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  1. 19 hours ago, Blueman2 said:

    Nice work!  Very small amp case, which is pretty neat.  What holds the amp boards in place?  They seem to be just attached by the silicon right now.   

    Thanks! Right now boards holds by transistors only.


    17 hours ago, JoaMat said:

    Nice work indeed. I like the two box approach. 

    The transformers – are they DIY made?

    factory plus cosmetic DIY.

  2. Some quartet tubes wanted to say "Hello! We are here."


    Neotech UP-OCC wires in teflon tubes, power delay board.

    Simply plugged power and tested both boards that they are working. Not heard sound yet.

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  3. Hello all!

    How many mA in transformer prefer to use for GG? Voltage 360 (=> 450V output) and 350 mA is it will be enough? On another forum recommended 500VA transformer for tubes amps.

  4. On 7/30/2017 at 12:56 AM, jose said:

    I like the powerful amps with "flat" sound, like Dynalo/hi or Beta22, so the Carbon is the one that best suits my tastes between the GG/KGST/SRX-P. For this reason, Carbon has become my reference amplifier for Stat.

    Anyway, I'm not being fair because I haven´t found a quad of valves for the GG that sound good to me. Maybe when I try the 6CA7 I will be more comfortable with the GG.

    Excuse the long answer for such a short question :sadcat:


    I have balanced beta22 + moded HiFiman HE-6. Also owned tube push pull stax amp. As for me, tube amp sounds more lovely than beta22.

  5. 11 hours ago, mwl168 said:

    The decorative rings arrived. I fitted them to the chassis mostly to cover the poor drilling job of the holes.

    These rings have 54mm outer diameter and 36mm inner diameter and are about 10mm tall. One thing of caution - they make installing and removing the tubes much more difficult because they get in the way of grabbing the tube base.


    Grounded Grid - with tube rings.JPG

    Nice case, looks compact and reliable.

  6. 5 hours ago, Laowei said:

    Bench racing is for the fucktards on Head-Fi.

    DIY build a GG and pitch in your own opinion here. 

    I will tell you one secret - to leave someone's opinion is not prohibited here. I simply hesitate between the Carbon and GG.

  7. On 01.05.2017 at 0:45 AM, mypasswordis said:

    Anyone ever tried them? If so, what setup worked best and how quiet were they? I've been thinking up logistics of the SRM212 I'm recasing with the new HV power supply. Thinking about using a small 40mm fan since the heatsinks I will be attempting to use (same ones as what I'm attempting to put in the mini Dynalo) aren't that big and I want to crank it to 10mA. I'll be using one per channel so 2 total and each will be dissipating around 11-12W. Guesstimating 4C/W rise on the sinks (no specs stated in the listing) that's around 75-80C on its own :( If it's 5C/W then it's really bad times.


    I use 140mm fan in my HTPC. Size makes matters and it is very low noise. You could choose fan with features: silence, quite or some thing like this. Size more important than firm/model. If worry about noise in power, you could use RC filter or make separate PSU+filter for all fans in your system.

    Small fans more sound noisier. With big ones you could blow out more area hearing less noise and with bigger air flow.

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  8. 7 hours ago, G600 said:

    Received the transformer today.

    Didn't imagine such a big boy. But perfectly built.

    Changing plans for casing, unless it won't fit.

    Despite some mistakes and need of adjustment (make the tubes symmetrical for sure), you get the idea : 


    Enormouse size! Very interesting, what it is dimensions and weight ...

  9. 1 hour ago, joehpj said:

    Those were not EIZZ. Those were indeed from China. Building quality was good enough for the price. No issues like pop or clicking . There weren't much choice for stepped VR that were cased and no clicking. It has more steps in low volume area than DACT. Khozmos clicks. Goldpoint is expensive. I've bought over 10 of these. 

    I thought it was something like this http://www.eizz.cn/S24T-AMRS100K-700.html .

    And the main question: as in fairy story ... someone whisper from the curves ... how GG sounds ... how GG sounds ... :frantic:

  10. Nice looking assembly! All components fits on their places. Only volume control raises the question. It is EIZZ and there is long wires to it through the whole case. Does GG deserved this Chinese volume control ...

  11. Hello all!

    I assembled Power Suplly on board version 450 V. Output shows +457 V , -457 V. Bias equal ~580 V after 30 minutes worked.

    But I worry about temperature regime. Especially about R7,R10,R18,R20 . It consists from two 120K resistors = 120K + 120K = 240K. But the temperature is still hot, about 75 degrees. Is it ok? What temperatures other members has?

    And could somebody say what temperature on 2sa1968, C4686A off board mafia version?


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