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  1. Beth and I went to see the Chicago Symphony last night conducted by Neeme Järvi, doing the Mahler 2nd. Excellent performance, much better than when we saw this with MTT conducting back in the mid 2000's, although the mezzo-soprano back then (Lorraine Hunt Lieberman) was stunning doing the 4th movement ("Urlicht"). One of the longest standing ovations I've witnessed (> 5 mins). 90 minutes is a long time to sit (1st world problems).
  2. Thanks all! I took yesterday and today off, and had a quiet day, i.e. didn't do shit.
  3. Happy Birthday Shelly! Hope you have a great one!
  4. When my brothers and I bought a system back in the '70s, the AMT-1s were the runner up in the speaker department, losing out to the Infinity Monitor speakers with the Walsh tweeter. Probably mostly due to bass response. Nothing else that we were able to listen to made the list. Of course that was in Iowa and our resources were limited. Interesting that Nelson Pass worked for ESS, as did his wife.
  5. I'm not in the market for speakers as I am quite content with my Von Schweikerts, even though they are old. I was toying with going to Axpona this year, but didn't. Maybe next year and would try to listen to a horn system such as the Avantgarde's.
  6. I've always been curious, but biased against, the horn speaker systems. I keep thinking honkiness. I'd need to listen to some good ones with some good neutral acoustic material such as classical. I could be all wet. And they don't meet WAF factors whatsoever And yes, Steve, all the PS Audio stuff kinda surprised me. I didn't know they were still around, and never thought their stuff was all that well thought of. One thing I am toying with buying is a pair of Schitt Tyr monoblocks to replace my Odyssey Stratos.
  7. Agreed Mikey, I don't read audio mags much at all anymore. There is a set of speakers (Kii Three or Three+) which piqued my interest, either the monitors themselves or the full combo.
  8. RIP Dickey Betts - Allman Bros. https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/18/entertainment/dickey-betts-death/index.html
  9. Happy Birthday Jeffy! Hope you have a great one!
  10. Any of you notice this? Apparently going to produce it; a version of Pass' beast of a thousand JFETs for electrostatic headphones. I didn't go to Axpona this year, but apparently it was there. https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/axpona-2024-attendees.411344/page-2#post-7655052
  11. That wasn't even a bad necro thread, not like it was 10 years or something.
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