaii SE, ECP Audio DSHA-1, CeToole Audio Balanced M^3, Gilmore Lite with DPS, First Watt F5 (for K1000)
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    PORTABLE: Hifiman 801 DACs:Audio Aero Prima DAC, Neko Audio DAC, Meitner MA-1 USB/SPDIF converter: Trends Audio UD-10.1, Musiland Monitor 01USD, Stello U3 DEDICATED CD PLAYER: Exemplar 2900 VINYL: Thorens TD-125 Turntable, Phonomena II phono stage, SME 3009 II improved tonearm, Audio Technica AT150mlx cartridge
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    SPEAKERS: Quad 12L Actives (piano black), Cain & Cain Abby & Bailey (with matching subwoofer). CABLES: BlueJeans: BJC LC1 Interconnects 3-feet, BJC Toslink Optical 3-feet, BJC Coaxial (BNC to RCA) 3-feet, DH Labs Silver Sonic cables, Enigma RCA cables, XLR Mogami 2534 Quad Cable with Neutrik Gold NC3FXX-B and NC3MXX-B Connectors, Tripplite Isobar HT3100PC

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  1. Actually, now everyone is going to ask YOU if there's room...
  2. Lol, guys, my birthday was almost two months ago! I just came to reply because good ol' Brento told me to come check things out. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Brent, I'm still in Florida. But Florida is practically another country, so for all intents and purposes, I'm already deported.
  3. Anyone like the Audeze LCD-2? Brand-new from Adorama for $700 http://www.adorama.com/AULCD2LATC.html?emailprice=t&hotlink=t&utm_source=rflaid912772
  4. i have to be in Boston that week and possibly the weekend due to work... sucks! I was informed about this today. Mandatory...
  5. Will pre-meet activities begin on the Friday prior? Just asking as I'd like to see if I take that Friday off... I'm way overdue in seeing you all. I will chime in next week with my possibilities for joining. I have to check that there are no work conflicts.
  6. Sennheiser HD650 + FiiO X3 Music Player + Fiio E12 Amplifier $550.00 http://www.adorama.com/SEHD650N.html?emailprice=t&hotlink=t&utm_source=rflaid912772
  7. Adding one more: happy dad's day indeed to all the HC dads!
  8. Don't get him anything. He is banging your girlfriend.
  9. A very happy birthday to you, Naaman!
  10. Hope that the good doctor had a good b-day! Happy belated, Steve
  11. Yay, Ed! congrats on another happy bday
  12. Happy belated bday! Hope you had a great time! and that you still are, of course
  13. Goodness I don't remember so many birthdays taking place inf Feb! Happy belated Stephen!
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