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  1. The bruins caps series is some of the best hockey I've ever seen.

    The whole playoffs so far is some of the best hockey I've ever seen. Much much better than watching the Habs this year! I like how the Caps are playing so far, it looks like they play better when they're the underdog. If #8 continues to step up his play, I'm confident they can beat the Bruins.

    I predict a Blues-Flyers final.

  2. Thanks a lot guys! I'm mostly a lurker here nowadays, I don't have much time for audio, but this forum still delivers. :cool:

    happy birthday dirty frenchy

    Hey, it's not my fault if your team of lazy Russians get their ass beaten all the time by talented French-speaking hockey players.

  3. The hostility was between him and the coach at the time, Mario Tremblay. Roy always appreciated the city and the fans, and I believe he said at some point he wouldn't mind coming back into the organization. But right now, he is the GM and coach of a successful junior hockey team in Quebec city and I would see him more becoming the coach of a future Nordiques team, if such a thing happens.

    Very nice gift for your son Dan btw!

  4. Good for your son, at least now Gomez's big salary isn't completely unjustified! The other player that pisses me off this year is Cammalleri, the guy has huge skills and has showed in the past he's among the best in this team, and probably the best shooter in the team. I don't know what's going on this year, but he doesn't score. And he really needs to toughen up, damn, he makes Mike Ribeiro looks like a tough player on ice...

  5. I believe the Habs will follow soon. Not that I think Jacques Martin is the main problem behind this team (that would be 5'10" players who are afraid to get physical and a certain Alaskan-Mexican player who makes 5M$/year and plays AHL hockey), but a new coach with a more offensive philosophy would be a welcome change.

  6. The only two albums I listen to with regularity are Images and Words and Awake. There are some great songs sparsely spread throughout afterward up to and including Octavarium. Not a fan at all of anything after that album.

    The stance that they are all skill and no soul is for the most part true for everything post Kevin Moore. I have a very low tolerance for wankery, and a lot of their stuff is off the charts.

    I totally agree with this post. Even I&W and Awake have a bit of wankery, but at least it's done with good taste.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Deepak! I'm a big fan of Porcupine Tree's "mid-period", Stupid Dream being my favorite album from them, but I had never ventured into Steven Wilson solo stuff. I'm listening to this new album right now and I enjoy it a lot so far. Like roadtonowhere08 mentionned, there's a big Lightbulb Sun/Stupid Tree vibe on some tracks. 'Deform to form a star' is an awesome track.

  8. Just heard Heritage from Opeth in its entirety. A complete disappointment. If this is Mikael's homage to 70's prog, then I want nothing to do with it. I am down with long and progressive songs, but the transitions are crucial to sound good rather than disjointed. This album is filled with horrible transitions and extremely uninspired songwriting. I really liked the piano title track, but the rest was positively forgettable. I am very bummed, because Opeth can write such damn good music, but it's been since Damnation that I have been floored by them.

    Bring back the earthy forest feel - screw the prog... and the album cover sucks sucks sucks!!!

    I am pretty confused by the direction Opeth were trying to take with this new album. It's not quite prog, not quite hard rock, definitely not metal and it's got some weird folk elements, but nowhere near the quality of the Damnation album. I've always enjoyed Akerfeldt vocals in the past, but here his voice often sounds forced and is even annoying at some points. I am a bit fan of Opeth early music up to Deliverance, but it seems to me they've been going through a midlife crisis for the past few albums and this one is a real clunker IMO.

  9. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events


    It's definitely an improvement over the last 3 albums and I even hear a bit of I&W era at some spots which makes me happy. The drums sound a bit weak without Portnoy, but on the other hand Petrucci sounds more inspired than he's been in a while and Rudess patches sound less cheesy than usual. Unfortunately, I think James Labrie sounds more horrible with age, he can't push the high notes anymore and just has an annoying range nowadays IMO. Still, I think it's a step in the good direction for DT, and even though it's not classic material like I&W, Awake or SFAM, it's way more enjoyable than what their last few albums.

  10. The Lenovo has a better keyboard, a trackpoint and a more business look while the HP has a more shiny and stylish look. Otherwise, they're basically the same computer. The HP is usually a little cheaper though the Lenovos are often on sale. I upgraded my X120e with a 64GB SSD a while ago and I couldn't be happier with the machine.

  11. I'm thinking if you're looking for a device that is mainly to play music by outputing digital to USB, probably a GOOD netbook is a better option. If there is such a thing. I've read good things about the Lenovo Thinkpad X120e, but I have no direct experience with any netbook.. Looks like they're on sale, though!


    I have one and it's probably my favorite laptop I've owned. The size is perfect, screen has excellent resolution for 11.6"(1366x768) and the keyboard is a joy to type on. The E-350 is more than enough for casual computing (including watching 720p movies and light gaming). And the best of all, it's cheaper than an iPad.

  12. Picked up a pair of the NB minimus trails, really nice shoes. Did a light run today,felt pretty good. There definitely is some increased stress on the foot and calf, but my lower back, which used to always ache after running, feels great.

    Make sure to land on your midfoot and not on your heel because that can cause major stress with minimalist shoes. Also, increase your distances gradually and your feet should eventually get used to it.

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