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  1. Neat! When you say your bias is only able to reach 490, how are you measuring that? You cannot just measure with a normal DMM as it's own impedance will give a false low reading. And where did you get the board made? Looks quite nice.
  2. I did this build about a year ago. I have used Antec for all 4 of my builds so far and have been very happy with them. Antec is very conservative with their VA rating, so I would not worry so much about that. As for the voltage, I think they spec their voltage at 115, but not sure. It will say on their site for each transformer. You then have to look at your normal line voltage. For me, I typically am at 122 to 124 volts AC here in San Francisco area with PGE. So my 300V transformers typically give me 320VAC under load. But YMMV depending on local AC voltages.
  3. I had the same thoughts come up when I ordered mine. I ended up going with smaller (in voltage and in VA) simply because that is what would fit in my case. If space is not an issue, I think your choices are good.
  4. I will also put in a recommendation for Antec. Here is what I used for my Carbon: AN-0215 - 25VA 15V Transformer $11.00 USD AS-2T300 - 200VA 300V Transformer $38.50 USD
  5. @mwl168, I found exactly the same thing. Once I elevated the heaters, the hum was eliminated completely. 12AT7s are at 60V (voltage divider off B+ rail) , and 6SN7s are at -340V (tied directly to B- rail). In all, I did 4 things to make mine totally silent: Used voltage divider to elevation the filament voltages. +60V for 12AT7s and -315V (or in my case, I just tied it to B- so -340V) for the 6SN7s I switched to different set of tubes. The ones I started with just hummed. After switching, much less hum More careful grounding of components Finally, to get
  6. Nice!!! Did you mill the stops yourself or job that out to someone else?
  7. Nice! Congratulations!! I am loving the perspex case. Though for heat dissipation, making the sides of the case heat sinks and using perspex for top, bottom, front, and back would seem better. You must have a CNC to do all of those drill holes so perfectly?
  8. Sounds like a battle between the Mechanical Engineer and the Electrical Engineer inside of all of us.
  9. Look what arrived today! Boards look wonderful. @mwl168, I did get an extra PSU board, I think from the 1.6mm batch? Is that OK? I am sure I can use it!
  10. I recall some threads on people upgrading the trafos on SRD-7s, but not sure how much of a difference it made. But wow, I am amazed to see how much these SRD-7s are going for on eBay these days. I bought 4 of them a couple years ago for $100 each. Now going for 3x that or more.
  11. Great news. Definitely love PCBnet. Top notch organization.
  12. @mwl168, I would not think that would be an issue for the PSU main boards. It would definitely be an issue for the mini-T2s, but it sounds like those came in as 2mm. So speaking for myself, I am fine with the 1.6mm PSU main boards.
  13. Yup. Do you want the GRHV partially assembled? Might be worth it if you have not done a lot of SMD work.
  14. boinger, You will need to specify which boards and how many. Also, if you want bare or partially assembled GRHVxxx boards. That way, there will be no confusion. Good luck!
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