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  1. As I thinking about the show the similarities with Mare of Easttown strucked me a bit late. Can not be a coincidence I do not know which was first. It does not matter both are phenomenal. And both because of the lead actress mostly. ps.: I am not the first who discovered the similarities and Happy Valley was the first I see.
  2. Finished the first season. It was so good as True detective, Fargo or Mare of Easttown(always the first seasons) or better. I always thought tv shows are something like chewing gum most of it are but there are exceptions. So I am watching a few lately.
  3. You are on the wrong forum. You can start here Google QN90A black screen I am not teasing you the info is there but you need to work a lot to find it. There could be a hundred cause. Do not open the box if you have no experience with high voltage it could kill you, only try the other tips! I am answering you because I had to repair a 3d lg TV myself because the service only wanted to do it for almost the full price of the tv. It was a few months to find the info, parts and equipment but I had no choice because you can not buy 3d TV s nowadays. How can we watch the next Avatars?
  4. I think I heard about the need of that or similar transformer before. I got my 4th boost against COVID, I can wait๐Ÿ˜€
  5. So the project continues than? As I remember the powering was the main problem always or not?
  6. Is he a moderator here? I would be very surprised.
  7. I thought so myself before. It seems 1984ish delete a person good or bad from the history. Probably it happened before, my inattention. Got a message "ไธ้”™็š„่€ณๆœบ" that I have not find on the forum.
  8. @HVRV's messages disappeared. Not that are missing but the remnants are strange. Who could do this himself or the moderators?
  9. To the others: Why this is personal to me, this is not my case. Kevin maybe on Headwise spoke about the mini amp first but more than ten years ago I am sure. I am waiting for it from then. The project restarted a few times. When the head-case server died I told somebody here it was because of ministat amp restarted, Ill fate it could not be accomplished. The truth is I do not need it not travelling much hardly can walk. I am accustomed for the waiting and there is no really good portable amp, I am curious. And now this situation. Yes, I do not like thiefs, everything is stolen some want to eat some want a new Tesla.
  10. Transistors, the circuit diagram of the amp that counts would you compare them?
  11. So China is the country, what a surprise...
  12. In any country who thinks opamp is a digital circuit can not steal anybody's design. You could be the merchant. If so, I am going to buy an amp from you too.
  13. A few pieces a few times from eBay I do not remember fakes but I am not sure I checked them all. Usually when I could not get from mouser what I wanted.
  14. I have a few from both with the same color as yours they came from Dalbani I think.
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