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  1. My boards arrived today as well, in the Netherlands. Thanks again!
  2. I've not received them yet either. I suspect they are stuck in customs. Either that or the local post dropped them off at a pickup point, forgot to tell me about it, and happily shipped them back after a week, which has happened before. Or they've disappeared...
  3. Could you increase my GRHVxxx bare PCB from 6 to 10? Otherwise I'm good. Thanks!
  4. Could I adjust to 6x GRHV, 8x GRLV78xx, 8x GRLV79xx, 3x main board, 1x mini T2? I don't particularly need the GRHVs to be preassembled. If the cost increase is reasonable I wouldn't mind but otherwise I'd prefer to stick with bare boards. Thanks for your work on this!
  5. Hi all, After lurking for a bit I suppose now is a good time for my first post. I'd be in for 6 GRHVxxx, 10 GRLV78xx, 10 GRLV79xx, 3 main boards, and 1 mini T2. Thanks
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