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  1. Hehe, good point, and great post!
  2. Hehe, hmmmmm.. I might me a bowls man myself, but i like the way flats goes, as i have no problem of having flats on head for several hours. Maybe the clamping force of the HP-2's broke my ear-bones inn and made them numb, hehe
  3. Ohh! ok, thanks for taking the right twist on that! Finn W...
  4. mhm, i think they were at the beginning of when they numbered them. so i think there are no other difference between my semivintage and the new ones in shops today (and then i dont mean the newstyle non button ones..)
  5. Hmm? as i have seen, vintage's where toned and balanced for the flats, as when the new rs1 was sold and designed whit bowls for a reason i don't really know.
  6. They are still in usa, as they will be shipped one of these days. I have tried my "semi-vintage" rs-1's on flats, and i liked it, but as these were sold and designed whit bowls, then they will stay that way. As for the vintage rs-1 are absolutely going whit flats
  7. Hmm, well, i wont say! And I think they are worth $1500+
  8. It seems like sales on vintage rs-1's is popping up more now than before, wonder why...... Well i was lucky enough to get hold of one myself few days ago after month's of search Gold R and L Black mesh Brown headband Steel rod cups Rare front on center badge Original buyers recite The Grado Warranty paper White Grado outer box Flats Bought the in the same week it were in the stores i was told.. And for those who wonder what the different in looks are, here are 2 pics for illustration.. My semi-vintage RS-1 whit black headband, no numbered, plastic rod caps
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