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  1. It appears I misunderstood the question. But, I think my response is appropriate. I use all of my current HPs. But, my use is situational. Depends on which room and who's there. Most of my listening is in my office so I rotate between the Elear, Ether and AEC. I sold off all of the the HPs last month that I don't use: Grados 325is, RS-1i, GS1000i and A-T ATH-700.
  2. I agree with KTM. Also, 5200 sq ft 3-floor house. Rooms are more than 10' apart. Easier to have HPs "strategically located".
  3. Depends which room I'm in Den/office: AKG K601or Aeon Flow Close Rec room: K702 Family room: Audeze EL-8C or Grado GS1000 Bedroom: Hifiman HE560 or Audeze LCD-2 Deck: M&D MW60 or Bose OE On order: Focal Elear & Hifiman Ananda Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
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