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    DynaFET, Gilmore dynamic (headamp v2 PCB), Dynahi, SS Dynalo full size
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    Rotel RCD-855 modified (clocking, discrete output stage) � Rotel RCD-991 THS4031 I/V, AD8599 buffers
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    Classe CP50 preamp, Odyssey Stratos poweramp, Von Schweikert VR4 Gen.II speakers

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  1. Happy Birthday Jim! Have some fun!
  2. There are some 1W 510K 2512 case thick films here:
  3. I use Win10 on my work laptop (was going to go Mac the last update until I discovered that it won't do OLE embedded pdfs in Office files, which is a must have for me. I normally sign out each night instead of shutting down. Once a week, at least, I find that the Explorer doesn't refresh itself, as in create a new folder it doesn't show up nav back, the back to where you were. Now it shows up as "new folder" Rename it. Still shows as "new folder" nav back... Now it appears with the correct name. Irritating, and something I never have on a Mac. Restart and move on. PITA.
  4. For all you metric kids out there: what size of fasteners do you use for an L bracket to heatsink (i.e., dynahi, carbon, etc.)? M4? M5? Thanks!
  5. Happy Birthday! And yes, agreed, this would never happen on postjack's forum...
  6. Are you going to use relays to switch them? If you were just wanting to use a mechanical switch, I believe you will need a 4P to do that. Please correct me if I'm wrong...
  7. punkydawgs is the seller. He has a current listing.
  8. Happy Birthday Todd! I hope you have a great one!
  9. Happy Birthday Antonio! Hope you have a great one!
  10. Yeah, Italian beef. Dude played "Lip" on Shameless. I've been meaning to check it out.
  11. Yeah, I had seen the CanJam Chicago thing in June as well. Didn't go.
  12. RIP Jeffrey C. Young... my younger brother. He was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia back in 2018. He had really gone downhill in the last year. Last Thursday, he fell and hit his head and was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and transferred to Ohio State University Wexner Hospital. Early this week, he developed pneumonia and sepsis, and passed away yesterday. This is a pic of my brother and my sisters, his wife and my niece, taken in late May when they were visiting him. #fuck dementia
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