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    engineer (telecom mktg)
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    golf, music, cycling
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    Modded Fostex T50RP, Hifiman HE4XX
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    DynaFET, Gilmore dynamic (headamp v2 PCB), Dynahi, SS Dynalo full size
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    Rotel RCD-855 modified (clocking, discrete output stage) � Rotel RCD-991 THS4031 I/V, AD8599 buffers
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    Classe CP50 preamp, Odyssey Stratos poweramp, Von Schweikert VR4 Gen.II speakers

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Grahame!
  2. One other thing I would add to James' excellent check steps would be to check the SMD resistors to make sure they aren't shorted. I had this happen with a couple of 0805 resistors on a mini dynalo, and could not see anything under magnification (OptiVisor 10X lenses). This might not be an issue with 1206/1210 packages though, or as much of one. Mine were all hand soldered. Using paste and a stencil might make this a non-issue.
  3. Happy belated Birthday Ric!
  4. Happy belated Birthday Ken!
  5. Yeah, that was disturbing. We used to watch him on SYTYCD when he was competing, and he seemed like a really nice guy. Sad.
  6. According to Octopart, Winsource Electronics has 6300. Pricey ([email protected]+), not sure if they're reputable. My guess is no, but only a guess.
  7. Happy Birthday Todd!
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