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  1. Whoa can’t believe that thread above how not only old it is but how much a vinyl newb I was
  2. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!
  3. Hbd Doug e fresh!
  4. nice surprise! Picked up at the Harvard Book store while visiting
  5. Best wishes Tom! I hope you are doing OK and definitely a birthday to remember
  6. Black Friday record store day pickup! Not the biggest captain beefheart fan but this is a cool title and pressing
  7. Very reasonable! At these record shows, sometimes you get a nice guy that’s more interested in selling off stuff so they have the space and don’t need to bother bringing stuff home lol. I lucked out - essentially half of “market value” (Discogs)
  8. Wilco fans, got a grail this morning at a local record show
  9. recstar24


    Brian Wilson maybe?
  10. Even outside of SQ, the tidal interface is soooo much better
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