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  1. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    After looking online at all sorts of random devices/gadgets, from Jensen isolating transformers ($200) to $80 power plug hum eliminators (little devices that plug at the outlet that have diodes in between the wall and plug grounds), I figured it prudent to see if just plugging the turntable through an extension into the zerosurge that has the whole rest of the system plugged into it would eliminate the ground loop. Yup it did! lol. I used a generic power strip to check so I just ordered a standard extension cord (14awg 15a, matched the supplied power cord with the technics) for a few bucks. I'm sure I can probably just order a longer power cord to replace the whole darn thing as well. I guess sometimes it's the simplest solution that is the most ideal.
  2. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    Not conclusive. Hum still present, but it appears it's lower in level? That could be my brain doing tricks on me, as I also noticed the hum level appears to change in the previous orientation (sometimes louder, sometimes softer). I can also confirm that it's 60 hz hum - I have a strobosoft tuner and just put right next to the speaker woofer; and it shows up as the pitch B 60 hz.
  3. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    Do you mean plug in the 2 prong phono cord in the other direction with the 3 prong turntable power cord and see if it changes?
  4. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    Have a question regarding ground loop hum. Was able to pinpoint it to my turntable, 3 prong power cord on same duplex as my phono stage which is 2 prong. The turntable and phono is on a completely different section/wall of the room and unfortunately cannot route them to the rest of the rig plugged into my zerosurge. Easiest and cheapest thing to do would use a cheater plug, but would it be safe to assume that lifting the ground isn't necessarily the safest thing to do? They sell humbuster devices which appear to be small isolation transformers but are expensive. Open to ideas!
  5. Axpona 2018 Chicago April 13-15

    Au cheval burger but a Normal wait? Sign me up man...
  6. Axpona 2018 Chicago April 13-15

    I'm happy to chauffeur if needed. Honda Odyssey soccer mom van ftw (ask Jeff and Bryan)
  7. Axpona 2018 Chicago April 13-15

    Just throwing out there that I plan on being there on Saturday April 14 and would love to hang with anyone. Looking forward to spending way too much money in the new “record shop” as my two primary online vinyl places - acoustic sounds and elusive disc - will be there. I’ll plan on stopping by those manufacturers of gear I own just to say hi and chew the fat a little bit (emotiva, wyred4sound), and even though I don’t have a uturn table anymore, I’d love to just say hi to uturn audio. And justin! Go headamp. Let me know if you plan on coming, maybe I can help organize a dinner for us and the out of towners.
  8. The analog thread.

    What kind of weight/puck is that?
  9. Happy Birthday Absorbine_Sr.!

    Happy birthday Mike! Hope you are doing well and it was great to see you recently!
  10. Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back flagship

    ECP headphone power amp - now that's the sex
  11. Happy Birthday jvlgato!

    Happy belated John! Glad to hear it was a good one, hope to see you soon!
  12. Amp for very specific listening needs...

    The pico slim I believe is a very high quality buffer with excellent channel balance made specifically for iems, correct?
  13. Wyred4sound mPre preamp/DAC

    DAC not important, current my DAC usage is comcast cable box and oppo output for movies and TV. Really just need a decent preamp but balanced output with a legitimate single ended to balance conversion for the TT.
  14. Wyred4sound mPre preamp/DAC

    https://wyred4sound.com/products/pre-amps/mpre would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this. For the price it looks too good to be true. I've been eyeing on an upgrade on my emotiva dc1 for a while, more so as a preamp vs DAC (so far my DAC usage has been cable tv from the oppo and Apple TV optical for tv/movie purposes). Fully discrete dual differential balanced both on the input and output side, but the kicker for me is that it will take the rca in and perform the balanced output "correctly" to feed my stealth monitors. Below is from the designer commenting in a 6moons review. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred8/3.html