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  1. Yep. Never bought from them, but littlediode is a known fake seller, though IIRC not everything they sell is.
  2. ^ Yes it is. When I first looked at the pics, I thought the pot shaft extender was a pencil...
  3. From the schematic I have, the 500K resistors are from the inputs to ground, so would be in parallel with the volume pot. See if that value changes as you move the pot from 0 volume to full. That said, measuring resistors in circuit will give you sometimes strange results as you don't know the exact interactions with connected components. Also, ohming out resistors for what is suspected to be a leakage problem won't really tell you anything. Can you post detailed pics of the amp boards? Are the resistors lifted off of the board, or installed right on the surface? And what is the origin of this KGSSHV? i.e. who built it?
  4. Some of us do or have used PRP PR9372 resistors in the past. Things I've noticed about them that I don't like include the epoxy or other jacketing used on the resistors is fragile and easily damaged. The 1/4W variants are rated to 300V; 1/2W and above for 500V. I would presume that actual performance meeting this rating would depend on the integrity of the jacketing?
  5. Is VT4C still around? Their website has been down for quite some time. Is the pot itself grounded to the chassis (thru the nose)? Other than that, what Doug said makes good sense.
  6. Anyone used a Grace F9e? Almost snagged one today... seems quite interesting.
  7. You won't need heatsinks while it is unloaded.
  8. No. powering it up without those components won't tell you much if anything.
  9. I presume the front end on these is similar or the same as the SS Dynalo? If so, JFETs sound a lot better than the THAT340 does.
  10. Happy Birthday Brent!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday Rob!
  13. Pars

    Speaker Porn

    The cat, obviously!
  14. Stunning is right! Nice job boyz!!!
  15. Pars

    Amplifier porn

    Gawd, you made my ears cringe with that... I think my '70 Chevelle SS had one in it. Never bought any 8 tracks, but played one in it once. Almost threw it out the window! Man were those things bad.
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