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  1. Yes, lots of conventions and bidding systems in bridge.  However, each player is supposed to have a convention card which states what bidding system and what conventions the pair plays.  Also, if you don't understand the meaning of an opponents bid, you can refer to their convention card or ask the bidder's partner what the bid means.

    Bridge is a complicated game and nobody truly masters it, some just play it a lot better than others. :D

  2. 36 minutes ago, Voltron said:

    I wasn't good about before and after photos but many of you have been here. We ended up taking down the garage door and cutting it into pieces. We kept the center section as a @guzziguy memorial right at the point it cracked under BMW pressure. 🥴 By getting rid of the garage door and all the oddly beefy structure supporting jusGara at door, we gained 100 square feet and a whole lot of headroom in the now 425 square foot shop. Very excited to get the slab redone and the new outer wall framed in, let alone the Oneida dust collection system put in...C1220A2C-CFD9-4B1F-A351-CD8FC6FA1A05.thumb.jpeg.56b3ae984e73f831c4a734791bda165f.jpeg




    I just started the demo a little early.

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