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  1. Dude, I haven't sunken to your level of retarded language and generally neanderthal behaviour. I said I wouldn't join the bully club. I have no fucking interest in it. I saw it at school, in night clubs with piss heads, I avoid violence and walk away from moronic behaviour. You obviously can't take any examination in your direction. If you remember you slung a public post at me saying the 'fucktard uses tubes to make his 009s sound good' No reason for that attack (with no logic). I PM'd you politely explaining to you that tubes in a decently designed DAC are not designed in as tone contr
  2. If you recall correctly I was telling you that a Tubed DAC does not necessarily mean treble loss or a tone control fix for the 009 as you were claiming it was. As you may know the Meridian Director DAC is recognised as a 'bright DAC' and in combo with your 717 amp which I used to own, will give a tipped up treble balance. Possibly why you prefer the 007s?
  3. I don't join the bullshit club either. You however seem to be putting yourself up for top technical bod, the one who decides who is a looser, who knows how much about equipment, indeed who gets the personal attacks and assignations. It is termed 'cyber bullying' I believe if it is taken out of context of the subject (hifi discussions). As I said, I put emphasis on comparison by contrast. I use my ears. Many here know the technicalities of good design as well, that is why I like to read here. I don't say I have such knowledge, but I know what I hear, and Kevin's KGSShv and Carbon designs a
  4. Wow, a lot of time to write that. Impressed. Hmm, I post about stuff I have either owned, or heard. I don't say anything is garbage unless I hear it first. I understand there are others more knowledgable in technical matters who can do that. Respect. But I post as an audiophile who likes decent sounding gear. Simple. I don't join in the bully club. Now if you enjoy that sort of thing, maybe you need help.
  5. You heard the Lampizator Golden Gate? Thought not. Come on this forum is supposed to avoid the review without hearing thing that HF gets accused of 100% of the time. I see folk over there who comment on gear they actually own, same on here. But I ignore ones that say stuff and haven't heard it. Ok MSB amp is a freak as the price is insane, so up for flack.
  6. Hi Kevin I don't know all the technicalities. But looking at a good tubed pre-amplifier design, a tube regulated power supply and tube line stage can sound very good I found. Some very nice pre-amps with this topology. I may be wrong, but I am thinking a DAC is basically a pre-amp with a digital board (hugely simplified analogy). Lampizator use tubed regulated PS and output for example. The Golden Gate sounds very good. I am not saying tubed DACs are better, only can sound great as does solid state.
  7. What are you basing this opinion on? On a top amp and good DAC the 009 is SO good it is untrue IMO.
  8. Oh my, tubes sound so bad they are used in the T2 and BHSE. Not accurate at all then?
  9. Respect for posting. It sounds plausible to me, but I don't know the technicals so over to others for that. Anyway, least MSB are supplying more details.
  10. Was that Tyll? If it was I agree. Sorry, it wasn't Tyll apologies.
  11. Interesting. I heard about the KGSShv on here. I then heard it in real life then bought 2. Then I heard about the carbon version one here too. Then bought one. So I do value the knowledge from you guys. And I agree 100% any unbiased and knowledgable insight on this MSB amp design is going to come from this forum for sure. Maybe 'reviews' from others who get to hear it might be somewhere else. How useful they are is up for debate for sure.
  12. Err no, saying if the guy owns the Abyss and Utopia and just bought the 009s with his hard earned he 'may' or should be able to form an opinion he can share, that is what folk do on forums. If I owned all 3 I would do just that. Better opinion than guessing or a short demo at a show perhaps? However, if that is not the case then WTF is the point in any of this??????? I am also curious how the Abyss and Utopia shape up to the 009s (different subject I realise).
  13. No, I am saying they are saying that (MSB) by charging so much over and above everything else sold to date both commercially and DIY. I am saying I am interested in any review on the amp. I am hoping iSquirrel it an honest opinion. He has the Utopia and Abyss in the house, so maybe will be ok for a review? I don't trust magazines, but I do trust some posts on here and at other forums if that person seems to be knowledgable. I don't say stuff is good myself unless I get my ears around it, which in this case I won't. And most won't either. I never buy only based on reviews, I hand over
  14. Oh my. It is a controversial product for sure at this price. Kinda saying, everything before is useless, this is surpassing all previous designs with a price tag like this. MSB are a good company as regards DAC designs though, albeit a bit pricey maybe? Couple of annoying things to me. 1. The amp is useless to anyone without the 80K Select DAC I believe. 2. It is doubtful any of us will get to hear it to know if it sounds amazing or not. However iSquirrel is a knowledgable audiophile. He has an amazing speaker setup and posts on many forums. He admits he has little knowledg
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