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  1. Been using Note 3 for two weeks. Nice screen and battery life, other than those I feel I should have bought 5s instead.

    Does anyone know how to set default action for Chrome? After downloading a excel file from work or school, I want the file open automatically in Quick office. For now, I have to navigate to the file system and open the file inside download folder manually and that is cumbersome.

    Firefox does that automatically but there are many website won't render correctly.

    Another question, how can I download album artwork?


  2. It's less dark than her first album to me and I also like her first album more, but this one is good too.


    Listening now, in 24/44.1 Hi-Res....so far so good!  Some (many?) similarities to her first, TBD if I like one over the other.


    EDIT: as the tracks go on, realizing there is more of a difference from the first.....will need more listens, but I'm thinking the first album "grabbed" me more.



  3. Cankin, are you talking about having the kids have their own phone and limiting, or are you talking about handing them your phone to use say, in the car or at the doctor's office? I am talking about the latter, handing your personal phone off to someone while blocking access yo your entire digital world.

    If there is a way to do that now, I'm not aware. Your option seems to be more of setting up a phone for a kid for their use, and setting restrictions and locking that with a pass code, perhaps.


    You can turn on restriction only when you let your kids use your personal phone, it takes no more step than logging off and switch to guest account.

    If Apple's Touch ID can log in to different account base on finger prints, that would be more convenient.

  4. I hope their next models are 5 inches or more, JUST to piss off Dan.

    As far as yesterday's announcement, I think high end phones of the past year or so are finally getting to where it isn't as big of a deal to upgrade due to specs/speed/etc. I still despise the size of the screen of the iPhone 5(x), but it does look great, and I love the build quality, but like Justin said, most of the mobile use these days (for most people) isn't making calls, it's messaging, internet, facebook, facetime, camera, twitter, instagram, etc.

    With iOS7, however, a big frustration of mine with the iPhone has been address (time stamps on messages), and it just took 6 years. The fingerprint scanner thing, though, is REALLY nice, in my opinion, depending on what they do with it. Like Dinny, I hate putting in a passcode (or in my case, a complicated swiped pattern) all the time, but there's no way I'm going to leave my phone unlocked. Ever. Now, think about this: you're a parent and you want to let your kid play on the phone, but don't want them to have access to email, texts, sms, facebook, credit cards, ebay, paypal, d-_-b, etc. Now, set them up with their own fingerprint and you have a subset of things allowed. Their own ID for games, own browser, own FB account, etc. Similar for the spouse... and then you could have a "Guest" account, which could be locked out a little more. Internet (guest account with no history), phone access, and maybe a little more. This is totally doable, and if they do it, it could be a very nice feature.

    Oh, and the camera looks great. I actually know someone thinking about going to the crazy Nokia/Lumia with the 41mp camera, but I want to get his thoughts about this cam instead (to spare him from WP).

    As someone who doesn't like the iPhone, this one actually interested me more than previous ones on the hardware front, even though there are only a couple things that really jumped out at me.


    I haven't seen report on "Guest" account in iOS 7 but if one wants to limit access of certain features by kids, just go to Setting -> General -> Restriction and select feature to disable.

    It is already in iOS 6, not sure about 5. On the other hand, "Guest" account should let one to further tailor features for particular user.

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