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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin! Have a wonderful day.
  2. Just put salt on their tails.
  3. A friend of mine just moved to Campo, CO (population 109 in 2010). She really likes it there except that she can not find decent wine within reasonable driving distance. It seems to me that ordering wine on line or by phone for delivery is a good way to solve this. Since I have no experience ordering wines remotely, I'm hoping people here could recommend any of them, both for and against. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. I'm sure that my friend will appreciate them.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Chicago probably needed to go into complete rebuild mode but this appears to be a terrible first step. Certainly they could have gotten more/better for Butler.
  5. Armed with shovels!
  6. Good luck, Jacob! Breaking bones is easy. Just ride 2-wheeled vehicles. On the plus side, my rib(s) are healing well.
  7. Happy Birthday, David! Have a great day.
  8. Happy Birthday, Kerry! Hope you had a wonderful day.
  9. Went to my sister's to assemble a Hampstead corner cabinet. What a shock. The instructions were clear and all of the parts were there. So it went together pretty easily.
  10. God speed, Flounder. Stephen Furst dies.
  11. ^This. Except for the part about Marmite, of course.
  12. I haven't seen Prometheus. I'll consider myself lucky.
  13. So Supernatural is kind of like Trump?
  14. What I had planned on cooking last evening. Apparently my guest decided to seek new lodgings.
  15. Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner!