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    Sorry about that please forgive me.
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    I have already sent the headphones to Birgir's recommendation. However I had contacted the above link with an enquiry, they replied after the event. I replied back informing them that I had made other arrangements. They then replied pretty much second guessing where I had sent the STAX and saying that they expected me to be in touch. Naturally I was curious given this unusual response. Hence my question. Given that I am new to the STAX repair options available and like to make informed choices I don't see anything wrong with garnering opinion. Given the other reply to this question it would appear that going with this website does not equate to a single reply resulting in an absolute.
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    Has anyone had experience of the following https://www.fixmyheadphones.co.uk/ thanks
  4. Hello I am new to this forum and require a repair on my STAX Omegas. The right channel has begun cutting out when I move my head. It is intermittent. It is not amp related as I have tried them with more than one amp. Can anyone recommend someone based in the UK who could do a repair. Many thanks.
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