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  1. My wife's best friend (and a friend of mine as well), Lori Nelson, passed away Friday. We all went to school in music together. She was a character; droll, snarky and funny, sort of like her favorite comedian, Steven Wright. She will be missed. Fuck cancer.
  2. You can have boards run for quite cheap at places like seeedstudio, etc. Upload the zip of the gerbers, make your selections, etc. and you're good.
  3. The Gerbers for Kevin's attenuator board are still available. I believe Kerry had worked up a controller board with rotary attenuator for that as well, including the software? One control that looks good and has good reviews is the Muses72320. I'm currently (very slowly) building a UGS Muse preamp based on the Pass UGS and using the NJR MUSES72320V-TE2-ND IC. There is a project on diyaudio using these chips and apparently can handle up to an 8 channel control. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/swap-meet/322983-muses-volume.html. The chips seem to be in short supply right now (both Digikey and Mouser carry them, both out of stock).
  4. I don't Kerry, but I used to buy directly from Linear Technology. Now that they have been bought by ADI, I don't see how to do that on their website. I couldn't check to see if they even have availability.
  5. I think your comp. capacitors should be fine, but I don't know for sure. On the THAT340 replacement, no changes required. Just make sure you put them in correctly (N-JFET for NPN and P-JFET for PNP).
  6. https://store.nacsemi.com/Products/Search?part=lsk389
  7. Happy Birthday Wayne!
  8. Happy Birthday Jim!
  9. Yes, very sorry for your losses gents.
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