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  1. Thanks very much Jim - just to confirm I need to change the resistor that is the higher up in the photo and which connects to the red wire that connects to the headphone socket? Sorry for the newbie questions.
  2. Spritzer and John thanks so much for this. I am not at all familiar with working on amps - could someone explain which part in the photo I would need to replace and what exact part I would need to buy. My email is [email protected] if we want to avoid using up threads here.
  3. Thanks - so you think there is low risk of damage using my Stax or should I get rid of the amp?
  4. Thanks spritzer - let me know if this works or if you need another angle: https://imgur.com/gallery/UbcRU I bought the amp in February 2012.
  5. Here is the link to imgur https://imgur.com/a/YSksw
  6. Will do but will have to do that when I am at home later as my office system does not allow access to these types of sites.
  7. Here you go - let me know if you need a close up. James I had to compress - if you have an email I can send you a much higher res photo.
  8. Thank you so much. So I will flip it over (tubes removed) and remove that bottom panel. I can remove the top covers as well if need be. Thanks so much again. James
  9. Hi All, new member here. Reviving an old thread. If I post a photo on this thread, would someone be able to check and see if they can confirm if my GES is safe to use with the Stax 009s. If yes, which part of the amp casing do I need to remove? Many thanks in advance James
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