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  1. Not sure I'm helping... just suggesting some stuff Just to be clear, I meant to swap left channel tubes to right channel tubes as a check instead of swapping all of them.
  2. Not sure I understand your question, but those circled headers are the right ones if you don't use the RK27. If you used an RK27 and it's mounted then yes, because they are connected to those headers the mounted attenuator will affect it. Even with the RK27 fully open (max volume) you're still getting channel imbalance? [you should be able to measure the attenuator with a DMM to see if it's bad - at max volume setting especially] I assume you also tried to swap the tubes around to make sure it isn't the tubes?
  3. By attenuator, I meant your volume control (pot or relay-based)... but it's likely your tubes especially if they aren't matched. By lazy and temporary, are you saying you didn't use thermal paste between your transistors and your heatsinks or the ceramic insulators? Probably not a good idea there...
  4. Is there a reason why you're still using the ceramic insulators? The fqpf8n80c are insulated... so they actually reduce thermal conductivity. With regard to your balance issue are your tubes matched? Also check your attenuator (I had an issue once where the relays weren't working properly on my attenuator). Also, how do you like the sound?
  5. I'd really recommend going offboard sinks... with the right size heatsinks for the KGSSHV board, the temps are still a toasty 90C after 15 mins. This had the side effect of "killing" my LT1021s (it always made the voltage to +430V over time until I offboarded the cooling) when cased up. It's been close to a year and the whole setup still runs well. EDIT: just realized I listed the wrong IC and double quoted heh
  6. Nice... so how does your version of the carbon sound JoaMat?
  7. Thanks Kevin and Joamat for pulling it together for the rest of us mortals
  8. Had a few requests for this... In terms of a drilling template for the Megatron. I don't have CAD or anything, but this is the jpeg I did out for the drilling of my chassis. I'm not sure if it's useful to the rest of you but it's the closest I have. For the rest who have already built one, if you have something much more accurate, please share it.
  9. Thanks so much for your valuable (unending!) contribution KG. It has afforded the rest of us to just sit back and enjoy great tunes.
  10. Peleus. do follow nopants' figures. Obviously my memory must be shot and added another 0 to the actual figures.
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