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  1. Except my 50mm 1.8G and 35mm 1.8G DX all my other lenses are third party but I'm using D7000 so I can't say for sure for D800.


    I had Tamron, have Tokina and Sigma. The downside I've noticed with Sigma is that both zoom ring and focus ring turn to the "wrong" size.


    10-22mm is a Canon right? If you want a ultrawide zoom for FX with about the same size, Tokina 17-35 FX is a good lens but it's heavy because it has metal barrel.

  2. I've been thinking about upgrading to the D600 lately, even though I'll have to buy new glass. I have been endlessly pondering something like a 17-55 anyway, as that would cover most of what I shoot. However, there is a s/h D800 going for <$2k. Should I go for it?


    <$2K is a good price, most second hand D800 I've seen are ~$2200.


    As for lens, did you look at Tamron 24-70mm VC?

  3. I've owned 7D, D7000, NEX 7, E-PL5 and others. I honestly am indifferent to their menus, and don't think one is superior than others. No one should spend more than a few days to master them. 


    I mean, how many apps are on our phones? they all have different interface. We are so getting use to new interface these days.

  4. S95 or other P&S with small sensor cameras have great depth of field so most things are already in focus. While NEX or other APS-C or FF have thinner depth of field.


    NEX or other mirrorless have better AF in video mode compare to DSLR. In fact, photographers I know that use DSLR for video use manual focusing only.

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