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  1. guzziguy

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Kobe, Gianna and all who perished in the helicopter. 😥
  2. guzziguy

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Kobe.
  3. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday, Mike! Hope you and Deb have a great day.
  4. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Adam (TMoney)

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great bottle of wine tonight.
  5. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Grahame!

    Happy Birthday, Grahame! Have a great one.
  6. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Frank Cooter!

    Happy Birthday, Frank! Have a great day.
  7. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Dr. John!

    Happy Birthday, John! Have a wonderful day. Hope you can find more time to spend here.
  8. guzziguy

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Kookie. 😥 RIP Buck Henry and Neil Peart.
  9. guzziguy

    Hippy B-day, Knucks!

    Happy Birthday, Dan!
  10. guzziguy

    KT77 application in Stax amps

    Why don't you just PM him with the question?
  11. guzziguy

    Happy New Year!

    This. Happy New Year to all!
  12. guzziguy

    What are you EATING right now?

    Happy Boxing Day, Grahame.
  13. guzziguy

    What are you EATING right now?

    Christmas dinner.
  14. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday, Ken!

    Thanks all. I had my usual quiet day with my family in Hemet.
  15. guzziguy

    Happy Birthday Ric

    Happy Birthday, Ric!