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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    i was listening couple of months ago to QA Transdyn at thinkers place with SR-009 and SR-007MK1,it was overall excellent sound ,some sort of meaty/warm detailed presentation with lots of power.Other people who heard it liked it quite a bit.I have been at he's place many times and heard lots of different stat amps and this is one of the best .Phenomenon phones are already in third generation and are coming in next month from Russia ,i will report something about them.
  2. Phenomenon Libratum

    I had a listen to Libratum for two days in my home,the sound is very flat,it's like a electrostatic version of HD-800. Huge improvement achieved when changing original pads to SR-009 pads much more open and even more balanced.Charge time at least 20-30 min to sound best.The sound is closer to original Omega than 007.It isn't as liquid as 007 but has more control overall,the Libratum has a monitor like presentation.