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  1. I enjoyed my two years there (mid-1965 through mid-1967).
  2. You could try Guam, American Samoa or maybe Midway if you'd like more choices.
  3. Happy Birthday, Kerry! Have a great day and a great Can Jam.
  4. Please accept my sincere condolences, Jeff. RIP Sharon.
  5. Catmund Freud!
  6. Congrats Grahame and Joanne! Now you get to help pick the "lesser evil" in two countries. 😁
  7. Congrats Shelly and Yumi. Sure. All you have to do is first institute a state income tax.
  8. After 4 years of riding, I finally felt comfortable enough to try this. Big pit send 1.MOV
  9. What, you don't believe them?
  10. Happy Birthday, Raffy!
  11. Happy Birthday, Brent! Hope it's been great.
  12. Belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was great.
  13. Smart move. I wish I had done that with my mom, dad and sisters. Now they are all gone and their family knowledge with them. The only people left are me, my younger brother and his daughter. We remember some but most family knowledge is lost.
  14. Happy Birthday, Chris! Hope it's been great.
  15. Belated Happy Birthday, Ari! Hope you had a great one.
  16. Happy Birthday, Shelly! Have a wonderful day.
  17. Cinder is a good name for a black cat.
  18. Happy Birthday, Jeffy! Hope it's been wonderful.
  19. Jim, isn't it a little early to start bulking up for winter? Of course, maybe not for Vermont. 😁
  20. Happy Birthday, Tyler! Have a great day.
  21. RIP Knuck's Uncle. Hopefully he's gone to a better place.
  22. Happy Birthday, Doug! Have a wonderful day.
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