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  1. I was hoping somebody could help me out here. Currently I use Phillips SHE9503/10 in-ear earphones. They get the job done, and I felt as though I got a bargain with them. Im definitely happy with those. However my listening experience has lessened of late. I find I take too long putting the buds in my ears, and a lot of times when turn my head the wires would catch on my jacket button, making me start the process of fitting the buds back in my ears. And sometimes I feel them sliding out so I have to constantly adjust. All the while my song is being played and im not listening to it properly. Anyway, because of all this I was thinking about replacing them with headphones. At first I thought wireless because im sick of my earphones wires catching on something. But then I thought, well, its headphones, even if they catch on something, my headphones will still be on my head, they wont get yanked out like earphones would. So I could go either way (also do wired headphones generally produce better sound than wireless? Or does it not matter?). So the type of headphone im looking for. My current earphones do the job, so something that gives me that sound without pushing them in to my ears. I have a pretty varied genre. I like my dance/electro like daft punk/calvin harris etc. But then I like going back to listen to my old indie and rock music. I also like classical music like pianos and violins - instrumental stuff. It can be very varied. Basically im looking for something that’s able to handle different instruments from all the different types of genres and play it clearly and loud so I can hear each instrument without distortion. But I do like my base, I quite like it when im listening to music with a good base that pumps in to my ears. I would mostly use it with my ipod, out and about, on the train, the streets, anywhere. But always from my ipod. Ive tried out some headphones – I quite like the Beats headphones, especially the Executive, Solo and Mixr versions. Though I found them quite pricey. My budget would be £150 max, reluctantly but willing to go a little more if the headphones are worth it. I know I like closed back over-ears, I like the music in my head, and I wouldn’t want any noise leakage or hear any ambient sound or outside noise. Ive seen some reviews and i see the m50s have popped up more than once and I think I liked the sound of those, and the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Closed Back Studio Headphones. Im not sure what to look for in terms of specifications either, impedndance, sound pressure level, sensitivity, frequency, max input, drivers, power capacity etc. I have no idea about those. But I like what I have, so anything better would be great. If somebody could suggest a few headphones to check out that would be great! Thanks!
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