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  1. ilikebananafudge

    Audeze LCD-2

    Also, they smell slightly like carrots.
  2. ilikebananafudge

    Audeze LCD-2

    Yeah, they are a clear improvement over my 650s. Much more air, treble, and detail.
  3. ilikebananafudge

    Audeze LCD-2

    Anyone heard a new pair of these recently? I just got mine (from the Black Friday sale) and it seems like they've upped the treble response I haven't heard another pair so I can't compare mine to anything, just wondering if this is the new norm or if my pair is an anomaly. (Compare with InnerFidelity)
  4. ilikebananafudge

    Getting Started in DIY

    Okay, thanks for all the helpful info. I'll start by grabbing all the requisite tools and then the parts for a CMOY. What everyone is saying makes a lot of sense in terms of getting my feet wet with a small initial investment. After a CMOY or two I'll probably build a Torpedo since most of the projects I've been eyeing are PCB based. Apparently I'll stick with the gilmore projects and not the B22. But maybe a balanced M3. Maybe I should've gone to Northwestern for grad school...
  5. ilikebananafudge

    Getting Started in DIY

    Hey y'all, I've lurked around here for a few years but now I'm planning on getting started building amps, and I could use a bit of assistance. I've never soldered anything and I've probably stripped a wire once, so I'm gonna need to ease into this. From what I've read here and on Innerfidelity the Bottlehead Crack or Torpedo would be good places to start, as they're simple builds and pair well with my HD650s. Any other suggestions? I read this plan on getting the Hakko FX-888 as my solder 'gun' and 63-37 eutectic solder. According to tangentsoft I need small screwdrivers, small cutters and pliers, and a wire stripper. Are any other supplies needed? After this build I'll probably want to build a dynalo/dynahi/dynamite or beta22, which requires casework apparently, are there other supplies I need to do that (I don't need to engrave anything, just drill holes I guess)? Finally, I'm interested in learning the theory behind all the capacitors and various FETS that get jammed into headphone amps. I took introductory physics in undergrad, but I'm a chemist so circuits are pretty foreign to me. Is there a good place to learn the basics of headphone circuitry? Apologies for the barrage of noob questions, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Snarky comments, banter, and insults are expected, as per usual.
  6. ilikebananafudge


    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank this community. Head-case has been an incredible wealth of knowledge for me, having guided my foray into high fidelity audio. I joined Head-case in 2008, soon after discovering that head-fi was overwhelming and nearly impossible to garner useful information from. I then spent the next couple of years lurking and reading, eventually leading to several (blind, but somewhat informed) purchases. I've been enjoying music through the same set-up for the past 4 years or so. I haven't been here in a while, but I decided that it was about time to offer my gratitude to the community that built my headphone system - quite literally, as my headphone amp is an old M3 built by n_maher. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll probably be back someday when I'm out of school and making enough money to afford fancier equipment. Thanks again! Adam (aka ilikebananafudge)
  7. ilikebananafudge

    HD650 Loose Driver

    Aw sweet! I just took the grill off (didn't know you could just pry it open) and the driver was practically falling out of its little socket. I just pushed it back in so it was nice and snug and everything is perfect! Thanks for the advice everyone.
  8. ilikebananafudge

    HD650 Loose Driver

    The right driver in my HD650s is loose. If I wiggle the headphones around I can feel and hear it jiggling. Sometimes the cable gets a little disconnected and the music cuts out. It's starting to get annoying. I've never done anything DIY in audio, but I'm willing to try something to fix this. Any advice? Also, not sure if this should go in a different thread? Thanks all.
  9. ilikebananafudge

    AKG K400 - what's similar new?

    Alas, I don't have a lot to contribute due to my inexperience which is why I don't post very much, but I have lurked here for quite some time. Someday I hope to have enough money to spend on this hobby to have some sort of useful input.
  10. ilikebananafudge

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Album: Zonoscope Artist: Cut Copy Great album. I think it's my favorite by them.
  11. ilikebananafudge

    I sort of want a pair of good closed phones

    Thanks for the info. Now I'm just waiting for my stupid cable to sell so I have money for them.
  12. ilikebananafudge

    I sort of want a pair of good closed phones

    Anyone know how the Shure 840s compare to the AKG K271 MKIIs? I've been thinking about getting a pair of closed phones again so that I'm less annoying to my girlfriend.
  13. ilikebananafudge

    Fixing An Aftermarket HD650 Cable

    Somehow didn't think of that...
  14. ilikebananafudge

    Fixing An Aftermarket HD650 Cable

    Hey everyone, haven't posted here in quite some time. I have an aftermarket Senn HD650 cable that is a bit messed up. The left headphone connection is shoddy, and keeps cutting out whenever I move my head. I've done tests to confirm that its the cable connection, because my stock cable works perfectly. I have next to no idea what I'm doing, so I contacted Zach Collier from Enigma Audio to fix it, but he hasn't gotten back to me. Any other ideas where I could reliably get this fixed?
  15. ilikebananafudge

    slow forum