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  1. Happy Birthday, Zoë! It's great to see you smiling so much.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday, Bryan! Hope it was a great day.
  3. Happy Birthday, JP! I hope that you're enjoying the Old World.
  4. guzziguy


    Hoping for the best.
  5. Happy Birthday, Mikey!
  6. Happy Birthday, Marc! Have a wonderful day.
  7. Happy Purple Birthday, Peter!
  8. You'll also get to see if your 11 years older body still works!
  9. Belated Happy Birthday, Wayne!
  10. Miss you Steve. Happy Birthday!
  11. Belated Happy Birthday, Jim! Hope you had a great day.
  12. Elenvenses? That comes after Second Breakfast, right?
  13. Belated Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope it was great.
  14. My condolences, Brent. Sounds like he was a helluva guy. RIP Jimmy.
  15. I'm so sorry, Shelly. RIP Sophie.
  16. MSCDNW Syndrome in English. It's rampant everywhere.
  17. Yep. They are basically small flying dinosaurs.
  18. Happy Birthday, Todd. Have a great one!
  19. Happy Birthday. Hope it's wonderful.
  20. Happy Birthday, Antonio. Hope your day is wonderful.
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