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  1. Hello again! I'm wanted to set transformers output in my DAC. Could someone say what value of "Input sensitivity (Vrms)" for this amplifier and for the Carbon?
  2. Thanks! Right now boards holds by transistors only. factory plus cosmetic DIY.
  3. Some quartet tubes wanted to say "Hello! We are here." Neotech UP-OCC wires in teflon tubes, power delay board. Simply plugged power and tested both boards that they are working. Not heard sound yet.
  4. Hello all! How many mA in transformer prefer to use for GG? Voltage 360 (=> 450V output) and 350 mA is it will be enough? On another forum recommended 500VA transformer for tubes amps.
  5. sorenb, good news, so I just add resistors for required voltage. Blueman2, wait some time and C2M1000170D will be sell soon. I also wait a couple week when assemble my BOM.
  6. Hello all! Successfully run one board of GRHV (boards 1.7 version). Wanted to turn it on 450V. Could I use three resistors instead of two R8, R9 ? Is not it criminal? For example 390K + 390K + 100K = 880 = 2x 442 .
  7. Were made 2 years ago. But wanted to post it here. Balanced Beta22. Weight ~ 22kg. More photos on https://cloud.mail.ru/public/HozE/Ap7NVDRwo
  8. Thanks to sorenb and other members who answred my questions, next story begins: More photo on https://cloud.mail.ru/public/JVGf/J2tNmedVm I am ready to assemble both Carbon and GG, and will compare them.
  9. I have balanced beta22 + moded HiFiman HE-6. Also owned tube push pull stax amp. As for me, tube amp sounds more lovely than beta22.
  10. Nice case, looks compact and reliable.
  11. I will tell you one secret - to leave someone's opinion is not prohibited here. I simply hesitate between the Carbon and GG.
  12. It is very strange: topic was created at begin of 2016. And there is no serious impression about this amp yet or compare it with Carbon, Blue Hawaii for example.
  13. Hello! I use 140mm fan in my HTPC. Size makes matters and it is very low noise. You could choose fan with features: silence, quite or some thing like this. Size more important than firm/model. If worry about noise in power, you could use RC filter or make separate PSU+filter for all fans in your system. Small fans more sound noisier. With big ones you could blow out more area hearing less noise and with bigger air flow.
  14. Enormouse size! Very interesting, what it is dimensions and weight ...
  15. I thought it was something like this http://www.eizz.cn/S24T-AMRS100K-700.html . And the main question: as in fairy story ... someone whisper from the curves ... how GG sounds ... how GG sounds ...
  16. Nice looking assembly! All components fits on their places. Only volume control raises the question. It is EIZZ and there is long wires to it through the whole case. Does GG deserved this Chinese volume control ...
  17. Very interesting to compare GG and BH. Seems that sound quality must be close to each other.
  18. My caps arrived to Russia today. Good looking cups. Grate thanks to Soren!
  19. Lets do this GB again, more kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewleftfat+kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewrightfat needed
  20. Unfortunately I was late to GB. Could somebody sell: kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewleftfat kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewrightfat bias ?
  21. Hello all! I assembled Power Suplly on board version 450 V. Output shows +457 V , -457 V. Bias equal ~580 V after 30 minutes worked. But I worry about temperature regime. Especially about R7,R10,R18,R20 . It consists from two 120K resistors = 120K + 120K = 240K. But the temperature is still hot, about 75 degrees. Is it ok? What temperatures other members has? And could somebody say what temperature on 2sa1968, C4686A off board mafia version?
  22. Hello all! Does anybody wanted to join to group buy of latest version of an off-board PCB, on-board PSU?
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