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  1. Thanks guys! also to doug, the lady in that video I've met her as she is a local music teacher and I've seen her do and lead a uke conference at our Illinois music teachers conference. Unfortunately she is pretty terrible and represents a part of uke education I'm very much in opposition to, but thank you for the thought and sentiment
  2. record store day! Clear vinyl, the sound quality is remarkable (Kevin Gray all analog chain mastering)
  3. Yay! Thank you! Good to hear you will be able to make it out this weekend, it's been awhile since I've hung out so I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone.
  4. Sweet! Seriously I'm happy to pick up.
  5. Me! I'll grab em, would make nice classroom instruments.
  6. Rhino 45th anniversary reissue, great sounding pressing
  7. Ok Computer capitol vinyl pressing apparently its been 20 years! Pitchfork released a limited edition zine with custom artwork and some reflections and they were passing them out at a record store I stopped by in the city.
  8. You could make a case that even though the content data is the same, how the provider presents that data can have an influence on quality.
  9. Practically speaking I truly found very little difference between the two in real actual watching so I'm fine chalking up the issues I'm noticing purely to just a crappy feed. Regardless, treat this as motivation to get serious about cutting the cord.
  10. Yeah I've been really happy with my Netflix content quality wise. Today I really started noticing a choppiness in my Comcast and some weird grainieness. Thinking maybe we can survive across Netflix, amazon prime, and maybe pick up Hulu to round out and we'd still save a good chunk from Comcast.
  11. Love that I'm just noticing this today lol. Seriously need to consider cutting the cord, what are some of the more popular options out there? The kids for sure can survive purely on Netflix, and the wife and I just need enough TV for a few shows and major sports.
  12. Arcade fire - funeral (vinyl)
  13. Want.
  14. How do I actually get the $10 off? When I click on join the club, it still quotes me at the original price and it doesn't show me a place to enter some kind of discount code.
  15. So Jim it's not as horrific as the early reviews are saying?