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  1. The edge painting pad works perfectly, it literally tracks along the grooves smoothly and the brush itself caused zero marks and really pulled junk out of the groove well. Ill check out the spin clean cloths too, as the drying would probably be a little more efficient.
  2. That is a fantastic cover!
  3. Finally got around to cleaning some used vinyl. I ended up going with DIY route, and picked up some chemical nonionic surfactant that was recommended on the library of congress page to make a little home brew solution that ended up working really well. Got a $3 painting edge pad from Home Depot for a wet brush, worked perfectly! Rinsed off in sink using normal faucet water, then did a little bath in distilled water set in a basin, dried off with some microfiber towels, and voila! Nice and quiet and clean on some of grandmas old records and my used vinyl digs. Cleaned about 20 records for about $5 at most of materials.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but isn't this a good scenario where an opamp actually performs well? At minimum it's a more cost effective option.
  5. Same. While I love my 55" gt50 I always think back, "damn, should have got the 65"" and upgraded to the vt50
  6. Arg, why does reading head-case now lead to spending more money...that freaking TV looks awesome. Though I still love my Panny GT50, plasma still rocks.
  7. You'll be happy to hear that I visited two of the places on that list today
  8. Will definitely check out elusive disc. I just received my first brand new vinyl order today from soundstage direct, Beatles rubber soul and a pet sounds Kevin gray mono mastering. I've also got Radiohead kid a, moon shaped pool, and Coldplay rush of blood to the head (for the wife, yup) coming soon, and just ordered Chet baker sings,wilco YHFT, and Jeff Buckley grace Kevin gray mastering last night, all from soundstage. Their shipping is total overkill and they offered the option to avoid cover seam splits by opening the album and shipping the record outside its album cover. And something about the way their website is formatted makes it really easy to spend money...
  9. Anti static mat (cork rubber) with anti static brush not enough? Honest question, no snark implied.
  10. It's been a week and have to say I'm really digging this vinyl thing. Have ordered a good chunk of new vinyl mixed in with some nice used bargain finds, like the bill Evans above. Tried to keep my uturn somewhat minimal, went with ortofon om5e and internal preamp, hooked to my emotiva dc1 and powering stealth 6's (no cue lever! Haha). Really happy with the sound, the cart tracks really well, and have gotten some pretty clean vinyl so far I guess next question are accessories...looking at the spin clean manual record washer, but I don't think I have enough records to really warrant a cleaning system yet. Just picked up an audio quest brush and got a cork/rubber mat coming from turntable lab tomorrow. Using the magic eraser trick for stylus cleaning, thing freaking works. Will probably just focus on getting more vinyl lol.
  11. Today I was in the area of our old house, when Lo and behold a used record store just opened down the block. Really nice guys that were easy to talk to and super helpful. Found a great looking bill Evans 180g for $5, and picked up cat Stevens tea for the tillerman for $3, copy looked untouched. Asked for phoebe snow, one of the guys didn't think we had any, but one of the workers overheard me and pulled out her 2nd album while he was sorting some records, $2. Finally found a copy of Beatles love songs but appeared to have a pressing issue on final track. Asked guys to play it on system and it skips, ask nicely if they can give me a discount and $6 later its mine. So yes this was a lot of fun and the records are super clean and quiet and just great music.
  12. Anyone familiar with this, or cleaners that are similar?
  13. Damn you guys feeding my vinyl habit
  14. And so it begins...from my wife's grandma's attic, RIP
  15. True a decent record brush should do the trick, no? Bookmarked! All those places look and sound great, I've been to Reckless before but that was a while ago. And yes Garcias.