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  1. Rug? I thought straw floors were normal in Arkansas.
  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Have a wonderful day!
  3. Sorry for your loss, Craig. I know how much it hurts. Thank you and Carole for loving Cleo. RIP Cleo.
  4. I just started the demo a little early.
  5. A nice Blue and Gold Macaw. My Oscar (see profile photo) is a youngster, only 34 years old. 😁
  6. Ignorance and bias? No shortage of those here.
  7. I bought two of those t-shirts. Still have one of them.
  8. Belated Happy Birthday, Todd! Hope it was a great one for you.
  9. Belated Happy Birthday, Antonio!
  10. Happy Birthday, Jose. Have a wonderful day.
  11. Happy Birthday, Greg! Have a wonderful day, preferably one with wine and no snakes.
  12. Happy Birthday, Justin!
  13. Happy Birthday, Kerry!
  14. I'm clumsy and don't want to make my face any worse than it already is. That's why I only own full face helmets.
  15. Looks like it (potentially) blocks off the entrance to a dormer.
  16. Rip Hunter. Condolences to you and your family, Todd.
  17. To a life well lived, a family well raised. RIP Roz Greenfield.
  18. guzziguy


    Me too. I haven't dealt with NewEgg ever since.
  19. Happy Birthday, Brent. Have a great day! You only turn 40 once.
  20. Happy Birthday, Chris!
  21. I suspect everyone will moon Senn over this.
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