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  1. Thanks all! I had a decent day and took it easy.
  2. Happy Birthday Ari!
  3. Happy Birthday Shelly! I hope you have a great one!
  4. Yeah, those should work as long as they are the same footprint as the others.
  5. I chose 2 x 680uf 500V and 2 x 470uf 550V Kemets for this. I hadn't looked at the 560uf / 550V and might have chosen a pair of those instead.
  6. That Irish supplier you linked to is a guaranteed fake. And it is pretty doubtful that the input FETs are bad to begin with. JFETs aren't particularly static sensitive. Unless they've been abused in some fashion, I don't think these are the problem. The 2SK389s could be replaced by pairs of Linear Systems LSK170s. I'm not sure if LSK389s are available, but certainly not in the Toshiba 7-pin package type.
  7. Agreed. Current post is completely different from the one I remember (as blessingx points out). Strange.
  8. Hopefully a simple question, but what do you guys recommend for a wood glue for stuff like re-gluing chair spindles, etc.?
  9. When I was repairing Todd's CFA3, I think I did this, and no, the protector didn't trigger. Also I don't recall much noise in the phones from it either. Probably not the best thing to do, and it has been a while since I worked on this.
  10. There are opinions and then there are technical facts. Spritzer used plenty of safe design practices facts (non-earthed chassis panels, improperly spec'd connectors, non-isolated bias close to (non-earthed) panels, etc.). Terming these as "opinions" is disingenuous. The more you argue, the more it appears you have a real hard on for this company, and are acting as a shill.
  11. It seems if I recall correctly that when he reviewed one of Kevin's estat amps (KGSS, Carbon, I forget) that he didn't set the AP analyzer up correctly, and bristled when Kevin called him out on it.
  12. Oh, the SINAD crowd... I'll pass. Let me guess, Topping won?
  13. I'm building a couple of the UGS Muse preamps from the french site homecinema.fr / diyaudio. The only part done on both of the is the processor boards, and yes, it was easy to flash. These do use the 72323 chips (which I haven't bought yet).
  14. Any experience with the Muses volume controller IC in place of clacking relays?
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