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  1. recstar24

    ecp audio

    Cough recstar24 custom phono stage first cough
  2. recstar24

    HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2 Headphone Amp

    I wouldn’t bother. The PSRR of the circuit itself is so high that I just don’t think it’s needed. You’d be better off using that money towards vinyl
  3. recstar24

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    VMP release - Nat Turner Rebellion LP comes with a cool 7”!
  4. recstar24

    Happy Birthday Doug!

    Happy birthday doug!
  5. recstar24

    What are you reading now?

    Jazz bios!
  6. recstar24

    What are you EATING right now?

    Reuben burger. Burger Antics.
  7. recstar24

    Axpona Chicago 2019 April 12-14

    Sweet! Chris, how does Friday look? Saturday works too. And yes Bryan we will meet for kumas.
  8. recstar24

    Axpona Chicago 2019 April 12-14

    Anyone interested, local or out of town, or anyone already planning on going? Just saw tickets pop up for half price, I am possibly looking at that Friday to go.
  9. recstar24

    ecp audio

    Nothing is happening until my custom ECP phono stage is completed 😁
  10. recstar24

    Happy Birthday Jeff (VPI)!

    🎂 have a great one!
  11. recstar24


    They literally sold out all their stealths within the past 24 hours
  12. recstar24


    I finally found a leather strap that didn’t look like a piece cheap of plastic lol. From a place in the city called Ashland leather, the guys that run it also work for the Horween tannery.
  13. recstar24


    Ugh those stealths are insanely priced.
  14. recstar24

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    We have record breaking cold today! It's like a high of -20 lol - they cancelled my school and kids school today and TOMORROW preemptively with an announcement Tuesday afternoon - the last time we had cold like this was 5 years ago and not even then did they cancel two days of school ahead of time. Woke up today with the furnace working but blowing no heat had to restart pilot light, turn off and restart furnace, but was getting an error code that the intake/outtake pipes outside may be clogged. Fuck - bundled up and told the kids if I don;t get back inside within 10 minutes to send for help. intake into the furnace from outside was clogged with snow, so unclogged it and we are back in action. House has warmed up to 58 from the 50 it was this morning lol. Have the fireplace going and starting up the oven for lunch.