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  1. Very sorry for your loss Fitz. A very beautiful cat! RIP Matilda.
  2. John, those should be fine. Comparing the datasheets, it appears that thermal performance has decreased ( or been reevaluated), but electrically the same. Regarding the Dynalo, yes, they do seem to drift more (and act like the servo isn't working). IIRC, even the full size ones do this.
  3. The Opus wasn't reading about 1/3 of the CDs that I had tried in it, so I replaced the laser in it tonight. Works great!
  4. I assume that the values shown are mV? Also, when you say bias, I assume you mean offset? The first place I would start would be to measure the bias voltage across all of the 20R resistors, noting any variances. I would then do a comparison of the biasing circuits (consult the schematic) and go from there. It can be difficult to spot solder bridges on these, so checking resistance across all resistors (power off) might show you something. I know I had a resistor shorted that looked fine.
  5. Pars

    Speaker Porn

    Yeah, that would work, but unfortunately they seem to have discontinued Fredrik. They do have some others that look suitable, if I can just find them in stock at one of the 2 Chicago Ikea stores. Thanks though!
  6. Pars

    Speaker Porn

    Yeah... don't think so. I'll see if I can find something similar for less (and more obtainable in this area). Thanks!
  7. Pars

    Speaker Porn

    Anyone know where to get a desk like that? Seems like that might be what I need for my work from home abode...
  8. My wife is a big U2 fan. We've seen them live 4 times, the first two in 2001. Boy is one of our favorites from them.
  9. Beth and I also... in person. Turned in our mail-in ballots to do so, against the president's wishes
  10. ^ I didn't find mine to be that hard to work on, though I was pissed when I had to swap the SSD for the HD spots in order to keep it from buzzing (IIRC). But $60 for a 512Gb SSD would be worth it to avoid the fun.
  11. The "one"? The one I posted a link to? Or?
  12. Yeah, I need to think about what exactly I want to do, i.e., where the music will be sourced from, and then how to get it from A to B. I think...
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