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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble audiojunkie but "this won't be good". I'm not a big fan of internet drama. Not a fan of drama in the real world actually.. that's especially true for this silly situation. I'm afraid to unfortunately tell you that I said my peace and am done posting here now. I'll let you guys do your circle thing where you high five and say things behind a keyboard that you wouldn't say in real life. I wish I could provide some more content for your entertainment but it would be at the cost of my time which I think is at least more valuable than an e-argument on a small forum in a s
  2. Not sure if I should feel flattered or not care at all. Publicity really can be a good thing, even if it is a bunch of audio hobbyist patting each other on the back as they write insults to a guy having fun and writing reviews as a hobby. The things said in this thread would mean a lot more if actually mentioned to me in person. Be sure I'd welcome any conversation at any meet. Passionate topics usually do better without a computer screen to hide behind. Either way, I appreciate the concern and deep down maybe you guys just care about the hobby (for some of you profession) of audio which is re
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