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  1. Thanks for making this even better for us guys sited overseas! Just some updates... my build is coming together nicely. My PSU is working (+500 and -499, so pretty much what I planned for it) and should be able to test out the amp boards tomorrow. As part of working on this project, I've also managed to meet up with Victor who's been great and helping me second eye my "creations" before we ran voltage through em. Looking forward to more updates to the mini version!
  2. Wow! That's tiny! How does it sound? Not tinny, I hope
  3. That sounds great. Do share when you're done, I might be able to get rid of the 252 for the PC with this At the same time, I've gone through this whole thread a second time and can I just verify that it's okay to just use thermal paste for the 15V regulators 7815/7915? I know the 4684A doesn't need the aluminum oxide insulators, just want to check on the 7815/7915s.
  4. Hi Victor, I got that part, but I guess my question was would it run if I just jumpered it for global? Just realized I didn't order enough spares for the 100k resistors so ordering the additional parts from mouser isn't the worst thing, I suppose. I'm assuming this op amp 595-OPA227U will work? Edit: Nevermind. Figured out "servo" = jumper
  5. Like Jwzhan, I just received my board and noticing some things different from the BOM I followed. I do notice more things that are different on the onboard version, though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xh5hy0ai28mccfo/Ampboard.jpg <Can't seem to get the other link to work> Can I check if the extra parts are needed for the top and bottom of the board? I couldn't find any discussion on op amps and servos so I hope I'm not asking something that's already been discussed. Can I also ask what they are for? Looking for suggestions for jumpers. They seem rather far apart for the PC motherboard type? Best
  6. Hi eggil, Thanks for the tip. All parts accounted for with the exception of the 2SC2705s which spritzer is helping me with. Thanks everyone! Seeing all those nice builds just makes me feel like a little boy at Christmas Gratz Schubert!
  7. I'll take em I sent you a pm about the Alpha Quads as well (well if you have some left) Ok, I'll finalize my Bdent order tomorrow. I just can't seem to find one last component on BDent.com: LT1021-10 (do you happen to have 2 of them, too? ) Thanks Spritzer and Headinclouds (for the transformer). Pretty stoked i'm getting everything in soon
  8. Hi Spritzer, Bdent was the first I tried... they don't have the quantity eg. they only have 1 x 2SC2705. Maybe I'll try again in a few days and thanks for the advice on the transformer! Edit: Just to be sure... bdent.com directs me to http://www.bdenterprisesinc.com/ so I hope that's right?
  9. Hi all, I'm new here and about to start on this build. I've already gotten some help from Victor (thanks!) and Tran (for helping with the boards). I've ordered most of the parts but am having trouble tracking down the following (not exactly but they are on all different vendors which want to charge USD30-40 shipping each as I'm in Singapore). I was wondering if someone out there had spares and would be willing to ship it to me at my expense? The silicon I'm after are: LSK389 x 2 (or more) 2sa1486 x 10 (or more) 2sc3840 x 4 (or more) lt1021-10 x 2 (or more) 2SC4686A x 12 (or more) 2SC2705 x 4 (or more) 2SC2240 x 4 (or more) 2SA970 x 4 (or more) 2SC1815 x 2 (or more) Thanks in advance for any possible help! Also, I've been going through the thread and can't seem to find any recommendations for transformers that work in 240v. Could someone point me to that thread? (Search doesn't seem to have helped there).
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