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  1. Not sure Marc. Kevin was using these on the Dynahi PSUs, but switched to the LT1021 for the GRLV/GRHV PSUs. I think the original Dynalo (such as headamp, etc.) also used REF02s.
  2. Happy Birthday Kevin!
  3. Ahhm, damn, they're these guys: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Cornell-Dubilier-CDE/947D601K901DCRSN?qs=INK05T%2FwFA13oHAmtB1Cnw%3D%3D Crap, those are a bit pricey, but in stock.
  4. Those things aren't film capacitors as he states in his ad are they? Electrolytic would be more like it.
  5. I don't know from a gerber perspective, but could you save the soldermask layer as an image file and invert that using a graphics program?
  6. That looks really nice John. A lot of planning (all the board and device holes, etc.). That doesn't appear to be a Modu case, and looks nice!
  7. Michael, Check out the Rossman group videos on YouTube. He does a review of some hot air stations. He likes the Quick, but I believe he has one from Atten which is cheaper and performs just as well.
  8. Found it (not the cartridge, but what it was). It was an Apature. I'm guessing it was a KOCE. Reading up on them, supposedly Ortofon made them or had something to do with them. I remember liking it though. Sorry to quote my own post, but somehow just ran across the brand of the cartridge today.
  9. They do make another variant of that heatsink (2100G) which is not drilled/tapped, but I don't know if anyone stocks it. You could drill and tap that one for whatever reasonable fastener you wanted to use (4-40 or M3).
  10. If you noticed in the datasheet, these are threaded for a 6/32 Imperial screw, which will not fit thru the insulator that you are using. I think most people use a longer screw with a nut/washer on the back (long enough that it is outside of the fins). Or use a 6/32 nylon screw with no insulator, but I don't know if that is verified to be tight enough or not.
  11. Dukei (Mirko here) uses something similar to that. One of the reasons I ask is there is a difference in volume between modes (ZF is a bit louder), but more disturbingly, there is a slight image shift when switching between modes. I noticed this when using a 1khz test tone. The image shifts a bit to the left when moving to ZF. Per my previous question, the ZF resistor is the 1.9K resistor in the schematic and PCB? I assume so, but just wanted clarification,
  12. Thanks Kevin. The ZF resistor is the one shown as 1.9K in the schematic and on the board (section marked Gain)?
  13. @kevin gilmoreFor a CFP3, in SS mode, the gain is set by the 25K / 1.9K resistors? Or is it the 25K / 5K on the input? What determines gain in ZF mode? Thanks!
  14. This is what I used. PNs missing for some stuff. Gilmore_protect3_mod_BOM_1.xlsx
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