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  1. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Dusty, im definitely going with the top plate cut to shape, but am also thinking going with the bottom plate in the same shape just slightly larger, about an inch more on all sides. Does that seem like something that would actually look good? below is the genera idea This is the general shape of the stealths, with the top plate flush no overhang and the bottom plate extending an inch out from the top plate specs (picture is from a different site not the builder)
  2. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Thanks Dusty!
  3. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Dusty, When my wife's grandmother passed away a year and a half ago, the family visited her house/farm afterwards and my father in law invited us to take a memento or two as they were going to sell the estate. My kids grabbed an original box of lincoln logs, but this past weekend they finally opened them up and have been playing with them non-stop. Such a cool toy, they don't build them like that anymore. EDIT: the forum did a very weird auto-merge of posts which made it sound like someone that can't have a coherent focused conversation, so I'm inserting this edit to let everyone know I am a normal human being. The etsy guy I linked to seems really cool, knowledgeable, very fairly priced for quality work, and communicates promptly and very well with all of my questions. The Stealth's have a trapezoidal shape to them, in that the front width is slightly shorter than the back width, the whole non-parallel thing going on. The builder is happy to and recommended cutting the top plate to match the speaker exactly, which I think would look cool, but that means for toe-in, you have to angle the whole stand, so visually it seems kind of askew with the TV furniture that is next to it. Do I go ahead and do that, or do I just have him make the top plate a normal rectangle shape slightly larger than the speaker dimensions to toe in the speaker while keeping the speaker stands set up straight on and in-line with the rest of the furniture?
  4. Wood Speaker Stands?

    Thanks Steve - the sanus I've looked at but don't think the top plate is big enough for the stealths. The Art Deco is probably a little too po-mo for the wife. What do you think of the two options below I found? http://www.gwizpro.com/stands/ https://www.etsy.com/listing/214838751/custom-speaker-stands?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=wood speaker stand&ref=sr_gallery_1 the other option is to bite on some Skylan stands
  5. Wood Speaker Stands?

    The wife and I have been in the process of re-doing our family room, which includes getting rid of these DJ/Club looking speaker stands (lol). If anyone has used or come across some nice wood speaker stands that I could use for my emotiva stealths, let me know! Thanks.
  6. The analog thread.

    It's not a "true" original 6 eye but the most recent mono remaster of KOB.
  7. The analog thread.

    Technics 1200GR. Oh my lawdy...
  8. Speaker Porn

    And I thought my stealths were big for monitors. 12" woofers, woof
  9. The analog thread.

    So basically he's perfect for the job of archiving
  10. The analog thread.

    That's the Billie to have me thinks!
  11. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Their whole dancey pop new wave thing is not what i expected...
  12. Speaker Porn

    Is that an iPod connect in her hoo-hah?
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    En route into the city to have some dinner with Bryan and Jeff. I brought the mini van so you know shit gonna get turnt up.
  14. Have you ever put butter on a pop tart?

    This is some weird innuendo shit...