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  1. Anyone out there into ripping their vinyl digitally? I’d like to start archiving some of my collection, and figured it would be cool to have it all on a hard drive that could be streamed to the basement rig that has a squeezebox and dac setup. my phone stage has both an xlr and rca output that run concurrently, the xlr is the main output used but figured I could connect it to something that does the analog to digital conversion and send that usb out or save it to a hard drive. Would be curious what kind of devices for those of you that do rip your vinyl are using for that p
  2. when the flaming lips were actually good sounds killer on headphones.
  3. Thanks for the heads up regarding Lyra, I’ll keep that in mind (feel free to forward that dealer list to me). I’ve clocked about 250 hours currently on mine so I’ve still got a way to go.
  4. Nice little TT/record rack! Care to share where it’s from?
  5. Tried to capture Lee Morgan’s swagger. Was not successful.
  6. Ouch! I had a good visit with stereo unlimited when the fam was in San Diego a couple years back. Was able to snag some quality vinyl, sorry your TT purchase was ok. While by all accounts my technics should run maintenance free for quite a while, I’m not looking forward to the day that eventually my Lyra Delos will have to be looked at as well!
  7. Nice little turntable platform
  8. Yas. newvelle volume 1 jazz comp
  9. Damn and I thought my Pangea rack was enough. I need to step up my wooden base turntable game.
  10. Holy smokes it appears as if we are actually talking about gear and doing sound comparisons and showing off our vinyl rigs. I like this version of 2010
  11. Fancy! I have the settle for the green reissue from RSD. Jealous! From newvelle records - Andy Zimmerman “half light”, beautiful thing I can’t quite describe, essentially a jazz/classics thing but really defies genre.
  12. You said budget LOL. This is headcase and Jim doesn’t follow budgets. Yup. I mean you’ve already got a killer setup id imagine on the digital side, so I’m assuming the TT is really secondary listening as well as to get your son hooked onto something.
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