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  1. By all accounts it appears mofi is the actual one manufacturing with outside consultation. In Michigan I believe.
  2. mobile fidelity turntables and phono stages!
  3. What are you guys using for phono stages? I've got the built in Pluto on my uturn but am looking at upgrading the TT on the new technics 1200gr so starting to research. The schiit mani appears to be a very solid performer regardless of the fact it's schiit lol.
  4. Damn it thanks for reminding me that Kevin is mad delaying the vinyl AAA remaster
  5. IKEA bamboo butcher block isolation platform!
  6. lol I've got all these random things my wife and I have been jotting down to do and lo and behold we didn't even start looking at breweries lol. Thanks bud.
  7. School year ends this Friday, and my wife and I are out of here and headed to Portland OR for a week! (kids will be with grandparents, yes!). Will gladly take any recs for places to visit. My wife and I are pretty normal and basically we want to drink, eat, listen to music, and do the nature thing.
  8. analogue productions vinyl 45
  9. Beatles Sgt Pepper 2014 mono Holy shit did they do a good job on this reissue. Truly is like listening to this for the first time.
  10. this is by far the best of Bill Evans I have ever heard...if you can find this at a decent price don't pause and just grab it!
  11. Easybeats - Vigil Random Record Store Day leftover pickup. Really cool sound, very dancy, song-oriented funky psychedlic.
  12. Thanks guys! also to doug, the lady in that video I've met her as she is a local music teacher and I've seen her do and lead a uke conference at our Illinois music teachers conference. Unfortunately she is pretty terrible and represents a part of uke education I'm very much in opposition to, but thank you for the thought and sentiment
  13. record store day! Clear vinyl, the sound quality is remarkable (Kevin Gray all analog chain mastering)
  14. Yay! Thank you! Good to hear you will be able to make it out this weekend, it's been awhile since I've hung out so I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone.