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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone,, I have a small Boutique Headphone and Personal Audio spot in Las Vegas and wanted to share info about our Quarterly “Listening Lounge” Headphone Socials... It's That Time Again People... Our Quarterly Audio Social is slated for August 24th, 2019 and you are cordially invited to attend. This Event is being labeled "Meet You Maker!" We have contacted and confirmed 8 Product Manufactures to be present for this quarters Listening Lounge Audio Social... They will have a Factory Representative at the event to assist with product demonstrations, educational information, as well as any product related questions or input from your point of view. Our Official Headliner is Sennheiser with their HE1 Orpheus System! The following Brands have also confirmed their participation: Questyle Audio Sennheiser Astell&Kern Ultimate High Fidelity Sound System Westone Audio Audeze MrSpeakers Hifiman Electronics MAG-LEV AUDIO KEF This particular Listening Lounge Event is completely geared to the Head-Fi and Audio Enthusiast, so save the date and make your travel arrangements now so that you don't miss out. Light-Bites and Refreshments will be on-hand and sponsored by our Downtown Associates at Rachel's Kitchen so come Hungry! If you know of some friends and likeminded peeps that you may want to hang-around with and listen to some of the best gear available, make sure to tell them about it... We look forward to seeing you all again, or for the 1st time, in our Lil Slice of Downtown Las Vegas! Let's Do This! Marshall JT The Audio Video Boutique
  2. I was wondering if I should return the %$#@! sound true on ear headphones and purchase the %$#@! instead ? Edited to remove brand names -- Dusty
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a pair of Shure SE215 online and they came in this box: http://s90.photobucket.com/user/ofey_s/media/Shure/SE215-01.jpg.html From what I have read this version is the "international" version. If I am correct this is the U.S box: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/musical-instruments/detail-page/Amazon_SE215-CL_img10_lg.jpg Is this a problem for me as I am based in the United States? And is there a difference in the manufacturing?
  4. Hey everybody! I'm a noob when it comes to selecting a headphone, and I'm looking for a "wireless noise cancelling headphones with microphone". Could anybody recommend a model to me that is wireless, noise cancelling, over the ear with microphone headset that can work with PC and mobile? The lower the price the better, and I don't care about brand. Thank you!
  5. I was hoping somebody could help me out here. Currently I use Phillips SHE9503/10 in-ear earphones. They get the job done, and I felt as though I got a bargain with them. Im definitely happy with those. However my listening experience has lessened of late. I find I take too long putting the buds in my ears, and a lot of times when turn my head the wires would catch on my jacket button, making me start the process of fitting the buds back in my ears. And sometimes I feel them sliding out so I have to constantly adjust. All the while my song is being played and im not listening to it properly. Anyway, because of all this I was thinking about replacing them with headphones. At first I thought wireless because im sick of my earphones wires catching on something. But then I thought, well, its headphones, even if they catch on something, my headphones will still be on my head, they wont get yanked out like earphones would. So I could go either way (also do wired headphones generally produce better sound than wireless? Or does it not matter?). So the type of headphone im looking for. My current earphones do the job, so something that gives me that sound without pushing them in to my ears. I have a pretty varied genre. I like my dance/electro like daft punk/calvin harris etc. But then I like going back to listen to my old indie and rock music. I also like classical music like pianos and violins - instrumental stuff. It can be very varied. Basically im looking for something that’s able to handle different instruments from all the different types of genres and play it clearly and loud so I can hear each instrument without distortion. But I do like my base, I quite like it when im listening to music with a good base that pumps in to my ears. I would mostly use it with my ipod, out and about, on the train, the streets, anywhere. But always from my ipod. Ive tried out some headphones – I quite like the Beats headphones, especially the Executive, Solo and Mixr versions. Though I found them quite pricey. My budget would be £150 max, reluctantly but willing to go a little more if the headphones are worth it. I know I like closed back over-ears, I like the music in my head, and I wouldn’t want any noise leakage or hear any ambient sound or outside noise. Ive seen some reviews and i see the m50s have popped up more than once and I think I liked the sound of those, and the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Closed Back Studio Headphones. Im not sure what to look for in terms of specifications either, impedndance, sound pressure level, sensitivity, frequency, max input, drivers, power capacity etc. I have no idea about those. But I like what I have, so anything better would be great. If somebody could suggest a few headphones to check out that would be great! Thanks!
  6. I've owned a lot of different headphones throughout the years, including V-Moda Crossfade LP, Beats Detox, Jays a-Jays Four, Beats Tour, Noontec Zoro HD, Klipsch S4i and so on. I always went by the thought that more expensive is better. And then I bought the MEElectroincs M9P. They have an inline mic, which is nice. Their sound quality is absolutly great, great lows, good mids, great highs. The bass is very accurate, and stays the same even with the volume at maximum. Same thing about the treble. The MEElectroincs M9P looks good ,too. (I get compliments all the time about them) A huge plus about these is that unlike many other in-ear headphones, while wearing these, you won't hear the cable moving and knocking stuff. (a pretty annoying thing) Long story short, these headphones sounds like a 200$ headphones, and for some very wierd reason cost only 17$. Here is the link for where I've purchased it from: Brengafobavia Please don't come back.
  7. Hi im looking to buy headphones but i dont know much about it and whats on the market now. I ve done some research and i found these: -Denon AH-P372 -Audio-Technica ATH-FC700 -MEElectronics HT-21 my price range is more or less the price of those three that i mentioned(like 20-40 euro). im looking for decent sound, they need to be comfortable of course(using them for 2-3 hours), outside noise isolation as much as possible in this price range, same for the sound coming out of the headphones to the outside. So if u have any suggentions that would be great and whats ur oponion on those headphones. Thank you.
  8. The price is not yet a problem so I have no price range restriction, although I don't want something over 1000$... if you know what I mean. I want my headphones to be completely wireless (no wire, no usb dungle, no dock station). I want to be able to lay in my bed or walk into the house without the laptop with me (especially for Google/Skype Phone Calls) (this let me conclude that any IR (infra red) wouldn't be suitable since they require the headphones to be in sight of the IR signal transmitter to communicate. I will be using these both for phone call and listening to music as long as playing so games (so It requires a Mic for the phones calls and must have some decent sound quality. ) Mic must be part of the headphones themself (mic stick or built-in mic) (not on a duck station, usb dungle or anywhere else than on the headphones themselves. Why ? ---> because I want to be as much mobile as possible and I don't want to be forced to bring any added accessories with me to be able to make a calls. I'm looking for something portable but no ear buds. (something suitable for both outdoor and home) Transmission range (both mic and speakers): doesn't need more than 10 meters but no less than 4 meters So that's pretty much it. Here are some models I found that meet all the requirements I have mentionned above (I used headphones.com for my selection since it is the only site that offer a decent selection wizard (i.e by type of transmission, with or without mic, etc..) : Sennheiser: MM100 - MM400 - MM450 - MM550 Creative: WP300 - WP350 Jabra: Halo Plantronic: the Pulsar series Nokia: BH 905 Bose: QC15 Akgk: 830bt I'm almost sure I missed many, and that's where you guys comes into play. Let me know what's your suggestion ?
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