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  1. Spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
  2. I’ll gladly try a sample pair! Thanks Justin
  3. God I hate installing carts Managed not to blow anything up, as the pass ono requires opening the top to access the MC settings and add a jumper for setting gain 🤦‍♂️ at least the cart was pretty easy to install due to threaded mounting holes and the cart pins actually lining up directly with the headshell pins. gratuitous doggie pics!
  4. Not necessarily reading, but some good stuff in there
  5. Music Matters Jazz Reissues, final SRX drops were today!
  6. We adopted a dog! Her name is Olive 🥰
  7. The ATC room has always been the highlight for me at the past few axponas. I’m a fan of the actives only because you get to rid of a box. Some of the “cheaper” ones don’t have the same kind of bass extension, so I’d recommend getting the most expensive ones you can afford 😭
  8. Bryan is correct - mineral oil is what’s recommended, at least for the wooden cupped headphones. EDIT: the stuff is pretty viscous and goopy, start with a small amount on say a q tip and just work it through slowly.
  9. Happy birthday Chris! Hopefully you’ll have some time away from the soldering gun to enjoy this weather!
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