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  1. recstar24

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    Happy liquor day!
  2. recstar24

    Fuck in snow

    Where's the grill cover?
  3. recstar24

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Yeah man - never knew you were into MBV. I’ve got the newish AAA cut and mastered isn’t anything and loveless done directly by Kevin Shields, you would appreciate them
  4. recstar24

    ecp audio

    Probably not
  5. recstar24

    ecp audio

    Maybe this is a good time to repurpose the T3 design into a phono stage #wishfulthinking
  6. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    You’re right! Wow, never knew how popular the chair was truly. It really is very elegant looking and super comfy.
  7. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    I went with IKEA 🤦‍♂️ it was cheap enoughand actually passed the WAF! Very comfy, and very non-ikea looking. Has a slight rock to it too which I like.
  8. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    Good ole ikea!
  9. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    Nope, back as of now is good. But you make a great point, I should try it out first for sure.
  10. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    https://www.bludot.com/wicket-lounge-chair.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1bWY_fbj3AIV1bjACh3LkgHXEAQYASABEgJAp_D_BwE looks comfy! Reasonably priced too. They have a store in Lincoln Park so may need to try and visit.
  11. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    My budget is probably closer to the fake eames lol
  12. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    That’s a nice looking and comfy chair man, sweet. Never really gave the z chair style a second look but that crate and barrel one has my interest piqued.
  13. recstar24

    Listening Chairs

    Hi! id love for anyone to share pics and recs of some quality listening chairs. I’ve been using an old wood rocker which actually isnt too bad, but it’s a bit of a family heirloom piece and I should get my ass out of it. As I’ve been looking, the search has been harder than I thought - I’m looking for an armchair but most I’ve found are so bulky they would just dominate the room. Many nice chairs seem to be made for dining table sets or kitchen tables which look odd. I would say I like the mid century style the most but know those can get pricey. Something classy but not bulky, definitely wanting something on the sleeker side but hopefully still comfy. My listening room isn’t huge (maybe 20 deer across the long way), and it shares with the fireplace, two couches on adjacent walls, as well as the TV, space is somewhat at a premium.
  14. recstar24

    Happy Birthday Spritzer

    Happy belate biggie! Hope 36 is starting off great
  15. recstar24

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Gilliab Welch Harrow and the Harvest on vinyl. Not really into the whole folk/minimal thing but got this on recommendation and it’s fantastic. Sound quality is exquisite - Gillian essentially started up her on label specifically to cut and master the lacquer directly from the analog tape to her specifications, it’s incredible.