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  1. 20 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    It's an ONSemi part. I really don't know what has happened with ONsemi. They bought Fairchild and Sanyo, and have obsoleted most of the really useful audio parts. Anything remaining has ended up on ridiculous lead times.

    We're well beyond the Covid excuse, and I'm left with bungling corporate incompetence as the only explanation remaining

    so may be find some analog for KSC5026MOS, on Aliexpress some shops try to sell 1pcs for 24$ 🤔

  2. 19 hours ago, Helium said:

    Hi starcat. What are P/N of the connectors and housings and pins you are using?

    I'm tempted to try these. As far as my quick search revealed, pins and wire entry seals don't come in bundle and are sold separately, aren't they?

    My concerns is that CPC series seems to be rated for 250VDC/VAC only, and that there is no space between the thread and the gasket, which means that the gasket itself will be outside the panel/case. Any considerations?

    I used 3 different connectors, different for AC and DC. Something like this:



  3. On 10/24/2021 at 9:13 AM, jamesmking said:

    is the mill spec cable silver or silver plated?

    personally I have always found cables which are silver or silver plated to be bright, shouty and lack ambience. I only use un-plated copper cables. I use Cardas chassis wire for my builds and use Cardas golden reference for speaker, power and some inter-connects. Van den hull first is not bad but I think it lacks a bit of bass - its cheaper second hand than the Cardas. I even find silver plated/solid silver fuses to be bright.


    For my HiFiMan HE-6 were made custom cable with pure silver + UPOCC copper, proportion 1/3. And it sounds balanced and transparent at same time.

  4. On 10/23/2021 at 9:01 PM, kevin gilmore said:

    1. boards - ok

    2. documents - has 311 errors:


    You are prohibited from downloading this document.


  5. Good approach 👍 I also trying to buy a litte more, but not too much. From my practise all projects completely unique. So parts are not shareable. I built several general amplifiers, balanced beta22, some DACs and so on. As for repairing: mine projects are very cool and I am trying to build them very reliable, so don't need to repair them. If realy something will broke, I will better build new more modern and more performance gardget. This is from my practise of 8 years in DIY. So in conclusion: if extra parts doesn't costs too much - then buy them, otherwise exact count or +1.

    But anyway: it is usefull to buy 10m90s and fill excel with extra inventory - good idea.

  6. Tried to estimate possibility to collect BOMs for T2 on mouser. First struggle was with MOQ=100 of resitors 273 Xicon MF-RC. Second step is long lead time. Some examples:


    Baddest times for DIY arrived 😅

  7. On 7/4/2018 at 4:12 AM, sbelyo said:

    So I was thinking of building a linear psu for a new PC.

    I came across this kit on ebay


    Anyone ever use something like this kit?  The Teradak products are really cool but pricey

    I used this one: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/336685-adapter.html

    My project: 



  8. On 9/12/2021 at 4:31 PM, Beefy said:

    Finished up a Soekris dam1021 build. This is the new rev7 board with a lot of improvements trickling down from the flagship dac2541. HiFi2000 case, FPE panels, JLSounds I2SoverUSB v.III input, LT3045-based power supplies, direct R-2R output intended for my headphone amp, and buffered output for my powered desk speakers.

    My aesthetic stylings and DIY skills haven't advanced even the tiniest bit since 2010, but I like the brutal elegance and minimalist functionality. Most importantly, it sounds really nice.

    R-2R 2.jpg

    R-2R 3.jpg

    R-2R 4.jpg

    As I heard Soekris good DAC but not perfect.

  9. I am wandering when people here assambled T2 and use it with Alps RK50 potentiometer from past age. Some years ago I inverstigated question about volume controls. Looked even on Bridged-T attenuator:


    And as a conclusion: best attenuators are transformer TVCs. Until some music level resistors (even z-foil) is the best. But for Ultra HiEnd is TVC.

    In attachments is mine. FR @1kHz=0db almost flat up to 1MGHz. It is better then Stevens and Billington TX-102 TVC, Music First Audio - Passive Magnetic Preamplifier and so on. Even this not the toppest one, but it is very very pleasent for hears.






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