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  1. One of my first Fedex shipping came from Viet Nam and went back and forth to China two times and after that to a lots of arabian country I was amazed I thought this was the Fedex way. After that something little from Amb went back and forth on the Los Angeles San Francisco line for a month but that was UPS so this is not exlusively Fedex method. Viet Nam would be the connecton ? Here Fedex is nice they bring my Mouser orders.
  2. a long story They were popped and I always forget to order them.
  3. To the heat issue: I have a "standard" mini from the first group buys. Case, the unfortunate 3 oz board, 402 led resistor, 255 bias resistor, 15 mA bias. I used it with offboard regulators and without the top cover mainly for a time. Now I squeezed in the onboard regs second times a bit better with the same heatsinks but only with open lid. I would not like to reduce the bias so I experimented with @Skooby's resolution(see in this thread) a little. In my version there is almost 10 mm the distance from the transistors's heatsinks to the lid so I made a "heat bridge" from two 5 mm thick aluminium pieces as you see in the picture. The result is more than I hoped. Measuring the temp on the heatsink hotter side: with the top cover 85-86C; without the cover 70C. With the "heat bridge" and the cover 63C. The absolute temperature is depends on the ambient, the music, the headphones a bit but the more than 20C gain is stable. This was a surprise to me, the mod is easy maybe helps somebody. You can secure it with screws, widen it etc.. Maybe later. It is stabil mechanically I am happy with it as is. Thanks for Skooby! The temperatures were measured after cc. 90-120 minutes when they were stable.
  4. I did not see Amb's board but some of the available little tps boards have enable pin. The fix can use them(or the mini GRLVs ? ) too paralell with the onboard regs maybe . You can replace the Amb's and use them for other purpose. Brainstorming for the cost of somebody else I know.
  5. Dear Michael, increase my GRLV78 XX, GRLV79xx numbers to 3 each from 2, please! Thanks!!, no more changes.
  6. Kerry, the GRLV78/79xx can be usable in your dynalo mini ?
  7. I would like bare PCBs too. May I double the ordered numbers except the T2 boards? Thanks!
  8. Preassembly less fun. I have bought a Quick 861DW hot air station and I would like to play with it.😀
  9. Thanks! For the answer and for the much work. You know the the TPS7As were a real challenge with the mini dynalo, Kerry's (and Kevin Gilmore) design. So I thought there were some experiences.
  10. That HN4A51J compared with the TPS7A... regulators seems easy. Maybe I am not right I did not do much similar. Is this the hardest solderable part ? The size is the main problem or stg else?
  11. If it was not too late: 2x GRHVxxx1x GRLV79xx1x GRLV78xx1x Main Board 1x miniT2
  12. Not so absurd. I have two old sr-003s and nowadays I am using them for movies with a carbon. They are not perfect I am thinking about refurbish them. Cleaning, rebias, repair the contacts etc. Any experience ?
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